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If you owned your own theme park

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Don't go for the obvious, Millenium Force, Duelling Dragons etc, be realistic!


I drive lots and everytime I see an empty field I always imagine what I could build on it, I would love to own a little park


Be serious, you own a litle park, what would it be like, at the moment its just land but you have to add all the rides etc.


My big coasters woud have to be a Boomerang & an SLC Standard, mainly because they are very cheap, large thrilling rides(you have to remember you own a little park, which mainly are aimed at family days out, so an SLC & Boomerang are big rides for a family park). Other rides would be an S&S Space Shot, a standard compact Log Flume, Fabbri Booster, Go-Karts, Dodgems, Pirate Ship!


My park isn't yet open, there are plenty more rides to be bought, mainly kiddie's! But plans are starting to take place for a Brand New coaster in the 2008 season, more news on this when I make it up!


The park is called "Spring Island Adventure Park" and is due to open in time for the summer of 2006! Can't wait!


How about yours?

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My park would cost 1 billion dollars to make. And it would be located in florida and take many years for me to get my money back, but it'd be so freaking worth it. It'd have an Intamin Hyper, dueling Vekoma Motorbikes, Intamin Aqua Trax, B&M Floorless, B&M invert, and maybe a B&M flyer. And a gerstlaur spinny ride.(I think the set up is more interactive with your party then the Mohne Soyer or w/e is) And if I can't think of what I should build next, then an Intamin Rocket Looper or something.


The 1 billion dollars would come from building like 3 - 5 major coasters all at once and then all the other attractions, and all the heavy theming. With land, it'd probably be 2 billion, or more.

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My big coasters woud have to be a Boomerang & an SLC Standard, mainly because they are very cheap, large thrilling rides(you have to remember you own a little park, which mainly are aimed at family days out, so an SLC & Boomerang are big rides for a family park). Other rides would be an S&S Space Shot, a standard compact Log Flume, Fabbri Booster, Go-Karts, Dodgems, Pirate Ship!quote]




That sounds like Wild Adventures!



My park would be heavily themed with many trees and flowers. I would have a wooden twister from from GCI, an Itamin Aqua Trax, and a B&M sit down looper. I would also have many thrill and kidie rides with a few more smaller coasters. My park would coast $2 billion to make, because it is super big and majorly themed. Yeah.....

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To me Holiday World is a perfect example of what I would want to have....... a nice park that majority of people do not complain about (everybody is happy and having a good time)..friendly staff and great rides and slides. the only thing they do not have is a big steel coaster but...from a money standpoint...would you rather have an SLC or Voyage?



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Realisticly speaking, mine would be around myhouse. In the side yard by the patio, I could probabbly fit a chaos and another flat ride...In the backyard strip would go Project wildcat, but I think you know about that already. Inside would be an Arcade (I already have the arcade ddr pads etc), and maybe bumper cars in the storaage room (like we really ever use it...) Ofcoures I'd want to buy out some of the surrounding houses for other coasters, but lets not get in over our heads...

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My park would have a GCI twister, S&S Double Shot, Vekoma Boomerang, Vekoma Rollerskater, Chance Chaos, A compact 130ft tall intamin looper, Chance Turbo, Ferris Wheel, Scary dark ride, Huss Inverted topspin, Giant Frisbee, S&S Screamin Squirrel And a lot of shade and rest areas and some more flats

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I'd start with a Pinfari 42, maybe a Hurricane, a KMG Fireball or Huss Frisbee, a classic (restored) carousel, maybe a twin flip and a looping starship plus a log flume and a few kiddie rides. Then when I could afford it, a launching coaster.


I LOVE this little looper!

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In my park there will be lot's of interaction between the rides:


There would be 4 Medium size "Wooden" coasters, all interlocking with each other, have many tunnels, fly-bys and near misses, a Big Water Park and some of these flumes will be interlocking with the coasters, you could be on the "lazy river" and have a Woodie train zoom past you within a couple of feet away.


