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  1. ∆Yeah, but a huge coaster over 200ft would not look good in the area, there are already two coasters with amazing drops. As I said before a low coaster that interacts with the surroundings would fit well not only by looking good, but also by being intense like Maverick. As so I would like to see perhaps a launch coaster design, but it would need good capacity/reliability.
  2. There is a good chance it will be although I think an invert or something that stays close to the ground and interacts with the terrain would be better. Something like Maverick. Id rather see something like that instead of another coaster that tries to break the height barrier again.
  3. Whats going on with TPR, I haven't received any notifications in weeks. I have been waiting for this progress since 2014. lol, the one time i am not getting notifications is when there is all theses updates.
  4. As if it isn't already enough of a destination. As if they don't have enough revenue. for you
  5. Why is CW adding a hotel. It would just look out of place anywhere on CW property. Besides they don't need a hotel, there attendance is ridiculously high for one.
  6. Interesting location, i almost forgot about the possibility of removing that theater.
  7. CW Would not remove that forest, they are very picky about removing foliage.
  8. CW has no room for hotels unlike other parks like CP to make it look good. No matter were they put it, I do not think its gonna look good. Hotels for me would just increase the attendance, which is not exactly a good thing knowing the state of CW now. As I see it, there is only 1 possibility. In that case, at least the Hotels will be close to the new Hospital being built.
  9. I think its high because if it was too cheap, too many people would buy it, which would make the fast lane option less optimal. Especially at a park like CW.
  10. ^The early ride times are only for season pass holders on sundays: What I do for CW, is first head to Wonder Mountain's Guardian as it is the most crowded and does not have fast pass. Then I go straight to Leviathan, and ride a few of the rides in Medieval Fair. Then i make my way to Behemoth riding rides such as Vortex, Sledge Hammer, ect. After that, I would hit the rest of the rides in the Action Zone, such as Backlot and Minebuster. For the rest of the day, I just do whatever I feel is best.
  11. I went to CW a couple days ago for the first time this season, and I have to say, Wild Beast is still pretty rough. I also unfortunately did not see any new construction updates expect for the pile of dirt by Minebuster.
  12. But its nothing compared to Minebuster. Show me an rmc that was made with a layout like Minebuster.
  13. Its a terrible coaster for an rmc, its just a basic out and back. I already tried making an rmc version of it in rct, and I could find no way to make it special. Id say its best to destroy it and use its wood for a new rmc rather than rmc it.
  14. No, I went on it and I liked it, I didn't find it rough.
  15. I expect this kind of crap from La Ronde. This was easily the best ride in the park. I'm sort of glad it's being removed so I'm never tempted to go back to this place if I'm in the area. What about goliath?
  16. ^That really sucks, it was really fun, I wonder why.
  17. It wont happen for sure, they already did some re-tracking this year. Just like on Wild Beast.
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