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  1. Heading to the park for the first time this Friday and Saturday, any recommendations on decent hotels close to the park? Thanks
  2. If CF completely stopped fireworks outside of July 4th would anybody care?
  3. Is Dollywood open daily after March 13th? I can't find the calender on the website.
  4. Trying to schedule a trip up next year from NC and would like suggestions on when to schedule my week. I can take off any week in May or June. Thanks
  5. I was at the park the last two days and there was no activity around the coaster. Hopefully they can get the kinks ironed out at some point because it's a great coaster (two rides a month ago) and a great park. Also, cold someone please tell Dolly to add a dining plan similar to Cedar Fair?
  6. Well that sucks. Thinking about heading up for a few days this week. Not sure now.
  7. Me and my boys got our first two rides today and it blew our expectations out of the water. Non stop fun from start to finish. Dollywood has hit a home run with Lightning Rod.
  8. If you don't want to read people updating the status of Lightning Rod don't click on the thread. I enjoy the updates, keep em coming guys.
  9. Why would you take the trains off the track at night?
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