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  1. Any decent video player should be able to play it, as .mp4 is an open standard. Actually it's a .mov im not sure but I think that might be an apple file. EDIT: Turns out it is, that video is probably taken from an iphone. speaking of which you should get an android.
  2. I agree, here I put the video in a .zip file just extract it then play the video. If you have VLC Media player. Vid.zip
  3. Fascinating, thankyou John Lloyd. Very interesting how the park AND the area round it has evolved in the time period. It shows Cedar Fair in a good light actually to see how much THEY have done with the park in a relatively short time period in relation to how long the park has been open. Your the Canada's wonderland know-it-all, that should be your custom title. Go ask the title fairy.
  4. Can u convert this video to a youtube video? it wont play for me. Just download the video file by clicking on the link right below the "Play File".
  5. here's another example from recently, magnum xl 200 (I think) and some boomerang clone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE-OpATkdXE
  6. ^that's why there's over 25 users viewing this topic and over 100 guests right now.
  7. next year they will hopefully get an rmcing of Monstre and remove vr and make vampire back to normal.
  8. ^lol, that was just a joke that I did by modifying the html page on canadaswonderland.com. Pretty funny since most people don't know about that trick.
  9. ^Look at this logo, lol, it has maverick from cedar point.
  10. oh well, it's not like they would have expanded there anyway. Canada's wonderland is a pretty small park, there wont be much room to expand in the next upcoming years.
  11. Were's ernierocker when you need him for all this spamming. Anyway, I think that this coaster is probably just a prototype to see if a launched wooden coaster would actually work. Probably won't see another for a while. Unless intamin and rmc decide to team up. I have not commented on the layout yet, but I think that first little drop is really cool and the rest of the ride has a very creative layout. Seems to be the most hyped ride for 2016 after the joker. jk 0:25-0:35
  12. ^Then what land did they sell? Or did Canada's wonderland own that big patch of land.
  13. I have a question, were would that new hospital be built that was supposed to be by cw?
  14. ^I don't really know. I wasn't even born yet for another decade. maybe on wikipedia?
  15. ^Whoops, wrong game, anyway: Universal Studios Hollywood
  16. This is when it was being built, look at all that farmland, now all the houses are shoved up right up into the gate. Was much better before all of that development! Looks like freaking the middle of mexico city (second pic). kinda Look now:
  17. NOOO, Im going to laronde again this year, seems like they are just trying to make the park seem better by making the vampire run backwards. Worst idea ever. who came up with it? At least you have the choice of going on Goliath with or without vr
  18. Were all just too excited. We have nothing to talk about.
  19. The swooping of the big trains, the elements that interact with the ride such as tunnels, overbanks/immelmann over pathway and other objects. Splash downs, ect. Dives work best when they interact with other elements which is why they are so fun.
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