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  1. Thats why I was thinking with minebuster at cw, it was hard for me to imagine an rmc retracking to make it something "new". For hurler it would be good if they could re-use some of the old wood though. Better for the environment.
  2. I wish cedar fair would bring back intamin, I think an intamin coaster would be the best fit for canadas wonderland. Better than a new b&m. Does cedar fair only install b&m coasters right now?
  3. I was also thinking an intmain blitz for Canada's wonderland....
  4. ^I guess that explains it. Canada's wonderland is the most visited seasonal park in north america though.
  5. Has nothing to do with the park being a favorite. In terms of profit the top 4 parks in order are 1. Cedar Point 2. Knott's Berry Farm 3. King's Island 4. Canada's Wonderland The rest are not even close. These four together make around two thirds of the total profits of the chain. Really? But CW has the most attendance than any of those parks expect Knotts. Cedar point maybe, because they have hotels. Kings island brings in more profit that cw?
  6. ^I guess that makes sense, I do feel kinda bad though for the other parks but at least im lucky that my home park is favorited by cedar fair. Anyway here is my list from parks that receive the less attention from least to most. Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds/Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Knotts, Dorney Park, Worlds of fun/California's great america, Valleyfair, Michigan's adventure.
  7. ↑↑If cedar fair decided then how come they always give the same parks new rides. If they have 150 million to spend they are obviously not taking in profits from parks and giving them to other parks. Even though some parks have a larger attendance, if the smaller parks can afford one, they should get one. Even though I shouldn't be talking because my home park is Canada's wonderland which brings in a huge attendance so it usually gets lots of attention. Even though kings island has a larger attendance than other parks, its not the top priority at the moment since they just got banshee. Even though I am a fan of cw and am pretty sure that cw will be getting a (or the) new coaster which they could use since there coaster collection sucks compared to other parks such as kings island plus they need another great capacity coaster, I would prefer that another park like Michigans Adventure, Valleyfair or Worlds of fun would get it. (kinda)
  8. I wont be talking about other parks since each park decides mainly what they build not cedar fair. So instead of saying another cedar fair park should get a new coaster, I will talk just about kings island. With the worlds longest invert just a few years back I dont think they would make another big investment right away, especially since gigas are expensive. Then again hope its not like cedar point, were I thought they weren't going to get a dive and then they did. lol it still cracks me up. Still cant believe they got a dive. Let me ask you, do you really want a coaster right away or wait a few years?
  9. Well tpr is strict about following park policies. They kinda have to since they have a close relation to many parks. If someone posted about breaking a rule, then if one of the park employees saw that post and asked for the posters information, he (tpr admins) would have no choice but to hand it over.
  10. That was amazing, how much work and time did you put into that? 100 pages, that's like a book. Coaster name needs work though.
  11. tpr is probably jealous they didn't get the first pov.
  12. Quicksilver Express @ Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
  13. Here's another good view of minebuster, a cool angle. Same old land clearing. Better be something since they started land clearing last year.
  14. ^They have had some hints, even though I doubted getting a new coaster, they will probably get one.
  15. ^No kings dominion, they have had no hints of a new coaster. Might be for Canada's wonderland though.
  16. ^Roughly same price. 4$ more expensive at Canada's wonderland. Based off curency: You will save $46 if you buy Canada's wonderland platinum pass with american currency. You must process at the park were you order the platinum pass, then you will be able to use it for any cedar fair park.
  17. Geez, you guys are like the weather. "Well, it started raining now, so we better change those percentages from 0-100% quickly!" No, it's just I thought that there would be more updates.
  18. Anybody thinking we will get a coaster in 2018 instead of 2017? We don't have much news and it's already June. What was it like at this time in 2011 before leviathan was being announced?
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