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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Speaking of winter fest at other parks, the other parks aren't directly on the water like Cedar Point is. Living east of the park on the same lake I am familiar with the weather that Erie can bring over here. Plus, even in the middle of the summer it can get pretty windy on the peninsula. Imagine what it would be like in December with how cold and windy winter weather can be.


That being said it will be interesting to see how Winterfest goes at Wonderland for example, being a park farther up north. The good thing for them is that they are above the Great Lakes, not directly in the middle of them like Cedar Point.


TLDR: The weather that comes with being situated on Lake Erie makes Winterfest a much less desirable event for Cedar Point to host than other Cedar Fair parks that have milder climates (in a way).


With all that being said, if they decide to bring Winterfest to the park, I wouldn't be 100% shocked. Business is business and if there's market research done that states this would be a profitable event then they may just surprise us.

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I don’t think Cedar Point will ever have Winterfest, mainly because the park is not located in a major metropolitan area. Many other cities already have somewhat similar Christmas festivals and events. Since Cedar Fair’s Winterfest events are not really focused on rides, it probably wouldn’t attract that many people from outside the Sandusky area.

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I'm thinking 2019 is the year for something big. This Forbidden Frontier sounds really cool.


Don't know much about it yet. Guess we'll find out.


Here we go again....


Why are we so adverse to discussion around here? It's the offseason now. Time to turn that pent up non-riding into something useful, useless speculation.

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I heard they're bout to get a god damn 500 footer over Lake Erie. Son a bitch supposedly gonna leap off one track section and travel 200 feet before it lands on the other track. That son a bitch sounds dangerous but that's what my sister told me they building. She got through middle school, so I doubt she'd be wrong.

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Rumor has it that they're building another strata coaster. Except this one actually is on top of Top Thrill Dragster. Instead of starting at the ground and launching 400ft in the air, you climb up to the top of TTD's top hat, get on the coaster, and then launch off of that another 420ft in the air until you're 880ft off the ground. Then the rockets turn on and you fly over to Kings Island where you duel their Giga for a while before flying back to Cedar piont.


Just a rumor, though, I wouldn't put too much weight on it...

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