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  1. Yeah I remember watching a podcast or something about i305 when it was being built, and one of the people being interviewed said something along the lines of "We were trying to combine the strengths of Millennium Force with the strengths of Maverick."
  2. Hurler and its clone at Carowinds were two big mistakes in my opinion. If RMC got ahold of them I would probably rejoice. If RMC got ahold of them and did something different with each one? Definitive best case scenario.
  3. I actually stayed in Williamsburg the week before that last year, and both parks were virtually empty during the week. (the only exception being Volcano. Volcano had a line. Volcano always has a line. How does Volcano always have a freaking line?) On the other hand, Water Country USA next to Busch Gardens was completely packed. It was also insanely hot that week, which probably explains that, but chances are you'll have similar weather.
  4. ^Based on that reasoning, I think Kings Island is going to be the next to get one, in the former Crypt/Tomb Raider building. And I hope it is similarly themed. But I'm still excited about the prospect of one coming to Michigan's Adventure. They could base it off of one of those old Michigan Thrillers books, people would go crazy about that.
  5. http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-dark-rides-20150415-story.html So I guess we know we're getting SOMETHING in the presumably somewhat near future...
  6. Pressing matter: Did we ever decide whether Rougarou counts as a new credit or not?
  7. I consider Cedar Point to be home park, so I've definitely been spoiled by them... but I have no idea how that translates to the rides at Michigan's Adventure. They're not any more or less painful than similar rides at Cedar Point. The only difference is that we don't have any B&Ms or Intamins with extreme comfort to compare it to.
  8. .....with a train blocking it. How much walking time would going around behind all of that really save?
  9. ^This. The only issue is where would it go?? They might hold off on something like that, though, saying you can just take the train. Which, to be honest, I've never done..
  10. Normally I would agree that theming in a cedar fair park will be short lived, but the new leadership seems like it's trying to get rid of that reputation. I look forward to finding out whether or not that lasts.
  11. Flight of Fear isn't the best, but it's still loads of fun in my opinion. That being said, Paramount should have slapped the nascar-themed days of thunder logo on Flight of Fear, given how much of the ride consists of turning left.
  12. The thing that has bothered me about Tempesto since they started building it is how ugly the supports are... and how out of character that is for this park. But I like the "banners" that they have hanging from it. I hope they put a few more up, or otherwise hide the supports somehow. That would make for a better looking ride, and a more interesting ride experience!
  13. An El Loco would be cool (and I'd definitely be happy if Michigan's Adventure got one), but I really hope that their next roller coaster is something original. 5 of the 7 coasters at the park are already clones or standard models, MiA needs to differentiate a bit.
  14. ^Chaos was one fluke in a history of a good relationship. It isn't like they repeatedly made major investments with chance that resulted in, say, extensive downtime, faulty systems, or overly intense areas that need to be rebuilt in the off season. Cough.
  15. Which, best response ever! If you ask me, anyway. How often do you tell somebody "you're doing it wrong," and they actually listen to you?
  16. Holy sheet, shake rattle roll looks brand new! ...it actually makes me want to ride it
  17. I find this point "debatable." Thought it was rather bumpy back in 2011. Bumpy, yes. Bad? Nahhhh
  18. As somebody who only wants the credits, awesome. Also, if you're heading to Melbourne at all, don't miss the chance to ride the Scenic Railway in St. Kilda. Oldest roller coaster in the world, and it's actually not bad!
  19. Diamondback's back seat gives a much better ride than the front seat, so keep that in mind!
  20. I'm gonna be in Gold Coast in a couple of weeks, but I'm not going to be there for a very long time. Weather permitting, would I be able to knock out Movie World, its water park, Dreamworld, and Sea World in two days?
  21. ^ I had the same thought. Maybe they're planning a new ride for right there, and they'll connect it when they build it?
  22. I don't know... Kings Island replaced King Cobra with a giant frisbee, and King Cobra's bunny hops were inside the footprint instead of outside of the footprint... meaning it had a smaller footprint. And there doesn't seem to be a giant frisbee at KD... Also, to whoever said that they had a lot of parts for Shockwave, if memory serves me correctly, King Cobra eventually got scrapped, and SkyRider got SOLD, which still bothers me in the "who the eff would buy it?" sense.
  23. Quickly consulting with Google maps, yeah, there's totally room to weave a small/medium sized roller coaster around the surrounding area, but it would KILL the aesthetic that area has, so, to echo previous comments, I'm seriously doubtful that this will be a roller coaster. Unless of course it's something extremely compact, like a wild mouse, or, more hopefully, a 4D, an El Loco, or one of those weird new vekoma flyers with the vertical lift... stingray? But so close in time to Banshee, while other parks are in Cedar Fair's spotlight? I'd say slim chances. Also, far-fetched, if they were to weave a coaster through the surrounding area, a short dive coaster would work really well. If it dove underground, it would less-so kill the aesthetic, more-so seriously injure the aesthetic. But there's enough Dive Coaster hate happening on the Cedar Point thread, so please don't think I want/hope for/am actually serious about/predict this. Another, 100% far fetched idea is that it would be the starting point for a gatekeeper/fury 325-style roller coaster, something to fly over/through/around the front entrance.... but it would be so much easier to start one of those in Action Zone, so I'll just cut myself off right here. If we're basing non-coaster guesses on recent Cedar Fair investments, the obvious response is Triotech. .......But if Kings Island were to get a Triotech dark ride, the obvious placement would be in the former-crypt, former-former tomb raider building. Heck, I wouldn't even be disappointed to see it called and themed to "The Crypt." That would be awesome. Maybe they're just revamping the garden there? Building a new, better looking garden, and moving the smoking area somewhere else? Maybe they're going to build a sit down restaurant, or new food stands, or some sort of 100% redundant theater (given it's proximity to like... three others). Maybe a new top spin? Or some other Huss ride? An "I'm Sorry" gift after the Crypt went down? That would be cool. If unlikely. Well, I think I've just knocked out several posts-worth of speculation, please feel free to rip me to shreds for the dive coaster comment, can't wait to see what this pans into! My consultation with google maps
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