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  1. Cedar Fair seems to be very keen on updating the look, feel, and theming in their parks right now. Maybe, in the future, the themed rides will get revamped... or maybe we'll see x-base turn into something real. He said, already speculating about 2016...
  2. Well I mean, yeah, I305, volcano, beast and banshee are all among my favorites for sure, and Cedar Point's best rides are better than those. With the exception of I305. But when it gets to the "crappier" coasters and you make comparisons, flight deck is way better than iron dragon, racer and rebel yell are way better than Blue Streak, Grizzly is way better than mean streak (Hurler though... let's just not talk about that), Dominator is about to be way better than Rogarou, Vortex (and I'm assuming Anaconda, but I haven't been on it) is better than Corkscrew, Volcano is better than Wicked Twister... Cedar Point has more world class roller coasters than either of them, yes, but when it comes to the sheer number of rides that I actually want to go on when I get to the park? KD and KI win that.
  3. The real question: Where would they PUT a 500 foot roller coaster?? And Mean Streak is much better than it used to be. It's vaguely enjoyable now. If you don't sit over the wheels. And sit near the front of the train. And if you hold your breasts, my female friends have told me.
  4. Between KD and KI... I'd have to say they're pretty equal in my eyes. One of my friends put it this way, and I think it describes both parks pretty well: "They might not have the best rides in the world, but everything here is fun. You go to Cedar point and there are 8 or 9 really fun ones, and then the rest of them suck. That's not the case here." I do like the significantly shorter lines at KD, though. Always a plus.
  5. She might have been communicating park management during those couple of years. They might have left her unhappy. Hell, she might have just realized how expensive a child can be and decided a settlement would help right now. There are a lot of reasons to wait before filing a lawsuit.
  6. Same here! Unless I go to Carowinds & Kings Dominion. (Hopefully) I rode shockwave at KD for the credit and accidentally punched myself in the face at one point. Add that to "The Nutcrackers" (the bicycle seats), and it was not worth it. The more quickly stand up roller coasters die/leave/get converted... the better.
  7. I think the first time I rode it was in 2003, were they already broken by then? Or did my nine-year-old self get the full TR:TR experience?
  8. It was originally themed to the movie Tomb Raider when Paramount owned the parks, and it had a relatively tame (but heavily themed, and honestly... downright awesome) ride cycle. Once Cedar Fair bought the chain, they took all of the paramount stuff out of the park pretty quickly, including Tomb Raider's story (hence-- "The Crypt" instead of "Tomb Raider: The Ride")... and without any of the theming elements on, the tame ride cycle made no sense whatsoever. It was dull. Lackluster. So, new management replaced it with a more standard top spin cycle, doing a bunch of quick flips, drops, sudden changes in direction... basically all of the things categorized as "high thrill" on the park map. Unfortunately, being a GIANT top spin (instead of a regular one), The Crypt had a different center of gravity than most top spins. Different enough that the quick flips and changes in direction caused immense strain on the ride structure. Basically, nobody told cedar fair that the Crypt would tear itself apart if it tried to do the things a normal topspin could. After a couple seasons of wrecking the structure with a much more fun ride, they changed the cycle again to something that was much more dull than the original ride, but deemed "safe." And it sucked. Didn't even go upside down, if I remember correctly. The ride's popularity dropped faster than Son of Beast's lift hill, and a couple years later the ride was gone.
  9. What else was maverick supposed to have? Aside from a third inversion, I mean.
  10. RCT2 looked like RCT all over again... I'm not saying get pumped, I'm just saying that it isn't something to judge it on.
  11. At the time, the only B&M invert I had been on was Raptor, which I've always found to be more painful than it is fun... so I didn't have very high expectations for Banshee. And then Banshee blew me away. It's probably the best B&M I've been on, aside from Apollo's Chariot. Which either means it's amazing... or that I need to get around more. edit: ...or both.
  12. off topic but the bat banshee invertigo drop dower delerium that bungee jumping thing they should get rid of congo falls and rename it "Dangley Zone."
  13. You hit the nail on the head for why this announcement excites me.
  14. "Hey, we're gonna rename a ride after Lebron James!" "Hey, tomorrow we're gonna tell you what's going with the Lebron James thing!" It's kinda their fault.
  15. Watch it be a relocated spinner. To be honest, I think it would be a small thrill ride instead of a Disk'O Coaster. Maybe an Air Race would fit. One can dream, right? Dreaming about Michigan's Adventure is my favorite pass time. It has so much potential, and now that the township board isn't an issue... Well, the big guys at Cedar Fair can finally give them what they deserve. Even if it isn't next year, I think we can expect something thrilling.
  16. If you want a realistic theme park sim, get Theme Park Studio. Roller Coaster Tycoon has a certain style. I agree, ease of use is the most appealing feature of RCT games. I've always thought it struck the balance of realistic and cartoonish pretty well, even in the third one. I mean, the second one is still my favorite, but the third one has its perks. My hope is that World is to RCT3 as RCT2 was the RCT. Similar, but perfected. Do I think that will happen? Well, we don't know enough about it yet, do we?
  17. I actually really like this idea! It would be a clever spin on the whole ordeal. If it gets to costly, I'm sure they could just get rid of the theme and keep calling it Cavalier. They could do the same with "The King," though, and that's probably the name I'm rooting for. Aside with Hookers on Meth 145, I mean.
  18. If they get a disk-o, they're probably going to market it as a roller coaster. Not sure how I'd feel about that. I don't think there's room there, though. My hope would be a top-spin (or something thrilling...), but I'm gonna guess at something small. Again, no room. A coaster similar to lightning run would be absolutely perfect for Michigan's Adventure. Even if it was the same size. It's more of a family park anyway, and Lightning Run looks fantastic as it is. Not to mention it would bring the park a bit of attention, given that Lightning Run was in the Golden Tickets' top 5 new roller coasters. I'll be extremely excited for any new roller coaster, though. I know I'll sound like a broken record, but the park needs one so badly that anything will do. Something that great would be a real treat.
  19. If a floorless mantis has the same restraints as gatekeeper... I would probably also whine about that, while secretly loving a floorless mantis.
  20. And last, but not least, maybe that's why it didn't win this year! Its flaws are becoming apparent. And yes, I'm whining. My apologies. But hey, I'm not the one who asked.
  21. Apologies for multiple posts, I'm not sure how to quote multiple posts in the same post. 1) Can't argue with that. 2) Was not the case. 3) Lucky You. 4) Magnum I have no complaints about, whatsoever 5) Lucky you.
  22. Isn't this the case just about everywhere though? Maybe not because I don't get around as much as I used to or would like to, but it seems to be more and more common lately. Especially prices at anything for entertainment - theme parks, sporting events, concerts, etc. I can't speak to anything else you've said because the last time I was at Cedar Point was a couple weeks after Maverick opened. Cedar Point's food prices tend to be higher than other parks in the chain, my platinum pass taught me this year.
  23. See in writing that, a lot of what I was thinking was, "Wow, writing this out doesn't seem very substantial," and there was one point when my thought was, "Maybe I only feel this way because I've been there so many times." But then it occurred to me that I've been to Kings Island at least twice as many times, (which is weird, considering it isn't my home park), and I've never felt that park has gotten anything but better. I was unaware of the reasoning behind the Wildcat thing. That's awkward. Like I said, I may have just gotten unlucky... every... single... time... I've been to the park in the past four years. After a while, though, it stops seeming like a coincidence.
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