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If you owned your own theme park

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I would open up "The Intamin Adventure"


I'll go for a slightly trickier challenge: Vekomaland.


Standard family coaster

Family boomerang

Family invert (Orkanen model)

Mine train

Motorbike launched coaster

SLC (with smoother track and new trains like Great Nor'Easter)

Boomerang (also with new trains)

Indoor spaghetti bowl launch coaster (also new trains)

Bermuda Blitz looping coaster

Firestorm launch coaster

Next-gen flying coaster

Hyper based on their proposed Energylandia concept.

Wooden coaster with a similar layout to Thundercoaster.

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I would want my park to have a family atmosphere something along the lines of Knoebels and Canobie, but I would make sure that the park is populated with several enjoyable attractions. Some rides that I would be sure to have:



- GCI twister like Gold Striker

- Gravity Group "junior" out & back woodie like Wooden Warrior

- Premier SkyRocket2 or custom Sky Rocket

- Chance hyper GT-X

- Enclosed coaster similar to Space Mountain (custom with tight turns, drops)

- Roller skater or Tivoli family coaster



- Larson/ARM drop tower

- Indoor scrambler with a light show

- Power Surge, Rock-o-Plane, or Zipper

- Chance Unicoaster

- Flying scooters (snappable of course)

- Huss breakdance

- Tilt-a-Whirl

- Zamperla tea cups (I find the Zamperla ones spin the most easily)

- Carousel with brass-ring (I'm an engineer & would make one myself if needed)



- Hopkins log flume through the woods

- River rapids ride



- Shooting dark ride


I'm going to pull a Six Flags here and RMC the GCI twister I created.

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I would do something that would fit well in the Colorado environment, since Elitches is out of space. There is going to be some influence from Silverwood, as it is my original home park and I think a park similar to it could do very well in competition with the Denver parks.


Roller Coasters:

Vekoma G.I.B.

Gravity Group inverting wooden coaster (Custom layout, only 1 inversion)

Gerstlauer Spinner Model 380/4

Vekoma Junior Coaster 335m


Major Flats:

Scrambler (Possibly indoor)

Zamperla Power Surge

Larson/A.R.M Drop Tower (140~150ft)

SBF Visa Maxi Dance Party 360

Zamperla Endeavor

Funtime Star Flyer (~230ft)

Zamperla Air Race 8.4

Zamperla Suspended Windshear

Intamin Coaster Wheel


Kidde Rides:

Assorted (Don't feel like listing any out, 6 different rides would probably be good)


Water Rides:

Intamin Log Flume

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^^ No, don't do it! Think of all the enthusiast bitching you'll have to endure when this park STILL doesn't live up to their expectations.


Well, enthusiasts know Intamin sh*t breaks all the time so in that sense it would live up to their expectations.


"Maintenance is on the way, sir. The line for guest relations is over there, sir. Have an Intamin Adventure Day!"


I would open up "The Intamin Adventure"


I'll go for a slightly trickier challenge: Vekomaland.


I'd go.

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^^ No, don't do it! Think of all the enthusiast bitching you'll have to endure when this park STILL doesn't live up to their expectations.


Well, enthusiasts know Intamin sh*t breaks all the time so in that sense it would live up to their expectations.


"Maintenance is on the way, sir. The line for guest relations is over there, sir. Have an Intamin Adventure Day!"



I would open up "The Intamin Adventure"


I'll go for a slightly trickier challenge: Vekomaland.


I'd go.

Yeah, tbh, I would too.

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I'm not going to come up with a name, theme, or location, but I'll list the rides and coasters I'd like to see in my park, trying to be as well-rounded as possible.


Roller Coasters:

-Huge, awesome GCI woodie (like the ones in China)

-S&S Free Spin

-Gravity Group family thrill coaster

-B&M Hyper

-Multi-launched, looping MACK Mega Coaster

-MACK Power Splash

-Some kiddie/family coaster, probably from Vekoma


Flat Rides:

-Enormous 2nd-Gen Intamin drop tower like Blue Fall

-Funtime Star Flyer

-Mondial Top Scan

-Zamperla Giant Discovery

-S&S Screamin' Swing

-Variety of family flats like Troika, swinging ship, scrambler, flyers, etc.

