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  1. I wonder whats next, they already got a waterslide.... All this work around Minebuster must mean something big.
  2. Then they would change it up a bit. Its better to have it open but slightly less enjoyable rather than being closed most of the time.
  3. id rather see just a regular lift, if it means good operation.
  4. I do not necessarily see how Soaring Timbers is a "test ride for future Cedar Fair parks" as the ride itself is over 20 years old and given a new lease of life by being completely refurbished and installed at Canada's Wonderland. Would you mind elaborating on your thoughts or statement for me to understand where you're coming from? Isn't it the first ride like this in the Cedar Fair chain?
  5. I cant say im surprised either. Anyway this is sort of a test ride for future Cedar Fair parks anyway.
  6. Whoops, my bad, i haven't been in the water park for a long time.
  7. Yeah I highly doubt Cedar Fair will build a $20+ million wing coaster in the same year as two RMCs and a possible Intamin impulse (CGA). #ZizIsNothingMoreThanARumor Its not cedar fair that decides, its the individual parks!
  8. The colors look better, but I feel that it looks too similar to other rides, the special color choice, made the ride a little more unique.
  9. Really, you should plan this the night before weather you should get fast pass. If the weather is forecasting rain, or very cloudy, you will probably not need fastline. If you go on a day were it is supposed to rain, the park will be practically empty. Other than that though, the summer is very crowed and you will need fast pass.
  10. I prefer the old cw site, its been like that for years, why change it.
  11. Well, yesterday was my last time snowboarding for the season.
  12. This is kinda out of the blue, but I have not yet commented on this new ride. Anyway I really do not think Cedar Point deserves another coaster, even if its just a rmc'ing on mean streak. Didn't they just get valravn? Anyway im just glad that they are deciding to add all theses crazy turns on it, so that no one complains about it being "forcless". Even though I think it would be too intense for the GP, which is the majority of riders that would be there. Anyway, this is just my opinion curious to see how this would turn out.
  13. ^We have been hoping for a new roller coaster ever since skyrider was removed in 2014.
  14. ^I think another intamin coaster or inverting B&M should be coming first before an rmc. But id rather have something creative done of the MCM for an ibox than a new ground up coaster.
  15. ^But Darien Lake does not have the highest attendance for seasonal park.
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