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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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I doubt it is anything major. CP doesn't tease about anything regarding next season (2016 in this case) until after opening day. This probably has something to do with 2015's additions.


That being said, RMC is wishful thinking, CF needs to get in the RMC game. Plenty of woodies across the chain could be turned into top 3 rides at their respective parks.

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Honestly, the coaster renderings are terrible. How am I supposed to believe that that is what the pavilions are going to look like, the first turn on the island of millennium force is floating in the air...


There needs to be a lot more seagull sh!t on the roof.

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This is slightly off topic, but this is a question I asked a while ago and didn't get an answer. How many people per hour is considered a good capacity? I thought anything over 1000 people per hour is considered good, but someone said Maverick and TTD have bad capacities.



Really I think it has more to due with their capacity versus the demand that they have. I believe Maverick's capacity was somewhere around 1200 pph. Not B&M numbers but not terrible. The issue is its popularity and its downtime. It also makes them seem a little worse that they share a park with several coasters (Raptor, GateKeeper, Magnum, etc.) that can really chew through the crowds.

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