-Kiddie flat rides



-Sky Ride


-Log Flume

-Intamin Rapids

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What I would add to the SeaWorld Parks Chain in 2018


Busch Gardens Tampa: Zamperla Giant Discovery, Zamperla Disk O Coaster

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Sally Interactive Dark Ride themed to Sesame Street

SeaWorld Orlando- Mack Indoor Flume similar to Valhalla themed to Ocean Exploration

SeaWorld San Diego- B&M Launched Wing Coaster

SeaWorld San Antonio- Zamperla Disk O Coaster, Zamperla Endeavor, Zamperla Giant Discovery

Sesame Place: Vekoma Family Boomerang

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Welcome to Adventure Kingdom!

The park would open with the following attractions:


Roller Coasters:

-B&M Invert: Wyvern

-RMC Topper Track woodie: Chimera

-GCI woodie: Gunslinger

-Vekoma Family suspended: The Ogre

-Intamin Hyper: Atomizer (think the love child of Expedition GeForce and SFNE's Superman)


Thrill Rides:

-Intamin Sky Jump: Space Diver

-S&S Screaming Swing: Swingshot

-Gerstlauer Sky Fly: Cyborg

-Chance Unicoaster: ShakeDown

-Zamperla Air Race: JetScream

-Zamperla Disk’o : Firestorm

-Zamperla Endeavor: Centrifuge

-FunTime Starflyer: Whirlwind

-ABC Tourbillion: MindWinder

-Skyline Skywarp: Cthulhu

-A frisbee from someone: Vertigo

-A Log Flume: Timberwolf Lumber Co.


Family Rides:

-Intamin Coaster Wheel: Wyrd Wheel

-Zierer Wave Swinger: Swing-a-Round

-Sally Dark Ride: TBD

-Larson Flyers: Fairy's Wings

-SBF Wave Rider: Surf's Up

-Tilt a whirl: Spinamajig

-Scrambler: Mish-Masher

-Carousel: TBD

-Train: Adventure Express

-Antique Car Ride: Flashback Boulevard

-Swinging Ship: Blackbeard's Bounty


Plus some kids rides and shows.

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I would open up "The Intamin Adventure"


B&M invert 200 ft tall, 7 inversions, built into the terrain


Intamin makes inverts too!


They do. And as much as I love the few I've ridden, B&M inverts are typically much better.

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If I owned my own theme park I would try to also incorporate animal exhibits and education. I used to work at a zoo and I appreciate the quiet parts of parks where you can explore and relax when you need a break.


In reality though I would need to hire a lot of people who knew what they were doing much better than I do.

Source: The not very parks that I've made in planet coaster

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If I opened a park, I would actually buy out Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It has massive potential with all the available land around it, however due to bad publicity with their treatment of whales and horrible upkeep, it's in need of a major overhaul.

I'd be all for anyone doing this. I remember loving that park when I was a little kid (first "big" steel roller coaster I ever went on) but then going back when I was in college and being horribly disapointed and just kind of sad.

The location is great and the amount of land they have is ridiculous for how few attractions they have. If I was to manage that property I would try to keep a small manageable and not super gross aquarium. Something very small (maybe even with the animals of the great lakes even though all those fish are just kind of boring and brown), but overall that may be a bad idea as it may remind people of the bad management of Marineland.


How long has it been since the "Everyone Loves Marineland" days? It feels like forever.

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Here's a park I've been thinking of for a while, names and all... welcome to Crystal Pointe!



-Surge: A B&M hyper that dominates the park's skyline and the front of the park

-Thunderhawk: A B&M floorless with five inversions (loop, dive loop, zero g roll, two corkscrews)

-Forest Flyer: A Schwarzkopf custom Jumbo Jet (think Whizzer at SFGAm) with multiple fly-bys and two tunnels

-Voltage: An Intamin twist and spike impulse

-Mad Mouse: Basic Mack wild mouse layout

-Outlaw Express: A classic Arrow mine train with two lifts, the oldest coaster in the parj

-Rattlesnake: A GCI wooden with Millennium Flyer trains, basically a mix between Goldstriker and Mystic Timbers

-Big Dipper: A Vekoma 247m roller skater


-Boardwalk Blaster: Triple S&S shot towers

-FearFall: 1st generation Intamin drop tower

-AiRider: Mondial Windseeker

-Delirious: Zamperla Discovery

-Orbit: HUSS enterprise

-Grande Carousel: Chance double-decker

-Pipe Scream: Zamperla skater

-Galleon: Zamperla pirate ship

-Scream Machine: HUSS topspin

-The Turnpike: Classic cars

Water Rides

-Splashdown Falls: Mack log flume

-Adventure Rapids: Intamin rapids that travels under Rattlesnake's layout

-High Tide: Hopkins shoot-the-chute


The park would also have a classic train ride and a Von Roll skyride.

