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  1. I think that cw should not get a wing coaster but instead a dive coaster or an rmcing of minebuster like I said before. But we dont know yet if cf is ready to start the rmc plague to a bunch of woodies in there chain of parks.
  2. Here are the pieces of track from the KI thread. This color looks pretty cool, wouldn't mind a new coaster with this color:
  3. Maybe they will just change the lift to a regular chain lift. They can't have a season were the coaster is breaking down half the time.
  4. ^Like cf not adding a new coaster to other parks. Don't comment.
  5. ^They just got a coaster. not a good investment. More parks need a coaster before ki. if it was just an rmc redo that would be fine though.
  6. This isn't even slightly true, with the teasing and all the clearing, it's most likely that they are going to be getting a coaster next year regardless of how many years ago Banshee was added Sure, but it would be the worst decision made by cedar fair, or kings island.
  7. Know to Jews because it's there mythology. The only time we mentioned it is for the rumored coaster.
  8. ^Well, it all started around 2 years ago when skyrider was getting removed and we heard that it was because of a "Very large project". So we thought that since we have leviathan and behemoth all we needed was a coaster called "ziz" for the trio in the Jewish mythologie. Since Ziz is a creature that fly's we thought it might be a wingrider. But recently, we heard about all the land clearing around are wooden coaster called minebuster. So we thought it might be an rmc'redo of the coaster. Since cedar fair tests most of there new attractions at cw. So if the rmc'ing hits off, they will probably do the same thing to other woodies across the chain of parks.
  9. let's just see how bumpy this season will be for lightning rod...
  10. Unless you mean kings dominion, there will definitely be no coaster for kings island. They just got a massive one 2 years ago, even CP does not get 2 coasters within 3 years. Plus these parks should get a new coaster first: kings dominion, knotts,dorney park, worlds of fun, valleyfair, michigan's adventure, california's great america. EDIT: just checked out the thread. Hopefully no wingrider for canada's wonderland. Hey, I won't complain, but I think it's just not the best kind of coaster for right now.
  11. Could you please make my title NE Parkmaker? The title I have now looks horrible.
  12. ^We don't need to have updates every second. It's fine to have a few days let alone a few hours without any posts.
  13. Bottom line, lighting rod is a good coaster, but the most anticipated coaster for 2016 is obviously joker. It' s a good ride, so dollywood will not get another coaster for at least 5 years. Let's not make the ride turn into what tpr did to Fu!ll Throttle. Respect my opinion.
  14. Guess not such a good idea to go with a launched coaster, this is why there are not many launch coasters released because they keep breaking down like Top Thrill Dragster.
  15. Well, it's a pretty small park with attendance so they kinda need the money. Pretty big investment for lightning rod. I think 1 day passes are ok at 60$ but no more. i usually compare them to snowboarding ticket prices.
  16. funny thing is that we still have the same construction status as last year,land clearing around minebuster, did anyone notice anything else recently besides more construction trailers?
  17. Why does everybody say ejector air time is so good? It sucks compared to floaty. I much prefer air time coasters to intensity coasters like maverick.
  18. Which reminds me, six flags videos are blury as crap.
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