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  1. May or early June weekdays are probably the best (basically any time the park closes at 8pm). However, May also has the most unpredictable weather of any month of the season here besides maybe October. Of course, if you can afford at least one day of Fastlane Plus into your trip then it really wouldn't matter when you come, but I would still avoid July and August Saturdays. Even with a FL+ you may see 45+ minute waits for some of the more popular attractions like Maverick. Also remember if you are a Platinum Pass holder you can purchase a FL+ for the FL price in park only. You get a discount on fast lane for being a season past holder? I’m trying to find there fast lane prices for the season , it’s not posted yet.
  2. Im going the weekend of the 14th in October anyone going that weekend? Would enjoy not riding solo.
  3. so im going to cedar point this Friday and Saturday. how often does the weather change up there? Should i post pone?
  4. I'm going to cedar point at the end of the month for the 1st time September ,30 that night and October 1st. Anyone have any good tips or advice for a 1st timer. Also do there lockers by the rides have in and out privileges ?
  5. have they had the seat belts all this season i dont remember it opening weekend
  6. the restraints on banshee are kinda comfortable i had to move them over my shoulders cuz they started to hurt
  7. how was the lines with fast pass for opening day i plan on going tommorow
  8. has anyone ate at the new sit down restaurant at the park; i went Saturday and my experience was horrible. 34 minutes to get a drink. The wings were good thow.
  9. im gona get the fast pass plus this weekend on saturday ;how does the fast pass work ?
  10. i plan on going this saturday or next saturday . if i get the fast pass plus can i by pass the maze lines? also is the dining plan worth it?
  11. im going through the day not just at night does that make any difference on the lines
  12. im going to the haunt this year do you recommend getting the fast pass
  13. i bought a season pass for this year;but havent went to the park yet to get my pass. Can i use it for next year if i dont make it to the park this year?
  14. did u take any photos of the fast line entrances & how much was it good photos by the way
  15. i cant wait to go this year how were the prices on food this year cant wait for the photos
  16. I highly recommend it!! Any sort of fast lane/qbot/exit pass/vip tour has always seemed a totally great value for the time saved. Lines suck when you are alone in a park. Well...to be honest, they suck regardless; but a good group of friends makes the wait much more tolerable. how does the fast lane work on firehawk since the line is kinda weird there
  17. is fast lane worth it? (i really hate lines especially since i dont got no friends to go to amusement parks with) so will this help cut down on lines
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