The Steel coasters will not be any higher than 200ft as there is no need to go high than this, they would be built with many hills and banked curves, twister / out n back style.


The best flat rides ever made like the "Zipper"/ "Swatter" and "Top Scan", 6 different settings for each one so you can choose how butal you want the program to be.


A couple of "River Rapid" rides where there is a "Quad down" into a tunnel, your get soaked no matter where you sit.


Lot's of Go-Kart tracks with tunnels,banked curners, hills and downward/upward helix's

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Canoe Brook Point Park


- B&M Sitdown Looper

- Intamin Woodie

- Intamin Hyper (similar to S:ROS SFNE)

- CGI Terrain Woodie

Major Flats

- Huss Top SPin

- Huss Giant Frisbee

- Huss Rodeo 3

- Eli Bridge Scrambler

- Huss Enterprise

- S&S Combo Tower Complex (3 Towers)

- Huss Flyaway

- Chance Chaos

- Mack Wave Swinger

- Vekoma Air Jumper

Kiddie Rides

- Zamperla Balloon Race

- Zamperla Fiesta Express

- Zamperla Mini Bumper Cars

- Zamperla Jumpin' Star

- Zamperla Clown Around

- Zamperla Family Coaster

Family Rides

- Zamperla Rockin' Tug

- Zamperla Samba Baloon

- Huss Airboat

- Hopkins Log Flume

- Intamin Mega Splash (Hydro Oakwood)

- Intamin Giant Wheel 125 meters

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Mine would be by a large lake and mountains.


Schwartzkopf Looping Star- (SFAW's Viper) Located on the lake

Arrow Suspended- top speed around 60mph, runs three trains thanks to double brake-run at the end (like Cedar Point's Corkscrew). Lots of swinging over water and around trees.

B&M Floorless- eight inversions, including a dive loop coming off of the mcbr (instead of a drop). Maybe some cool near misses with rocks or branches.

Intamin Hyper- basically out & back but with a really cool terrain turnaround in the woods. Also, a helix over water with a ton of mist at the end.

GCI Woodie-Very Twisted, 2 tunnels, Millenium Flyers. Runs through the woods with some terrain action on the mountains.

Premier Launched Shuttle-Similar to Robin, but with a Batwing instead of a Cobra Roll. Also, most of the ride would be inside a mountain.

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My dream theme park:



B&M Mega coaster at least 250 feet tall

Intamin Accelerator with a long layout

Intamin Plug and Play Woodie

GCI Wooden Twister

Large B&M Flying coaster

Large B&M Floorless

2 Kiddie Coasters

1 Family Coaster



Thrill Rides

S&S Tower

Intamin Stand Up Gyro Tower

Huss Giant Frisbee



Power Surge

Huss Top Spin


Sky Coaster

Pirate Ship


Gentle Rides

Wave Swinger



Bumper Cars

Bumper Boats

Simulator (similar to Spongebob at SFGadv)

Kiddie Section


Water Rides

2 Log Flumes

Tidal Wave

Rapids Ride

Kiddie Flume



Themed to sections of the World, kinda like BGW

North America

South America





This would have up to 4 kiddie sections for the kids and families to enjoy, as well as many thrill areas for the teenagers and adults.

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So what would my dream park be like, being realistic and if I had the money:


Park Name: Drochientire Park (D-roc-chin-tire)..(don't ask me why I named it that )

Location: Clearwater, Florida (Beautiful location)

Park Size: 380 acres

Park Investment: $1.7 Billion

Park Admission: Ride All Day $32.50-- Kids 5 and under free. Senior Citizen $17.50. E-RAD Season pass (Eat and Ride-All-Day) $110 includes season pass, 2 free meals(per day/cards are electronic & keeps track) from any food vendor or Restaurants throughout the park and earlier access to the park and rides.

Drochientire would have 3 different entrances into the park.

Park Operation: Open Year Round 9am to Mid-night unless stated otherwise.

