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  1. I wish you would not skim posts next time...
  2. Security checks? didn't that park already have metal detectors. Since CW had them since the shooting in 2003, I would expect all cedar fair parks have them.
  3. Well, looks like KI is really starting to tease early this year.
  4. Looks like splash works is now open. I am not a big fan of water parks. I prefer the regular rides.
  5. For thunderbird, you can still ride even if you are 6 '6 http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2015/01/19/height-anticipation/
  6. There are many rides where I don't hang on as I tend to just enjoy that out of control feeling. But, that out of control feeling would be too much on Time Warp! I feel it just needs more soft cushioning than hard plastics... In that way I think it would be good for hands free ride You'd slip out of the cage.
  7. You know that would also affect yourself. So you want to deactivate your account next month?
  8. ^^I was just saying that if he was the one who was sitting in that brake run, he would not be thinking that.
  9. ^why do you always put a smiley face at the end of every post?
  10. ^Not concerned about any ride except time warp. Plus the little pads smell like crap.
  11. Easier said then done. Just like when you wish you were very cold when you are hot and when your cold, you wish it was 40 degrees. (Celsius) So when it's actually 40 degrees on a regular day, you ask yourself why did I wish it was 40 degrees when it was cold. It would be hell just waiting to get off because the sun is beaming on you. While someone is arguing.
  12. well it's a good idea, it encourages people to lose weight.
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