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  1. You never know. Grand Rapids is a rapidly growing city/metropolitan area. Within the next 20 years or so, it might have a population large enough to support a larger amusement park.
  2. And a second train on Wolverine Wildcat!! #ThingsThatNeededToBeSaid
  3. Good gravy I hope this is true. It was reported by screamscape, so... grain of salt. But oh my god, me too
  4. Like Lightning Run? I actually love this idea. Lightning Run is an amazing little coaster. Not until they sell Michigan's Adventures, Which will probably be 4 weeks after they sell Cedar Point aka Never. Cedar Fair bought Michigan's Adventures for about the same reason they bought Geauga Lake Yes, like Lightning run. (for regulars on this topic, I'm about to go on the usual rant, feel free to skip reading this) Cedar Fair bought Michigan's Adventure because it's insanely (and reliably) profitable. They've spent the past several years implementing a plethora of infrastructure improvements. The reason we haven't seen a roller coaster since Thunderhawk is because, until recently, the township that Michigan's Adventure is in has had a board member who was vocally opposed to having an amusement park and was unwilling to approve them for construction. That member has since left the township board, opening up the prospect of future expansion. Incidentally, soon after that person left the board, "sources" seemed to indicate that a new roller coaster was being planned. /rant for the millionth time
  5. If anything, I could see MiA getting a Chance hyper. But even then, I'd bet on a hyper GTX.
  6. Congrats! Im sure you'll be sent to Timbers sometime (maybe) and I'll try to come back to Banshee and get trained again! On a side note a certain attraction got a small minor refurbishment...................Now if only we could as for some new paint. Fake! Vortex is sinking and will be torn down next year! My Name is Dipp Indots, and I confirm this message
  7. We (MiA) already got a hand-me-down SLC, so................ the bar is very low.
  8. "We have more to share -- but later," Tony said, eagerly reigniting TPR's months-long speculative debate about the opening year of an RMC'd Mean Streak.
  9. I was gonna go with, "You must be new here," but this is about 15x better.
  10. GCI 2019. Calling it now. Son of Timbering Meanstreak 180-hawk. Did I do it right?
  11. Shivering Mystic Soaring It's official. "Timbers" is the new "Hawk."
  12. I'm predicting 5 more pages before another non-regular decides to post something about how "Cedar Fair is obviously planning to sell or shutter MiA, duh" only to be bombarded with "IT'S PROFITABLE" replies.
  13. Maybe they'll do what they usually do and announce something inconsequential in November?
  14. Shivering Timbers definitely deserves a TV experience. It's one of the best out and back woodies in the world. A huge, extremely thrilling, airtime-packed version of a classic coaster design? Yeah, that deserves attention.
  15. To be honest, I would argue that Cedar Fair has been investing in MiA. They just haven't been investing roller coasters. For more than a decade, MiA was basically forbidden from building any roller coasters in one of the municipalities that it's in, and during that time, the waterpark got a heck of a lot of attention, and all of the space on the more cooperative township's side of MiA was filled up. They had so little space where they were allowed to build a roller coaster that, when the park got Thunderhawk, they built "man made land" into the lake so that they would be within the permitted municipality. Now that both municipalities are willing to cooperate with the park (a relatively recent happening, in terms of the past two decades), I think it's okay to be a little optimistic about the park's future.
  16. I'm still on team blitz coaster. I know it seems unlikely with Maverick so close proximity-wise, but I think a blitz through the woods would offer a really unique experience. Kings Island is probably the park in the chain that is most suited to create that experience. I doubt that's going to happen. BUT I would say that with the winter tear down of what was in that spot, along with the park opening with fences around it... So far, that sounds a lot like Maverick's construction timeline to me.
  17. (and the funny thing about THAT is that Thunderhawk is basically the least rattle-y Vekoma I've ever been on... stop complaining about B&Ms, they are basically tied for the best there is)
  18. My typical schedule at MiA would be hitting wildcat and corkscrew first, because they only have one train each and the lines are really not worth it. I typically go on days where the dry side opens before the water park, so I head to the water park after hitting those, and leave the rest of the dry side for after the waterpark. In my experience, the line for tornado moves relatively quickly, while the lines for Mine Shaft and Mammoth River are dreadfully slow... So I would go for Tornado third. As for the other slides, if there aren't lines, go for all of them-- but if there are lines, Snake Pit and the innertube slides on the other side of the lazy river are worth your time moreso than any of the body slides. For the rest of the dry side? Thunderhawk is basically the smoothest SLC in the world; and the wild mouse (whose name escapes me) is one of the best wild mouse coasters I've ever been on, so I wouldn't discount that wither. Also-- Founders (and Grand Rapids for that matter) is (are) fantastic. So definitely do that.
  19. "Watch for falling trees" ----------------- HOLD ON. Most of us have been assuming that those signs are hinting at a wooden roller coaster in that area and in the area currently occupied by the log flume. What if we're taking that assumption a step too far? There hasn't been any confirmation that the log flume is coming down, that's still just a rumor at this point. What if THAT'S what the sign is hinting at? That the log ride is coming down? Just a thought I had. Sorry if it's already been said. edit in case I wasn't clear: I don't think I made some big discovery or something, I just think we've all been really fixated on "it's a wooden or a giga," and (as far as a woody goes), I think that if the log ride is coming down, the signs probably mean that, and I don't see much of a... reason to believe at this point that it will be a wooden coaster.
  20. I would be pretty disappointed if MiA got Time Warp, to be honest. I know "patterns" shouldn't be read into, but if we're going to getting one roller coaster every ten years... I'm not too worried, though. I'd say there's about a half a percent chance of getting any used ride from a Cedar Fair park, let alone Time Warp, given how outspoken Ouimet is as an opponent of ride relocations.
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