The park will house 4 different themed areas:


1:Splash Haven

Splash haven will be a 30-acre water park housing 25 different water slides. The water area will also include a 500,000 gallon wave pool, Splash Oasis: Water playhouse full of fun filled water activities, great for people of all ages. A lazy river, Drench: A 67ft. Log Flume ride, "PFA Island" area (Pleasure for Adults) 21 and older area will include a Private Swimming pool, a Masseuse palor housing 60 personal massage therapy personel, Men's Sauna, Women's Sauna, Dave's Bar & Grill with a swim up bar, Tennis court and beach front lounge, ID is Required. There will be a variety of Restaurants, Shops, Bathrooms throughout the area.


2:The AmazonThe Amazon will be a Jungle themed area housing 15 different rides 3 of which will be coasters.

Jabiru: (Jungle bird) A 166ft. B&M inverted, Yellow track, Purple supports ties and rails. 6 Killer Inversions in the following order: Immleman, Heartline, Loop, Sea-Serpent, Wingover.

Panthera:(Scientific name for Lion) Pantera will be a Intamin Mega Coaster; standing at 255ft. 82mph. Tan track and ties, Black Supports, grey rails. 4 killer drops: 1st at 245ft, 2nd at 200ft, 3rd at 175ft, 4th at 150ft. Elements include Stengel Dive, Hammerhead, Carousel, 2 underdround tunnels and 3 bunnyhops...3 Train Operation.


Tigra will be a very twisted CCI woodie, with 10 drops, it will valley 13 times throughout it's course and will stand at 155ft. Reaching speeds of 58mph. The ride will have 3 underground tunnels and will inter-twine with Inverted, Jabiru. The Amazon will include an S&S Multi-Tower complexhttp://www.s-spower.com/download/multi.pdf called Monsum, and Huss Frisbee ride, go carts and 5 other rides.


3:Horror Valley

Horror Valley will be an area themed around Horror/Thriller Movies. Will house 18 rides 3 of which are coasters.

Freddy VS Jason

Freddy vs Jason will be a Dueling B&M Floorless coaster.

FREDDY SIDE: Red track, Navy Blue-grey supports. 6 Inversions in the following order: Dive Loop, Loop, Zero-G-Roll, Batwing--MCB--, Corkscrew elements include a helix.

JASON SIDE: Grey Track, Navy Blue-grey supports. 5 inversions in the following order: Loop, Zero-G-Roll, Cobra-Roll, Corkscrew, elements include a figure 8 manuver. Both rides include fly-bys and head-choppers.


SCReam (after the Scream Movies) is a CCI woodie, standing at 187ft. with a twisting first drop at 170ft. The layout includes 12 drops, valleys 9 times and has a double helix near the end. The ride will also be built near water. This area of the park will also house a haunted house themed from the "Final Destination Films" A Intamin Stand-up Gyro Tower named Darkness Falls.




This area is themed entirly around kids shows like Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, The Kid's Next Door, Spongebob ect. There will be 16 rides including an Vekoma Suspended coaster themed around Scooby Do (somewhat like Runaway Reptar), A Huss interprise ride, a kid version or Power-tower (like the Frog Hopper) there will me a food vendors selling food for the kids only, like chicken nuggets, french fries, corn dogs, mini pizza bites ect. Each kid who enters the area will be given a coupon for 20 tokens to use in the many arcades throught the area and park.


That's everytrhing I think.......

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My park would be a recreation of every cool fair out there into one mega park. And all the rides would be blasting Big Balls through out the park. And of course there would be like 10 awsome kiddy coasters. There would also be a stall which would be "deep fry a la cart". You could have them deep fry any food you wanted such as pizza, hamburgers, and of course cheese cake!

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Mine would have a recreation of the Crystal Beach Cyclone and some carnival rides. (kind of like Knobels) Then if I got more money I would get a 200 foot S&S tower and Mack E-motion coaster.