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If I won the lottery there would be 2 possibilities:

[/build a park from scratchb]

I would buy a huge section of land(at least 500 + acres)with interstate access to at least 2 major cities approx. 100+/-away.

I would start off small:an Intamin skytower,a ferris wheel with LED lights,a carousel with real organ,and a clone of the Revere Beach Cyclone-and the trains would be buzzbar only.

Eventually I would add new sections/lands and build a train that circles the park,as well as a multi-stop skyway(like what WDW is doing).

The signature ride for this park would be a mountain similar to KD's Lost World,only better:It would contain an indoor/outdoor coaster in the upper part of the mountain,while the lower part had a forward/reverse flume ride.

Buy into Six Flags

Shell out $1 million to be part owner and then make the following changes:

Year 1-repave Great Adv.'s entire parking lot and add restrooms to SFA's Gotham City

-all parks get 10 new Coke Freestyle machines that only serve soda made with REAL SUGAR !

-Great Adv. & SFA both get an Enterprise,Tilt-A-Whirl,and Chance Wipeout;SFStL gets a Tilt-A-Whirl,Chance Wipeout and Teacups.

Year 2-Great Adv. and SFStL get a Disko,Larson Scooters and Fabbri Magic Carpet;SFA gets a Disko and a Discovery.

-Great Adv.,SFA,& SF StL get a in-park brewpub.

-Glow In The Dark parade is brought back to Great Adv.,SFA,& SFStL.

Year 3-All other parks get Glow In the Dark parade

-SFA gets buzzbar-only trains for Wild One& Roar and S:ROS is reprofiled to be more like SFNE's version.

-SFStL gets buzzbar -only trains for Screechin' Eagle and an Intamin Giga version of Steel Dragon.

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If I could make a small park I would...


Roller Coasters:

Chance Hyper GT-X

Twister GCI (like Thunderhead or Gold Striker)

Vekoma Spacewarp or one of their new launch looping models.

and a Zierer ESC for the kids!


Other Thrill Attractions:

Larson Drop Tower

S&S Swings

and a Maxi Dance 360 Frisbee Ride (SpinCycle @SilverWood)


Family Attractions:

Haunted House

Double Decker Carousel


Some Swings

Knoebel's Flyers

and some other stuff.


Well it's not that small but smaller than other's ideas in this thread.

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I'be given it a lot of thought, if I could obtain rights, I would include a National Lampoon Vacation Land. Two coasters, one a Mack spinner themed to Clark's sledding in Christmas Vacation and a Hyper themed to the original's road trip, an interactive dark ride in a Griswold replica house that would be LIT up at Christmas and a Walleyworld flat ride section with a junior or kiddie dueling coaster

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I used to think I wanted to build a FEC in the vein of an old trolley park, but I've since changed my mind. Instead I want an FEC that isn't just about mindless amusement, but also incorporates learning experiences and hands-on adventure experiences. I was thinking about something promotes that eco-friendliness, respect for the planet and teaches and helps to preserve the indigenous cultures.


My park would have two phases.


The first phase would be entirely indoors. The structure would be built to resemble an old temple and/or palace. It would have a hotel, a family oriented indoor waterpark with lots of climbing stuff, a restaurant, a small aquarium and nature center, plus attractions such as ropes courses, obstacle courses, play structures and a bounce house playground, all built to resemble jungley stuff. Of course, I also want a mini-golf, because I love indoor mini-golf and a jungle theme could really be cool in an indoor setting. There would also be be a few rides, but I would want as many as possible to be self-powered, like Huff and Puff at Knott's. Think pedal boats, hand cranks, etc.


