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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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As for Lightning Rod, I keep forgetting this coaster is being built... That sounds sad, but it is a testament to how many other great things the park has that come to mind first when I think about Dollywood. I'm sure this will be a fantastic addition to the park, but as long as the cinnamon bread is still being made and the skillets are still being served, I'll keep Dollywood high on my list of parks to revisit in the near future.


I feel the same way, the park is so great that this is really just icing on the cake.

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I have no idea what kind of forces that huge wave turn is going to have on meh body.


Have you ever sat on one end of a see-saw when a fat guy jumps on the other end?


That. Except you're strapped onto the see-saw.

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I have no idea what kind of forces that huge wave turn is going to have on meh body.


Have you ever sat on one end of a see-saw when a fat guy jumps on the other end?


That. Except you're strapped onto the see-saw.


Nope. Just when the fat dude jumps off. And that broke my tail bone. Had to sit on a doughnut for 6 weeks. I hope the ride doesn't do that to me.


Guy "Me no likey those kinda forces." Koepp

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^That is just beautiful! Thank you so much for these amazing behind the scenes photos. I can't wait to see the rest of them. By any chance on your tour, did you get any more information regarding the steeple framework above the lift peak? Last we heard it was a new idea to try and thwart the wasp issue that the park has during the warm summer months. If so, are they planning on putting them on any of the other peaks on the ride, for that matter, if it is successful in keeping the swarms down, do they plan to possibly install them on any of the other coasters?

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Hey guys! Here are the photos from today's Construction Tour of Lightning Rod. Wes from Dollywood was gracious enough to chauffeur me around this morning so I could get photos of parts of the ride that you can not see from the park. Let's move on to the photos!



That map is going to need a major change next year!



This is WAAAY back at the edge of the Dollywood property behind the employee parking lot. Even from here, the two first hills still tower over everything!



A little closer shot from the employee parking lot.



Employees sure will have a great view of Lightning Rod when they come and go from work!



Zooming in on the first main drop.



Now, moving closer to the ride you can start to see some of those hidden elements of Lightning Rod.



Here you can see how mammoth that first drop is and how poor of a decision it was for Dollywood to place a power line right in front of it. :lmao:



This is about as close as I can get to the back half of the ride while the construction site is still active. We should be able to change that later next month! ;)



This picture does not do the Wave Turn justice. It is massive!



The sun is always directly behind rides at Dollywood! *Fact



The bottom of the main drop and the journey back.



See, I told you the employees have a great view of the ride from their parking lot!



Heading down towards the service road, our tour continues.



I don't think you can get enough photos of this lift hill, I mean look at it.



The footers are in place for the end of what could be the most amazing element of the ride.



Look how close it will get to the service road!



:airtime: :airtime: :airtime:



The structure over the lift hill is intended to thwart those pesky wasps that have plagued Wild Eagle and Thunderhead.



Now let's take a look at the station from the service road.



Trolley ridership by coaster enthusiasts will likely increase in 2016. ;-)



Where it will all begin.



With tour over, it is time to head into the park to check on progress to the entrance area of the ride.



I already got mine.



Red's Diner will be expanded for 2016. There will be a few more surprises to spruce this once forgotten section of the park to go along with the world-class coaster.



The ride looks great from EVERYWHERE.



They should totally do a little water trick every time Lightning Rod launches. (ala old-school Blazing Fury splashdown.






I took these last two a couple of weeks ago, but the front of the station hasn't changed much since then.



And one last photo. Thanks for reading!

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Made our way to Dollywood Sunday for our first ever trip to the park and myself and my family were all blown away as the park greatly exceeded our expectations. Aside from a few minor gripes the trip couldn't have went any better. Signed up for season passes next year and can't wait to make it back in March for Lightning Rod.

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It's looking great there. And the lift hill looks like it's heading up to some kind of church!


Thanks for sharing your backstage tour.


I mean, doesn't this look like a church on the hill?

Not that I'm religious or anything like that...

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I was going to stop by today but after seeing the wait times I will pass. Pretty crazy for a Tuesday at 2pm. Since I live within an hour of the park it is nice being able to check the lines before going. Would like to see a few webcams around the park. Hint hint Pete Owens.


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The crazy thing about these ride times that's getting me is, yes I know the park is trying to prep for closing with the coasters BUT running with only one train is making their operations look awful to people who've never been. Wild Eagle they can run two, FCE-two, not sure how many they run for the winter on Mystery Mine, but you get my point. The temperatures are not going to close the rides down for the rest of the season. Compared to last winter when I went and it was 23 degrees and the train's wheels kept spinning due to ice haha. This season is much different, which I'm guessing the construction workers are happy about that with Lightning Rod. I mean structure wise all that's left is down the hill for the quad down, the non inverting half loop and break run and structure is done. Then they just have to finish the actual track on it.

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