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I've actually put some fairly serious thought into a new park for the Toronto area. It is a HUGE market that is growing fast and can easily sustain another theme park. My idea is for something that is a mixture of Mt. Olympus and Holiday World. Go-Karts, wooden coasters, family rides, and an easy slow paced atmosphere with a stellar water park to boot.


It would be located beside a major highway and would easily connect to public transportation (including the highspeed rail system I am also planning for Southern Ontario...that's a different story though). It would be on the edge of Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. The Greater Toronto Area has a population of 5.3 million, with other large nearby cities within a reasonable drive (1-2 hours, or quicker by highspeed rail). The location I have in mind is easily accesible from 3 major highways (neighbouring one) and would have easy access from multiple streets to prevent traffic congestion.


Now, my plans for this are fairly lofty and I still have alot of work to do but eventually I would like to take this idea to the City of Toronto and potential investors and see if I can get financial backing for this down the road. Within the next year I want to come up with a basic business plan, I'm hoping to be able to do it for a project in school, but if that doesn't work out than I want to have something ready before the TPR MidWest trip so that I can maybe talk to the owners or managers of Holiday World and Mt. Olympus.


Here are some of the things I would want to have for the opening year:


Name: Oakwood Valley (name is work in progress)

Type of Park: Traditional/Kart'n'Coaster



Wooden Twister similar to Thunderhead

Family Steel Coaster (Vekoma Roller Skater or similar)

Steel Coaster (Floorless or similar. Must be looping to attract teens)


Go Karts:

1 large high speed circuit

1 Family Circuit

1 Junior Circuit


Water Park:

Wave pool

Lazy River

Water Coaster

Various slides

Kiddie Section


Flat Rides:

S&S Triple Tower with park name on top to attract attention from highway

3-4 other flat rides of thrilling nature (not yet determined)


Kiddie Section:

Would house the junior coaster, junior circuit, and more family/kiddie rides


Atleast 1 entertainment show would be included. Food and dining establishments not yet determined. Midway games would also make an appearance.


In the future the park would have additional coasters, go kart tracks, water park updates (wave rider) and more attractions for family members to do all at once.


Shawn "copyright" Goode

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My park would be classicland.

Coasters: recreations of classic 6 seater PTC wood coasters, some NAD wooden coasters, one of those little kiddie coaster like "high speed thrill coaster"

Rides: a few pretzel darkrides, some bill tracy darkrides

round-up,scrambler, paratrooper, ferris wheel, swings, carousel, anything cool.

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The San Diego area is another place in need of a real theme park, as Legoland and Sea World California aren't much to offer. Unfortunately, land in the county is very expensive, so the park would have to be quite a ways off in the east, and still probably pretty small. Therefore, the coaster selection would have to be compact.


While I've never been to a park with a Premier Rides LIM coaster, I think they look really cool and twisted, and are probably remarkably thrilling due to the high speed and number of headchoppers. They're also much smaller than rides with lift hills, so this would definitely be a main attraction.


Also, east San Diego county gets ridiculously hot in the summer (100 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity is a constant from July to September), so a high capacity water ride would be an absolute necessity. Rapids rides can get you quite wet and seat up to 12 people per raft, so one of these (or maybe a racing pair) would be great.



Finally, there would have to be at least one ride with a unique design, so I propose building an updated version of the Japanese thriller Moonsault Scramble. Since that coaster pulled almost 7 G's it was removed, but the Boomerang-variant is a seldom-seen design as most parks stick with the original. Bring those G's on!


I'm sure most of us on this site have played RollerCoaster Tycoon, and I feel that that is the best program available for showing your ideas.

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Located on the beach around Redondo Beach and Torrance (in California)... Rides:


Nitro Clone

Medusa (SFMW) Clone

Batman Clone

Tatsu Clone

Top Thrill Dragster Clone

Millennium Force Clone

El Toro Clone

Balder Clone

The Voyage Clone

S&S Combo Tower 250+ ft

Random assorted other rides


Yeah... I know it's really absurd!

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