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  1. What do you guys think this metal thing is on the fake tree?
  2. I swear this coaster better not be a giga. It would look so bad in where it's being placed. Honnestly they don't need to break any height records with this for it to be an amazing coaster. I hope they kept that in mind.
  3. ^Don't worry, this pretty much sums up the entire vid:
  4. No joke! The height doesn't matter that much. Perhaps from a marketing POV, but otherwise a good ride is a good ride. Meanwhile, a little 78 foot tall woodie gets worlds of love tucked away in a Pennsylvania valley. And a 70 foot tall steel coaster near Chicago with a flat "ramp" drop consistently has the longest line in the park. A good design will have the longest return on investment. Exactly. I find some of the best coasters are not very tall.
  5. Why are most of your videos at least 10 min long. I think it would be nice if you could cut them down. It reminds me of all thoses fortnite videos.
  6. ^You weren't at the Cedar Point behind the scenes. It is not officially confirmed but it is confirmed by the guides.
  7. Its confirmed, CW will receive a dive coaster longer than Valvavryn.
  8. Hopefully not, I would say no for sure, but you cannot be too certain with Cedar Fair.
  9. It wont be a Giga, not enough room. Plus they already have Leviathan with a 300ft drop so why have two rides both with 300ft drops?
  10. From what I understand its mostly just estimated based off 4gs of force and from the radius of the track at the bottom of the drop.
  11. I never thought those equations I learned last week in physics could be actually used for anything.
  12. If its gonna be a record breaker, even if it goes underground, it wont be that much. So it would be very tall.
  13. The enthusiast dream, I am hoping for the exact opposite, I much rather see a smaller drop, but instead stays lower to the ground and interacts with the surroundings while blending as well to make the ride look a lot better, as i have already said. I am curious why you would want a huge drop.
  14. I wouldn't call myself an enthusiast, but I am saying what would be more fitting for the park based on my opinion, not necessary the coaster that CF thinks is the most fitting. I agree.
  15. For CW a B&M is most fitting due to the high attendance. A dive has good capacity but no the best. I think an invert would be best fitting since it has good capacity and can bring something new to the park since the only looping invert they have now, sucks really bad. I even think an wing coaster would be better fitting since it brings something very unique to the park. CW already has 2 coasters with amazing drops over 200ft, so I really don't see how a huge dive would be very fitting. If they tried something new with the dive (possibly), such as making it less tall, but instead focusing more on staying low to the ground and interacting with the surroundings, that would make it much more fitting to the park, but if its just another record-breaking in height dive that looks like a rct2 premade design, I dont think it would be as fitting as a different one.
  16. Whatever they put, I will be happy with of course. Remember the cw community is nothing like CP's. Even if they put a dive coaster, it will be a great ride. But I would just be a little disappointed that they went with that type of coaster instead of something a little more fitting.
  17. LOL, a strata coaster, that seems funny. Anyway it's definitely not that.
  18. I dont see why its so good, if you want a nice drop, there are 2 rides already.
  19. We had this same debate 3 years ago, if you want to see why people don't like ziz it's around page 620.
  20. Yeah, looks like a dive to me unfortunately. But there has got to be something special about it, otherwise why would they start construction so early if it was just a basic dive. Or they build something like this:
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