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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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I'm calling it now. Cedar Point bought a bunch of Siberian tigers and they're releasing them on the Peninsula later this week to eat all the seagulls. You heard it here first.

That is the only reasonable assumption that I can think of. I also see no negative impact this could have on the ecosystem, staff, or surrounding Sandusky area.

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For anyone not on their Snapchat, they announced a contest to win a 2018 calendar tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm EST. It appears to be all Wild West themed which is pretty cool - this is more than likely what the aforementioned “announcement of an announcement” was about

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What is the little spec of land at the top of the photo?


I'm pretty sure the one out on the Chaussee isn't actually owned by Cedar Fair / Cedar Point, if that's the one you're referring to. It's a residential property.

It may be residential, but the land parcel is listed under the ownership of "CEDAR POINT PARK LLC"

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^^ LOL


As for the land purchases, I hope that CP builds a hotel or two off site which are a little more cost friendly and offer the resort perks. Although I understand that's already available, a few more options would be nice, maybe even to act as cost tiered hotels. As much as I enjoyed staying at Breakers, I've stayed in some pretty damned nice places for $400 a night. I understand you're not paying for luxury, but the rooms felt like Super 8 rooms with decorations catered to CP. Emily loved complaining about the price, except every time I mention going back and staying at the new close Holiday Inn Express, she bitches at me that the CP experience includes staying on the island...

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isn't that near the entrance to where the old "Shoot the Rapids" was?


when we were there last year for Coastermania!, the guy in the museum in Frontier Town did heavily imply that SOMETHING was going to go there to make use of the empty space.


maybe a Rodeo flat or something of that type?


Bert - that photo is right next to Snake River Falls (SRF on the right, Maverick and Thunder Canyon on left), so it's a little bit past where Shoot The Rapids was. And I believe that they installed RipCord in the old STR spot, didn't they?


To be honest, I am almost surprised that SRF hasn't been removed.

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^ when we were there in June, quite a bit of the old shoot the rapids trough was visible while riding MF.


this news story says Ripcord went on a "portion" of the Shoot the Rapids footprint.. so lots of room still over there




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^ Yep, still lots of room over there - especially if (or when) they remove Dinosaur's Alive. I wasn't a fan of them putting the SkyCoaster there, but understood the need to relocate due to the Soak City expansion and Challenge Park removal.


I think that it would be a great place for a new (and better designed) flume...or an Intamin Mega-Lite to compliment Maverick.

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^ When we were on the train ride, that traveled by that spot, I though it was pretty big and could accommodate

something major, whether it be some kind of coaster (hello El Loco?), or a flat, maybe a non-swinging one, lol.

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I did some imagining and came up with a concept of what an entirely new Kiddy Kingdom/Planet Snoopy expansion could look like! I added a B&M family inverted coaster as well as 7 other small flat rides. I retained 2 of the classic spinning car rides and rethemed them, then added a few more new kid/family rides that the park doesn't have yet. I also added a small stage as well as an shaded eating area, making the entire area feel more modern and complete with the existing Planet Snoopy.

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Excuse my lack of knowledge but has b&m ever made a family invert?


Yes, they have made at least one already in China and there's another one about to open or already open.

They have a slightly smaller version of normal B&M track with 2 seats/row. Basically B&Ms version of Vekoma's junior inverts.


EDIT: ^ got sniped

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From the Cedar Point Blog

Here are the rides on the Early Entry list with the usual disclaimer: rides subject to change based on maintenance, weather or other circumstances.


Steel Vengeance



Millennium Force



Ocean Motion

Midway Carousel

Cedar Downs Racing Derby

Cadillac Cars

Camp Snoopy



Source: https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2018-early-entry-rides

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