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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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^ Don't listen to this guy. Steel Vengeance sucks, and it's going to suck the most on June 1.


June 1st? Psht, there's no way this thing will be any good until at least after June 7th...


Guys. We all know it will suck forever. It will never be good and it will never be worth riding. Just skip it every visit.

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Has anyone seen this yet? OnPoint Blog post about some extra social media people attending the Media Event. Go read the article, and then read the LAST requirement to apply. Fine, don't go, just read this:


"We want to see how you’d produce content about a certain subject. So, for this exercise, we're going to use something you should have easy access to: a fork. It can be any kind of fork. Plastic, stainless, fancy or otherwise.


Photograph it, write about it, video it – tell us why this fork is the best fork you’ve ever seen. Or tell us what you like and don’t like about the fork.


Post it on your official social channel with the hashtag #ThisForkIsForSV and provide the link (in the email above) to that post or video."

Source: OnPoint Blog


I can't wait to see #ThisForkIsForSV. If I had a dedicated channel to all things roller coaster, I would have so much fun. Anyone on here going to give this a go?

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Hmmmm... I think I'm going to do this. 8) -- just thinking about how to get creative with it. I'll be riding coasters this weekend for inspiration! Maybe filming a fork in a competing park and tying it in somehow. I normally do stylistic music videos so... hmmmm... interesting. I'll let you know what I come up with :-P


edit: have two amazing ideas, just hoping I have time to make the magic happen

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Am I the only one is acting like a kid checking the TPR and Cedar Point multiple times a day impatiently waiting for the full ride IRL pov???


And I loved the fork thing , if going to college to be an engineer didn't have this big of a workload I'd probably run a small social media account like they want.

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