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  1. They're having the event go for another week due to the great response from it!! So now, it'll go on until the 23rd.
  2. Watch out for it .... SUCH A FREAKING TEASE. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-sPIUFF4fZ/
  3. .....I'm gonna nut. Gaahhhh those trains are gorgeous and look so damn beautiful on the track! I can't wait to get to the park and ride that bad boy. It's gonna be even more awesome when they start adding landscape to the area.
  4. Wouldn’t it be such a great surprise when we get the official announcement of Kings Dominions new coaster that’ll replace Volcano and it ends up being that new AXIS COASTER?!!! Sigh, please....just let me dream for a second, thanks lol. Loving the look of the Pantheon trains!! Super colorful and vibrant!
  5. I think the last thing KD wants right now is another prototype/first of a kind. You got a point. But, it would be pretty damn epic if this type of coaster replaced Volcano. It would be super unexpected and truly brand new. I do see your point though. Let a guy dream haha.
  6. Could you imagine if this was going to freaking KD in place of Volcano?!! DUDE THAT WOULD BE FREAKING SICK!!!!
  7. Wait, someone seriously said they didn't see how Iron Gwazi is different than the OG Gwazi? ......... wow. Anywho, no I totally get what you're saying completely, Robb. As I said, I love the name, I'm not bothered by it, I guess I'm more upset at the fact that by them keeping the name, they didn't stick to the Lion/Tiger theme that went along with it. Nonethless, I'm stoked AF to ride it next year It's really going to put BGT on the map big time and it's definitely a coaster they've been needing to really amp up the parks line-up as a whole.
  8. To keep in line with their African inspired names, such as Montu, Sheikra, Kumba, etc., a better name would have been Twisted Mamba since Mamba in Swahili means crocodile and their theming this after a crocodile. There's no sense in naming it Iron Gwazi (NOT saying I don't like the name because I do) when it's being themed after a crocodile and Gwazi was themed around being a hybrid of a tiger/lion creature haha but, I do love that they're paying homage to the original coaster by keeping it's original name, nonetheless. I'm totally digging what we could see of the trains and the logo looks awesome, too! That purple track with the green trains is going to be a sick contrast. This is gonna be a HUGE hitter for BGT! It looks bad ass for sure. I'll definitely be making my way down there next year!
  9. That coaster better have a damn good lighting package to bring that bad boy to even MORE life!! At least have lighting on the trains or on the grounds amongst the coaster to really bring in that "devil" vibe. I know they won't do it, but a guy can dream lol. It looks bad ass!! HUGE AF, TOO. For some reason I was expecting something more compact, even a T-Rex style, but this is E P I C just as it is! That's gonna draw in a huge crowd for sure.
  10. What's up Jay? This is Doug (Spooky Villages). Cool to see you post here. I'm pretty excited to get visit Carowinds for the first time ever in two weeks. I have a work event in the city later in week, and it ends on Friday at noon so I'll be heading straight to the park for a few hours of coaster time. DOUG MY BOY!!! What are the odds haha. Dang we were right there at the park together and didn’t even know it! Cool to see you here bro!
  11. I'll be going today for passholder night!! I was originally going to wear cargo shorts until I saw the temperature it was going to be during the evening. By around 6pm when it starts it'll be 62 degrees and dropping to the mid 50s before the event ends, so I'll definitely be wearing a jacket LOL. I can't wait!!!
  12. I loved Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Copperhead Strike looks like it has an even more exciting layout. If this rides anything like Icon, Carowinds has another win on their hands. I can't imagine how anyone could be skeptical, either. Because a bunch of people expected this to be some super hyper launching coaster like Xcelerator or something lol. Like come on, look at the other videos of Mack launch coasters. Aside from Helix, Copperhead Strike is one of the better launcher layouts from them and it seems like it'll pack quite a punch.
  13. Dude I've already seen so many people comment and complain about it haha. Like come on, this coaster wasn't meant to be no super balls to wall intense launch coaster and not every launch coaster has to be that.
  14. I'm incredibly bummed that this coaster is ALL THE WAY IN FREAKING JAPAN!! That just means more traveling I get to do....whenever I get to do it because working/grad school is kicking my entire ass right now That coaster is not only beautiful (I'm loving the white/blue contrast), but it looks damn fun!!
  15. I was thinking the same thing. Working with Mack opens up a lot of possibilities for this space. I'd love to see something like an Xtreme Spinner that utilizes the volcano. I got to ride Volcano once in 2014 and it was closed in 2018. My sample size is too small to properly critique it, but I wasn't wowed by it like many of you were. Thought it was more "unique and cool" than "great." Looking at the entire size of the space being used for Volcano, Mack (or whomever else they choose to go with) would have quite a great deal of room to work with for sure! If they do decide to go with Mack, I can totally see them going for another launched coaster, but it being even bigger and faster than Copperhead Strike. As sad as I am about it, I'm greatly looking forward to see what they do with the space.
  16. Sooo, to replace Volcano, yet still pay homage to it, I say they do a Mack (or Intamin again...) launch coaster and name it "Vulcan" which was the god of fire, volcanos, and metalworking. See the concept here?
  17. Alright, I’m not even gonna lie, reading that blog update made me cry. I’ll admit it & I don’t care. I know Volcano was a pain to keep up, but I did NOT think they would throw in the towel on it this soon. I never thought I’d be hurt by the removal of a coaster, but this truly hurts. Volcano was my first ever launched coaster and it was my first coaster with inversions, so it holds a very special place in my heart and I really hate to see it go smh...wow, I really can’t believe this. But, I know KD will replace it with another amazing coaster someday, I hope. Just a shame the one and only launched full circuit invert coasters will soon be no more. It’s saddening...truly. It had one of the best launches I’ve ever experienced & I’m glad I got a MANY rides on it. C.I.P. Volcano: The Blast Coaster May you erupt in coaster heaven.
  18. As a college student that works only part-time, umm....whichever one I can afford at the time LOL. I do have a platinum Cedar Fair pass, so my ultimate goal is Cedar Point during Spring Break and Universal Studios Florida at the end of the Spring semester. Certainly going to Carowinds since it's my homepark and only 2hrs away from me.
  19. Good question. That coaster seems to be shrouded in mystery. There's not even a POV of the layout or anything...
  20. WTF IS THAT LAYOUT?!! I LOVE IT!!! I'll probably won't get to SFGA next year since I'll be studying abroad the Spring/Summer, but FUUUUUCK THAT LOOKS SO AWESOME!!
  21. Honestly truly, no hate or anything, but Val has one of THE better/best layouts to date for a dive coaster. Not sure why B&M wasn't that creative for the one's here in the States.
  22. I could care less about the Steelers theming as I'm not at all into sports, but as for the coaster itself, THAT LOOKS EPIC!!!
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