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  1. Based off a video from in-the-loop, there seems to be a large land clearing. Not allowed to give links on tpr so to find the video just search Kings Island 2017 Falling Trees Construction Update in google and click on the first video by in-the-loop.
  2. On the other hand, based on Thunderbird, b&m launch coasters are pretty reliable. Even though an intamin launch coaster would deliver a better ride experience, a b&M launch coaster would keep the coaster reliable which is a huge factor at cw.
  3. Wheels dont look like they are glued to the track. I have never seen that before.
  4. What is the reliability of thunderbird? How often does it break down. Since its a b&m launched coaster, how does it compare to intamin ones or other lsm launched coasters or regular chain lift coasters?
  5. Knotts and Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland is open all year though and has daily operations. it would be shocking if that park didn't beat Cedar Point. They also close and re-open for Scary Farm so they count the gate twice in the same day and they pack the place for Scary Farm. You mean knotts is open all year round. not canada's wonderland.
  6. ^^^Best picture I have seen yet of lightning rod (second pic).
  7. Especially because blitz don't use hydrolic launch system, lsm's are more reliable.
  8. ^^I hope not. If anything they would go back to intamin before Gerstlauer. I don't think Canada's wonderland needs one. It would be good at smaller parks though like valleyfair.
  9. Every coaster at cp when talking to a cp fanboy. Other than that, I think that Lightning rod is overrated, I mean it's still a great coaster, but people obsess about it.
  10. The woman died because she was too "big". Not rmc's fault. The parks fault for not setting up a weight restriction.
  11. ^Same with yours I just wanted a straight answer of maverick, just saying "long" and "a lot" does not tell me anything. Be more specific Instead of giving me links to another thread just answer my question. I know you've never been to cp, so I don't need your help. EDIT: jez, you guys aren't helpful at all I was looking for more of an opinion compared to other rides and other launched coasters and since maverick is an lsm instead of a hydrolic. Well... what do you expect it's cp fanboys.
  12. ^What do you mean not handle. Intmain blitz or accelerator would be the best fit. A megalite is not a good fit for cw. Even though in my opinion b&m is better than intamin, intamin is the second best coaster manufacturer that delivers intense rides. B&m is good for a mix of everything but does not always deliver as intense rides as most intamin onces. Just look at maverick, probably more intense than most coasters and look at it's size. Except that intamin does not always make reliable rides. Such as most accelerator coasters break down all the time.
  13. ^How long has this been going on for................. Is there still problems with the coaster? Should have been officially opened (full opening) a while ago.
  14. Hey, well why does bush gardens not have any wooden coasters. The looks arent good enough for them.
  15. ^^^Elaborate please. I am figuring out which launch coasters are reliable.
  16. ^You guys already talking about a new coaster. I think sfmm should improve there park experience and kids and family rides first. Instead of a big new coaster, how about a family sized one.
  17. ^Expect there Topper box coasters. The i-box looks so bad. Maybe with better colors instead or bright orange and blue,green,purple.
  18. What's the que time for maverick, does it break down a lot? I know it uses magnetic launch system instead of hydrolic which is what ttd uses and why it breaks down so often.
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