Phase two would be outdoors and be more ambitious. It would have a large lagoon with a island in the center. Picture Rivers of America and Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland. There would be a jungle cruise ride complete with animatronics, a jungle safari jeep ride also with animatronics, an adventure island with more climbey stuff, a Swiss Family Robinson/Tarzan style tree house, rope bridges, caves, creeks, etc. There would be more kids and family rides. Think a jungle version of Camp Snoopy. And there would be another water park, but this one would be aimed more at adults and have more thrill rides. It would be a single tower built into a fake volcano with any number of slides that could be replaced or expanded as needs arose. And of course, the volcano could be expanded on. (BTW I had this idea before I ever heard about Volcano Bay).


At some point in the future I might include a third phase that has more thrill rides, but of course these would be built in such a way as to be hidden in the surrounding terrain (like at Alton Towers) and have massive Disney style theming. Roller coasters built into fake mountains rather than just sitting there looking like giant steel beasts. But again, these would all focusing on protecting the forests and cultures and the planet in general.


That's what I would do if I had my own park.

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My 2019 Six Flags Wishes


SFOT- Chance Freestyle, Larson Flying Scooters, Skyline Skywarp

SFOG- Zamperla Giant Discovery

SFStL- Revamp of Ninja with Soft Straps, Paint + Waterslide?

SFGAdv- Zamperla Giant Discovery + Proslide Rocket to Hurricane Harbor

SFMM- Zamperla Endeavor + Proslide Rocket to Hurricane Harbor

SFGAm- Funtime Star Flyer

SFAm- Revamp of Whistlestop Park into DC Superfriends Land with 3 New Rides

Great Escape- S&S Steeplechase Coaster

SFFT- ? Rotating Theater/ Simulator

SFDK- Justice League

SFNE- Justice League

SFMex- Revamp of Bugs Bunny Circus into Bugs Bunny Boomtown with 6 new rides

La Ronde- RMC Monstre

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Mine would be similar to the Hard Rock idea, but the only thing I'd really want is a Winged Coaster that uses the ground and landscape.


Kinda like Maverick and Cheetah Run does, but longer and more detail.


It would also have to have the most incredible dark ride ever conceived, as well as a Flume that people would want to travel all over the world for.


Other than that, old-school B&M invert - A la "Alpengeist" or Raptor, 2 woodies similar to American Racer and El Toro - winding in and around each other-impeccably timed and close to water.


Give 50 million to RMC and tell em to go crazy.


Can't decide on which signature Giga style I would want. I hear good things about Fury, but I305 just plain scares me every time I get on it.


Obtain copies of all the flats from Kennywood and Knoebels.


Somehow recreate the walk from King's Island "raft" line wherever possible.


Go to each major city and find the best food vendors possible, ask em if they want to open a location in the park. Come up with some kind of profit share so that a coke and a Chicago dog isn't 18 dollars.


Somehow make a truly great suspended coaster that's not for kids. And speaking of kids, other than the usual Tilt-a-whirl and stuff like that...How hard would it be to make a miniature version of the big signature coasters? Same thing but smaller...Obviously some elements would have to go because gravity wouldn't co operate, but you get the general idea.

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  • 11 months later...

I now realize this is the thread I should have posted the below, in. Nonetheless....


How about "your next park" being Your Own Park, with rides being sold off, now?!!

"Entire Colorado theme park up for auction"

Here's a link to one of the reports on it. And Buy Now!



And some of the rides still may be available, who knows?

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Since I started playing RCT again after a decade thanks to the iPad, I would probably mirror my creations there:




1. Classic B&M inverted coaster with terrain-diving elements, think Raptor/Alpengeist/Montu. I'd want a large cobra roll that straddles a path and seating area.

2. Intamin Hypercoaster with the best features of Millennium Force, Expedition GF, Hyperion, etc.

3. Intamin Blitz coaster with ejector air time, multiple launches and several inversions. Soft restraints and a dual loading station.

4. New school Vekoma sit-down launched coaster with inversions, air time etc.

5. CGI wooden coaster with sprawling layout and terrain interaction.

6. Well maintained giant classic Arrow looping coaster like Viper with updates like new trains with soft restraints, magnetic brakes, etc.


Flat rides:

1. Huss giant top spin

2. Chance Chaos

3. Intamin sky jump drop tower

4. Ferris wheel with rolling cars like the one at Disney's California Adventure

5. Giant Frisbee

6. Skyflyer

7. Huss booster

8. Elaborate dark ride chronicling a mythical beast with coaster elements, 3D, effects, shooting, etc.

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