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  1. lol That's pretty hilarious... Think I saw that on reddit before, but didn't thin it was legit Another one I remember... The prank I pulled on this site just a few hours ago ... RMC-B&M JOIN T PROJECT can't believe people fell for that & got rickrolled Wouldn't be surprised if the wildfire thread gets rickrolled over the next few hours as well.
  2. So, with April fools just around the corner, thought I'd start this thread! So, what are the best pranks you've pulled, seen, or had done to you? Personally remember my friend going to school and finding a sign saying it was closed, goin home, and getting a call from the principal saying "April Fools!" And telling him to come back to school
  3. According to First Drop magazine. I put 2+2 together and came to the conclusion they were talking about Wildfire, seeing as by the time the next issue is out the ride will have been anounced. Not definite, but if I were a betting man it is what my money would be on. Those stats seem great, bit nothing we haven't seen before, just look at outlaw run's stats. So, what'll be so groundbreaking about the ride?... My guess is a launch, or possibly a 4D free spin train
  4. This is such a ripoff...8 feel so let down right now... I always imagined RCT4 to be something that would be able to compete with games/sims like NL, or at least be a big improvement on RCT3. We, guess TPS will be the new RCT, just like some say Tutsnfa and Destiny will replace the last gen's COD & Halo.
  5. Very true, but I always go back and think about Bush Gardens Tampa when it was a quite family park with a couple of mild coasters and water rides.....then came KUMBA!! Thorpe Park's another example of this.
  6. I remember hearing on amusement park podcast that the 4D free spin wasn't just made by S&S,, it was partially designed by RMC, and uses their track. So... What if this is an RMC/S&S 4D free spin that breaks the 200ft barrier, dropping into a tunnel of fire, coming back up into some Goliath (SFGAm)-esque elements. After hitting an MCBR, the ride drops underground, and launches into another tunnel of fire, coming back above ground into a terrain section, ending the ride with an outlaw run-esque barrel roll section, but 3 in a row, not 2, just cause it's RMC & they're crazy. I'm serious about this.
  7. It needs both for me. If it's lacking in either airtime or strong lat/* Gs, then it's usually boring for me.
  8. The first time I rode an S&S Double shot was pretty scary. My only other experience up to that point with drop towers was an intamin 2nd gen tower at my home park. Of course. With the S&S tower being much shorter, I decided to ride with my arms up, thinking it wouldn't be very intense... BIG MISTSKE!... When we hit the top of the tower I swore I I was going to fly out of the ride from the insane ejector air. Still an absolutely awesome ride though
  9. First of all, helix looks amazing... As for the launches, maybe the park is jumping on the "family launcher" bandwagon? Something else I can't get over though, why do parks these days seem to be building two of everything?... This park has 2 launchers, & 2 drop towers, magic mountain has two 4d coasters, Canada's wonderland has Leviathan & Behemoth, nearly identicle models of rides, & ls ronde has 2 inverts.
  10. Huh?... When did they combine a coaster/zipper ready?... I know that interactive rides (the company that built the stratosphere flat rides) had concept art on their site, but don't think they actually built 1 of these yet. Here's the link to their page: http://www.interactiverides.com/c/news-archives/roll-a-coaster
  11. Yeah, I also would not consider a Euorfighter legendary. Don't get me wrong, some are great rides, but not many (if any) really shine as amazing. Unless they're building a Eurofighter based on plans found in an ancient Aztec pyramid. If they were to build a euro fighter like Speed at Oakwood, that's be pretty legendary. Also, what about a mega lite?... Expensive, but great for a small park... Or any park for that matter
  12. 2010 - Sonic Twister, Galaxyland 2012 - Leviathan, Canada's Wonderland
  13. If this happened I'd move to Elysburg and never leave. I completely agree... A bigger, better, more bad@$$ park model zipper would be absolutely incredible.. Just make 4 seat cages, & double the size (but still keep it fast moving and intense/outa control feeling like the origonal). It would be an absolutely awesome ride & would certainly put chance back on the map.
  14. Sorry if there's already a topic like this, but here goes. What do you want to see morein a ride? Good theming, with a nicely decorated area and good special effects/visual attention to the visual detail of the ride itself? Or not quite as good theming, but an awesome, solid, intense OMFG, Airtime filled ride experience? Personally, I'd choose the laser... I really like a good solid ride, and as long as it looks safe enough to be rideable, with a decent paint job, I'm stoked. So, what's your thoughts?
  15. Ya, I agree.. Batman clones are some of the loudest B&Ms I've heard. The B&M giga, Leviathan, is also very loud when going down the first drop.. You can hear it from all over the park. Also, the Mindbender at Galaxyland, West Edmonton Mall, was also very loud, and sounded almost like a B&M. It was made even louder by the fact that it's inside an echoey building.
  16. Totally sick lookin train!.. And intense ride too!. Just look at the amount of Gs you pull!.. 3.5?!?.. For that small a ride???
  17. Have to agree... That slide's one of the worst for me too!.... Scratched my back so badly on that tight turn.
  18. You're not alone!.. Also found the only TOGO stand up I've ridden (Skyrider, Canada's Wonderland) to be surprisingly intense and fun. Other than a few shakey/rough sections in the corners, it was pretty damn smooth for a 25 year old coaster. It was also very intense, with at least two sections whee I grey out every time I ride, and a great mix of floater and ejector air on a the hills.
  19. ^Agreed. Maybe they're hoping that once you reach the top, you won't mind how terrifying the method down is.... as long as it doesn't involve going back down the steps. Or maybe it's to eliminate the chances of the rafts being too heavy.... by the time riders are done walking up, they would've lost enough weight (if they're heavier) to safely ride lol haha Seriously though, why not just put in an elevator?
  20. Have greyed out on Le.Vampire (BTR clone) during the helix, and on the vertical loop on Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland. Seems that rides where I think I'll grey if it's my first ever ride don't bother me, but the ones that look quite tame usually catch me off guard.
  21. Zero G rolls are cool, however, my favourite inversion has to be the vertical loops on the Mindbender at Galaxyland... They're just so damn intense! Also love the older B&M corkscrews, like those on BTR clones. Really unexpected forces, where it just whips you over the top, instead of the consistent force all the way through on Vekoma/arrow corkscrews.
  22. Yes, there is such thing... Have experienced it on Chance Zippers before... Surprisingly not painful all, and was really cool feeling... Got completely ripped outa my seat, and just hung there for a second or two.
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