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  1. Yeah, I remember seeing the brake when I went on it, but it definitely didn't trim us at all. Given B&M's lack of intense roller coasters recently, maybe they put the trim on in case people complained about the intensity, but decided it wasn't necessary when the reaction to the intensity was so positive.
  2. I like the looks of this. Even if it just looks like it'll be a super updated version of roller coaster tycoon 2.... that's what everybody essentially wants, anyway, isn't it?
  3. Yes but designers usually are not the ones directly handling marketing, especially for a AAA game like this. Designers will hand off material to the marketing team, either the marketing team is VERY lazy (well it is Atari) or this truly is the best that the developers gave them... Lemme rephrase a bit more clearly: The developers may be at a point in improving the game that it's still messy/doesn't render like it should, but the marketers, being marketers, knew that they had to give the public something. Thus, this trailer, from apparently a year ago, before Area 52 was even involved, was all they could give.
  4. They were thinking, "We've gotta give them something" and (hopefully) they're too busy working on improving the game to make a new trailer.
  5. I think a 4D at Cedar point would be great too, it would draw lines away from other coasters without taking up a lot of space (assuming we're still talking about a zacspin or similar).
  6. I wonder if they'll release a demo? I'd love to be able to actually play it before definitively deciding that it's not worth my time.
  7. Yeahhhhhhh if the new cover art is as much of an indication as they say it is, I'm out. I had hope. Apparently too much hope. If they can't even get a vertical loop to look right...
  8. You forgot to close your eyes and click your heels together 3 times. All that did was wake Dorothy up, and I'm perfectly content with my dreams.
  9. Now all the Wicked Twister midway needs is that boardwalk Tony joked about in his tweet. But seriously, that midway refurb looks great. I can't wait to see it in real life.
  10. This is probably the third time I've posted this, but a top spin on the lake there would be perfect. And I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if one were refurbished and relocated there. But I'm just a little over-hopeful, probably.
  11. One of my non-enthusiast friends (which, let's be real, describes pretty much all of my friends) rode Gatekeeper before me, and when I asked him how it was he said, "Ehhhhh. It was worth riding. Maybe not worth riding again." and I feel like that sums it up pretty well. It's beautiful, though. I think I like watching it more than I like riding it. I feel like CP pays a lot of attention to park aesthetics when they add new rides, and I love them for that.
  12. ^ I wanna say we talked about the anniversary thing a few pages back, and MiA actually has a history of major additions in anniversary years? I could be wrong though, that may have been a different park. I think it's hilarious, by the way, that more than half of the pages in this thread are from the past year, but they've been an endless cycle of "When are we gonna get something new?" to "Never, this park is shutting down" to "Ugh, we've talked about this, huge profit margin" and back to "so when are we gonna get something new?"
  13. Honestly though, my vote is for both of the hurlers to get that conversion before mean streak sees it...
  14. I can definitely see a giga coming to Kings Island. They have the popularity, the draw, and most importantly... a butt-ton of space to build it. Given the recent CF trend, I think we can practically expect one from B&M... no matter how much I'd like to see one from Intamin. I'm still standing by my previous statements that a terra coaster through the woods back there would be epic, so here's to hoping that happens.
  15. The out of focus background has me inclined to believe that it isn't a real screenshot. They wouldn't mess up corkscrew trains like that. .........would they?
  16. Maybe Centurion was filed for a Cedar Point dive machine. Also, I wouldn't be surprised with a new coaster so soon, considering how far behind Magic Mountain they are on their roller coaster count these days.
  17. I grew up riding Son of Beast, painful roller coasters don't even phase me. I have noticed Magnum getting a bit worse though... maybe if Vekoma gave it some new trains it would run smoothly again?
  18. I can think of three different times where I've told people, "You're gonna wanna hold on for this one," getting onto Maverick. I love the ride, but the second half is just too fast for its own good. I mean, if this is how intense the ride is as it currently stands, how intense was the heartline roll that got removed for being "too intense" before it even opened?? I always look forward to Halloweekends, because it gets dark early enough that I can waste time going on Mean Streak at night. I tend to like Mean Streak in general, but any monstrous woodie makes for a good night ride in my book.
  19. On facebook Robb said its going to be a petting zoo You're wrong and so is he. This is clearly a launched petting zoo.
  20. Honestly, I think Cedar Fair is going to leave Kings Island alone for a little bit. I don't see more than a flat ride for 2016, because I'm pretty sure the relatively new management at Cedar Fair is focusing on the smaller parks for the next couple of years. I would love to see a terra-coaster back there, though. But then, a wonder mountain -eseque ride could also be on the menu eventually... Should they ever remove the action theater, that is. This is out of nowhere, but I was thinking about the current layout of the park, and realized that if they ever get rid of dinosaurs alive/include it with park admission, it would be pretty easy to connect a path from its location to X-Base. They'd just have to move those buildings next to the racer. That's not speculating too big, is it? edit: and a dinosaur theme would work fantastically with a terra-coaster. PR people: I know you read these boards. Do this. Make this a thing. ASAP and/or now. k cool that's all I have to say
  21. ^I see where you're coming from, but at the same time... I would be very okay with that drop capsule complex that KD is getting.
  22. There should be a "MICHIGAN'S ADVENTURE IS NOT A DYING AMUSEMENT PARK" disclaimer on every page of this thread... Michigan's adventure did NOT get nothing new this year. Their entire point of service system got a massive overhaul. It was an infrastructure year. To strengthen the park behind the scenes. To make things more efficient. That's not something you do to a dying amusement park. That's something you do to a park that's about to expand. That aside, I don't know about a dark ride, but maybe the park is on the list for one of those small section of the park additions like ValleyFair just got. That could bring in a couple of nice new flat rides.
  23. I don't care what any of y'all say, I'm still crossing my fingers for a top spin on the lake. I know it will never happen, but that's not gonna stop me from dreaming...
  24. I can see a boomerang getting moved to MiA. It would fit right in, considering five of their seven roller coasters are standard models already. If all of our screamscape-inspired hopes and dreams come true, I dearly hope that GTX isn't a clone of Lightning Run. Y'all say they need a new roller coaster, I'd like to take that up a notch and say they need something original.
  25. Maybe Cedar Fair is about to give them the resort treatment, and build a breakers-style hotel. ...and if that happens, hopefully the waterpark will continue to be included in admission.
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