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  1. 4/5 Great Lakes do prefer Michigan... I definitely dig the idea of a dive machine, I really like them... but I hope that track isn't for Cedar Point. Floorless trains and four inversions is similar enough to rougarou, the slightly unpronounceable predicted name doesn't help differentiate it, and now the track is basically the same color? The height and the drop are about to be the only differentiation this coaster has... right across the midway.
  2. They might revamp midway theming, like KD did for their 40th. Given the relatively small size of the park, it wouldn't be difficult to do the full park in one sweep. Add in a disk-o by timbers, rebrand that section of the park a la Gemini midway at CP, turn the kids' area into camp snoopy (Zach's camp snoopy?), give the path by the lake down to Thunderhawk more of a boardwalk feel... and then get ready for expansion? A guy can hope.
  3. ^My thoughts exactly, I love watching it. I will welcome RMC no matter how it looks, but if they can keep the aesthetic, I will be ecstatic.
  4. ^If this turns out to be true, maybe Centurion is 'timmy 305's new name?
  5. The displays in the metro Detroit area usually have both on the display. Almost everybody I know goes to both MiA and CP every summer though, so it makes sense from a marketing stand point.
  6. They're probably using all of the same code for in-game physics and how you can place and interact with things, which would mean a bulk of the improvement we've seen has just been the art style they're using. That's not unrealistic for a few months. Officially excited again. This whole announcement process has been (dare I say it?) an emotional roller coaster.
  7. I know I'm a couple pages late on this, but I think there's something that's been overlooked in the discussion of why Cedar Point would add a dive machine: Dive machines go upside down. The park is marketed toward thrill seekers, but prior to 2007 only 3 of Cedar Point's 16 roller coasters went upside down. When the GP thinks of thrilling roller coasters, inversions are one of the first things to come to mind, and, until recently, the park was seriously lacking in that category... hence their last two additions have been loopers. A dive machine would make 6 of 17 (18 if you're counting the disk-o), which looks a heck of a lot more thrilling to the GP. The 6 loopers, not the disk-o. Add in that dive machines are tall, have the holding the brake and vertical drop gimmicks, are smooth/reliable/high capacity investments, and that there are only two of them in the United States thus far... a Dive Machine is literally everything that Cedar Point is looking for in a new coaster. As for the comments like "Those who have ridden a dive machine will be excited for this" -- I totally agree. Griffon may not be one of my all-time favorite roller coasters, but I still love it to death. I can't wait to ride Cedar Point's.
  8. No, I think those were all pretty accurate. The one for WoF, Dorney, VF, and MiA was spot on. I'd be cool with a Giga at KI, BUT I'd rather have something else. Aaaaaand as far as KD goes, you've got introspection down perfectly
  9. ehhh I'm kind of torn on Anaconda. On one side, arrow custom loopers are painful and don't offer much... but at the same time, they're kind of iconic. It makes me a little sad to see so many go (from six flags parks), and once cedar fair joins in on that trend... To be honest I'd be a lot more disappointed if they removed Vortex from Kings Island than if they removed Anaconda from Kings Dominion. "It's complicated."
  10. Wait is that also a Paramount park? I believe it was only the 3, but I could be wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramount_Parks
  11. I remember when they announced they were taking out the heartline roll before opening it, I was really upset... but watching that video, it honestly looks like it would have snapped some necks. Especially on the old restraints.
  12. Ehhh I don't know about Raptor. The forces are great, but sometimes it has a bit too much of a whip. No matter how much I anticipate it, the cobra roll always bangs my head around. Maverick is a lot easier to handle if you're holding on to the restraints the whole time.
  13. This is BuzzFeed, not the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal lol. Yeah I remember seeing this and thinking "Cedar Point? On a list of underrated amusement parks?" Nahhhhh, man, there's a reason you work for buzzfeed
  14. If you're going on a weekend, I'd definitely go to Kings Island. Cedar Point is insanely busy on the weekends, and Kings Island is much more manageable. But if it's a week day, head to Cedar Point. Kings Island has some great coasters, yeah, and you'll be able to get on everything... but that includes some clones that Kings Dominion shares. You'll be able to get on everything at Cedar Point on a weekday, and (assuming you've never been there) you won't have been on any of them before! Also Cedar Point is moreso on the way from Virginia to Michigan. At least, with the route I've taken between the two.
  15. Blue Streak is honestly one of my favorite rides at the park, but I agree, the back seat is painful. My solution? Don't sit in the back. You get ejector air in every row.
  16. Because of MiA's anniversary tradition, I can see them adding a hyper coaster as their tenth coaster. I know it isn't the same thing as an anniversary, but if they do big things on big numbers... A hyper GTX would make 8, and Cedar Fair seems to think a disk-o counts as a coaster... and I can see MiA getting a disk-o soon. So if my "theory" is right, a hyper wouldn't be too far off. On a different note, their log flume is getting a bit old, and I think somebody mentioned a few pages back that it has outlived its predicted lifespan. If they were to remove it, I bet they would replace it with another water ride... but given the issues with shoot the rapids, I'm guessing it wouldn't be an aquatrax. Are there any other companies that are still making log flumes, or would Cedar Fair go a different route?
  17. I wonder if they'll include defunct roller coasters. I doubt it, but that would be interesting.
  18. If it's a roller coaster, I bet we'll have an announcement by the end of the summer. It could start snowing as early as October, so all of the ground work at the very least will need to be done by September, and there's no way they're gonna be able to hide that.
  19. ^All that, a trademark has been filed, and the plans for the coaster allegedly leaked to the press. Even if a B&M at KD in the next couple of years is the best guess, given the CF trend of late, I actually kind of hope the park gets something a little bit more unique. Give CGA the hyper, it needs it more.
  20. ^I 100% agree. Especially with Cedar Point and Great America relatively close to it, the park needed TLC more than anything. Admittedly, the first time I went to the park was in 2009, but even over the past six years the park has improved its look and feel. I'm willing to bet last year's infrastructure overhaul and the new employee facilities they're building right now are the final steps in bringing the park up to speed... and the first steps toward expansion. Maybe once Cedar Fair is off of their Carowinds/ValleyFair/California's Great America kick they'll move on to Michigan's Adventure.
  21. Michigan's Adventure is actually a top contender for a 2016 coaster, as far as Cedar Fair goes. They've already announced there will be a large capital investment made there, and rumors have been flying around that it's gonna be a hyper GTX. It's also their 60th anniversary next year, and MIA has a history of adding major new rides on anniversary years. As for a third one, I'd put my money on ValleyFair over Kings Dominion, given the statements Cedar Fair made about focusing on that park. That's not to say there won't be a fourth one, But I'm predicting 2017 is gonna be KD's year.
  22. At 44 inches, my father didn't fit on Millennium Force or Top Thrill Dragster... but he DID fit on Wicked Twister. Comfortably too, apparently, because it was his favorite ride there at the time. He's lost some weight since then, and I think he was around 40 inches when we went back to the park. He could fit on everything that time, no problem.
  23. The rendition on the MiA website doesn't have the extra rides... are we being teased?
  24. I belive you are talking about this documentary: That's the one! Thanks, that was actually pretty enjoyable to re-watch, especially now that I've actually been on the ride.
  25. I second Potato Works for sure, I go there every time. Best fries I've had in Ohio.
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