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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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I will say this...


After a few hours of deep reflection I am a little disappointed by the lack of singing Mushrooms. This is a MAJOR anniversary year celebration here, guys. I mean... come on.



I'm sure these are in the plans for the 175th anniversary!

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From the Cleveland Plain Dealer



“In general terms, it will travel in the same waters as the former Paddlewheel Excursions, but will be a completely new experience,” said Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark.


Still no concrete details, but a little more info pointing to a return of Paddlewheel like ride!

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So what were Paddlewheels like in ..... 1870? I like the idea of really "going back in time" to what "thrills" existed when the park began. In this case....a Paddlewheeler!

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I think that a revamped paddlewheel excursion would be great!


I typically visit theme parks with the older generation, so having attractions that cater to families and the older crowd (while still having the thrills) is a huge win in my book.


And revamping the museum is an awesome idea!


While I like the museum that they have, it left me craving for more CP history and not clothing, silverware and other "filler".


It felt like half theme park museum and half Antiques Roadshow. LOL

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Of course I'll also be interested to know what new "retro" food selections that they'll offer!

Well, if they're going retro all the way to 1870, are you up for cornbread and frizzled beef with currant jelly?


Hey, as long as they don't make me wait 1.5 hours for the stand to open, I'd be down for that!

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As per usual I would like to remind every-one that Aquatrax's, don't exist, they're just a legend and if you've seen one in the wild, you have just mistaken it for the more common relative Trax. The last known Aquatrax died around 2011.

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