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  1. What's a Blitz coaster? You have already asked the question several times!
  2. ^Not running out of time, just that cw does not tease early. Take a look at leviathan, they only began construction in late July. Plus it's been 2 years since they removed Skyrider.
  3. Here is a drive-by of the B&M manufacturing plant: In the comments there is a lot of talk about the green track possibly going to cw. Also somebody said that they thought that a new coaster would fit at the front of the park:
  4. ^Yeah, I have seen that track there a while ago, so far there hasn't been much this year, still land clearing around Minebuster and an empty plot of land were Skyrider was. CW does not usually tease a lot such as CP and KI, so I am still thinking for a new coaster. Plus the track looks like Thunderbird track, so it is probably a wing coaster which is a type of coaster rumored for cw.
  5. Just saying that if a ride got in the way of a new coaster, they would definitely remove it.
  6. ^CP removed a flat ride and a indoor one for Gatekeeper and I think they removed the car ride for Valravn.
  7. ^^At least it's not cp. Removing flat rides for coasters.
  8. ^I am using Google earth in chrome, Skyrider shows up.
  9. Here is the 3 main construction areas for cw, using the updated Google maps. I am not sure about the blue area though, but it looks like somethings up. For now, I will just call it the construction triangle. Construction Triangle
  10. Just noticed that Google maps updated cw. Must have been updated in June, you can still see the land clearing by Minebuster.
  11. Looks like constructions is starting very early for KI. I wonder about the other Cedar Fair parks and which park will get a new coaster.
  12. Ive heard Mindbender has the highest g's on any coaster.
  13. Does anyone know what is the problem with the rmc's?
  14. Id prefer a name that had something to do with the son of beast rising from the ground of banshee.
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