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  1. I can't really agree with either the general public or most of the forum members because unlike most of you, I really liked Psyclone, even in its final days. In my opinion, Psyclone was the best woodie in SoCal out of the...um...truly massive pool of four candidates. Sure it was rough, sure it made you wish you had double or tripled your insurance coverage, but isn't that supposed to be part of the appeal of wooden coasters in the first place? By comparison, Ghostrider is a close second, but Colossus hasn't aged particularly well and the Giant Dipper (at Belmont Park) is more of a classic relic than a true thrill ride. Basically, my hope is that Terminator will combine the excitement of its predecessor with the smoothness of...well, most coasters OTHER than Psyclone.
  2. It's sarsaparilla, in case you wanted to know. Cool park, can't wait to visit. Not like I've ever been to North Carolina, but now there's a reason!
  3. Uhm dude it wasn't even your turn! Next time please read the rules instead of just randomly posting because that's annoying! My bad, I though they were done. I'll pay more attention next time. Lawl, I believe Riddler's has six inversions.
  4. Um...this thread looks like it has died, but just in case anyone still cares, here's another one: 1. Only roller coaster in it's park. 2. City it's located in has a Sea World, but the roller coaster isn't at Sea World. 3. Record for consecutive rides by a single person exceeds 18000, over the course of 70 days. Not too hard, not too easy. Hector
  5. Looks good so far. I'm glad people are still making parks with RCT2 and not the awful new version. (Okay, I'll give CoasterCam some credit, but it just seems to have lost it's charm.) The woodie looks like alot of fun, and 4 S&S towers makes for a great landmark ride for people to see as they are driving to it. I think the queue lines look a bit odd being so simple and zigzag-ed; usually they are less pronounced in real parks ore more heavily themed, but that's just my personal taste. Good work.
  6. You people who say good riddance are ridiculous. Psyclone was a great example of the type of ride that is vanishing in this country: The roller coaster that most of you "buffs" are afraid of. Sorry to seem so combative, but aren't us roller coaster fans supposed to be thrill seekers? Aren't we looking for something that's exciting and stimulating, and just a bit beyond our control? That's the whole point of a roller coaster, to experience a sensation we couln't normally achieve on our own, and to trust our lives to a piece of machinery and architecture. Yeah, the ride was a little rough? Who cares? Roughness was part of what made Psyclone Psyclone. If you were afraid of inversions, you avoided Riddler's Revenge and Scream. If you didn't enjoy heights so much, you probably shied away from Goliath. If speed just wasn't your thing, then you steered clear of Superman. Roughness was what made Psyclone cool. It wasn't the fastest, tallest, or most thrilling of coasters, but if you wanted to ride a coaster that you weren't sure was built to code, then Psyclone was the ride for you. If you wanted to feel your amygdala go crazy at the sight of random bolts and wood pieces littered underneath the scaffolding, then Psyclone was the ride for you. If you wanted to feel like you were going to fall up and out of your seats with each breathtaking airtime hill, then Psyclone was the ride for you. So for all of you so-called thrill-seekers who maligned the ride because it gave your legs owchie-booboos...here's my advice. Stand in line for Tatsu and X for three hours per ride, and I'LL ride Psyclone 75 times while you're waiting. Rest in pieces, Psyclone. Hector del BaƱo, valiant defender of Six Flags Magic Mountain
  7. You know, I would much rather prefer a rough ride with a unique element than a slightly less rough ride on a more boring circuit. People who complain about roughness are just being wimpy...there are different levels of thrill and intensity for everyone, and some people enjoy being jostled around a bit. I mean, did you even want to ride Space Mountain when you were four years old or did it scare you? This is the same thing, only now you're 50 and afraid of a little back pain. As far as the ride breaking down, let me let you in on a little secret: EVERY RIDE HAS THE POSSIBILITY OF BREAKING DOWN. It's something that goes along with the hobby us roller coaster geeks enjoy. And I don't want to be morbid or pessimistic, but just because one person dies on a ride doesn't mean it should be torn down. Heck, if that was the case we should tear down all the freeways in the country and replace them with gardens. Oh wait, someone could be allergic to rhododendrons and get hurt. Basically, if you couldn't infer through all my reductio ad absurdum logic, it's a bit ridiculous that they can't come up with a way to keep the loop there. WE CAN PUT MONKEYS IN SPACE, so why can't we make a looping wooden coaster that people can enjoy. Food for thought, Hector "I enjoy sex with people dressed as animals-5309" Montalban
  8. I didn't know you could make inclined loops in RCT3. is it something that comes with the expansion packs? I don't have those... Anyway, it looks awesome. Certainly better than I've ever done.
  9. Um...every coaster at SFMM is underrated because people's disdain for the park in general clouds their senses. Viper is tech, especially in the rain Psyclone is NOT too rough, it's actually really fun when you think you're going to fall out. And, of course... GOLDRUSHER!!!!!! Hey, it's not like helices and unbanked turns aren't fun? Besides, the whole topless helix thing really pushes it over the top. And of course, it uses FIRESTONE tires for brakes. Hector "I ENJOY SEX WITH PEOPLE DRESSED LIKE ANIMALS-5309" Montalban
  10. Um, I'd say that parking is less expensive for the Texans because they're kind of crappy, but that's beside the point. It's part of the cost of entry, deal with it. If you want to experience that kind of thrill for anything less you either need to make friends with someone who owns a plane and a parachute, or you could also ILLEGAL ACTION INVOLVING SNEAKING INTO PARK REMOVED. Hector "I ENJOY SEX WITH PEOPLE DRESSED AS ANIMALS-5309" Montalban
  11. Yeah, it's obnoxious that parking is expensive, but you figure that it's just part of the entrance fee. They could just as easily charge $2 to park and $73 for park entrance fee, but then people would say "HELL NAW I AINT PAYIN SEVENTYTHREE DOLLARS FOR NO FRICKIN MAGIC MOUNTAIN" or something along those lines. Like Robb said, try going to an NFL game and see how close you can get to the stadium for less than $20. The cost is going to get passed on to the customers no matter what. Just think, if parking is less expensive, then the churros would be $18.50 instead of $14! And as far as comparing it to parking on an everyday basis, isn't the hourly rate for Manhattan parking lots something around $15/hour? Re-donk. Just some thoughts... P. S. - The parking garage in my downtown is 75 cents per hour, with the first hour free. Gotta love California. I certainly do.
  12. Okay, it's been a while since the last post, so here's another: 1. This coaster is the newest in it's park. 2. 149' tall (123' drop). 3. The ride has four inversions and they are all different kinds. Not too hard.
  13. Yep, it's Moonsault Scramble. Good job! To break the tie, the first of you two (snuggles and colincoon) who got it right to visit the forum and post the word "CARRABBA'S" wins!
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