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  1. I used to work at Beaver tails. The tails are good stuff.
  2. ^Don't worry, they already said in previous interviews they have a lot in store for scenery. That is probably the reason why they finished the coaster so early.
  3. The hotel was actually leaked in April, I almost forgot about it. Anyway here is the exact location.
  4. Btw they said in an interview that the elements were not inspired by skyrider.
  5. This coaster is all over the news in Ottawa. No wonder they wanted to break records.
  6. Finally, I am very much looking forward to this new coaster although the only thing that I don't like is that extended mcbr. It took nearly 16 years for b&m to take a hint from rct for the vertical loop. Winterfest also looks really cool, I hope they redesign the Wonder Mountain's Guardian game for a Christmas based theme like they do with it for Halloween Haunt.
  7. ^With the other teasing that they did, and with all the new scenery. It is almost certain this will be themed to something related to Canadian history. The park already starting to theme other rides to this area such as vortex with the new wooden style trains. CW is starting to focus more and more on theming so it would be a shock if this new ride was unrelated. Ontop of that, there has already been a coaster called Ziz https://www.coneyislandhistory.org/collection/page-35-feltmans-ziz.
  8. Honestly, the bird is probably just for the teaser. It makes no sense why there would be a mythological bird as the theme of the ride. If you think of the rides and the area around it as a whole, it just doesn't make any sense at all to call it Ziz.
  9. ^There seems to be no point in keeping valvrayn's record since we all know it's not as good as expected. If you predict that it will have the same drop but be shorter that would mean one hell of an abrupt brake run to slow it down. Based off the information we know about where the brake run is, it is almost certain it will be longer than valvrayn. When it comes to the name Ziz, the teaser shows a picture of an eagle not of a mythical creature. There is a lot of theiming for this ride which fits the best as a gold mine theme. This area of the park is dedicated to Canadian history so it would make no sense to use ziz as a name.
  10. I believe the only cedar fair park that has more is Knott's.
  11. You guys think that cedar fair has a lot more say in new additions than the actual park. Really it's the opposite. Secondly Canada's Wonderland actually has one if the best atmospheres when it comes to looks. Thirdly, Canada's wonderland Is actually the most important park for cedar fair behind cp. I don't care much about height since records are really only good for marketing. I can guarantee it's easily possible to make a ride much better than valvrayn that's smaller.
  12. ^ Look carefully at the description before the mouse clicks on it. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. So my predictions for this coaster is 213-220ft tall with a 223-235ft drop.
  14. -44,800 hours have been invested in the development -82ft drop -UK's first double launch coaster Next: Screamin Squirrel @ Mysterious Island China
  15. It has been a while since ive played this game. Joker: -Spinning Coaster -Made by Gerstlauer -15m high Scorpian: -Made by Anton Schwarzkopf -Opened on May 16, 1980 -18.5m high Next: Inertia Airplane Car - Kaeson Youth Park (Pyongyang, North Korea)
  16. Leviathan Gates (im surprised your still playing this game DarienLaker, its been like at least 3 years)
  17. At least we know there will be an inversion. btw @CedarFair1, I think the videos were a nice experiment over the regular text-based posts you used to do, but overall I feel that text-based posts work a lot better for many reasons such as they are shorter and only the actual details are covered and text-based posts are easier to look back on (at least for me) than long videos. I would greatly appreciate it if you would go back to doing your text-based posts as I used to find them extremely interesting and overall I much preferred them over the videos.
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