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If you owned your own theme park

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I'd have to go with an ABC Tilt Tower, A.R.M Super Shot, Zierer Suspended Magic Carpet, Chance Morgan Revolution 32, Chance Morgan Merry Go Round, Dartron Star Trooper, Huss Booster, Intamin Bounty, Huss Rodeo and to cap everything off, a (either spinning or not, im undecided) Wild Mouse and Powered rollercoaster

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My dream park would be a mid sized park in Ireland.


Location: Just outside Cork, Ireland


Roller Coasters:

B&M invert. 100ft tall with 4 inversions. The inversions would be a loop, zero G roll, and interlocking corkscrews.

Premier family launched coaster, similar to Italian Job

70ft Out and Back Woodie.

Vekoma Roller Skater


Major Flat rides:

Intanim Gyro Drop, 200ft tall.

Huss Top Spin

Huss Frisbee



Family Flats:


Bumper Cars


Round Up


Zamperla Ocean Trip

Zamperla Over The Rainbow


Kiddie Flats:

Brought Red Baron from WS

Bought Ballon escape from WS

Frog Hopper

Kiddie Whip

Kiddie round rides.



Water rides:

River Rapids

Log Flume

Water Slide.

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My dream park would be set on a large expanse of beachfront property on the Atlantic. The rides would be as follows:



S&S Arrow 4D - custom layout with some of it directly over the ocean

B&M inverted - Top Gun PCar layout, heavily themed

The first ever B&M giga coaster - exactly 300ft tall, airtime heavy layout ala Goliath SFOG

Vekoma Tilt Coaster

Intamin rocket, midsized with inversions

Intamin mid-sized prefab woodie - nothing insane like El Toro, this would be the family coaster

Vekoma Roller Skater - the kiddie coaster

a classic Schwarzkopf looper, and NOT Zonga



Intamin floorless gyro drop, 350 ft.

Chance Chaos

Mondial Top Scan

S&S Screamin' Swing

Bumper cars

a classic merry-go-round

a whacked out Sally dark ride

flying scooters

Intamin Looping Starship



an Enterprise

a Roundup

a Zipper

a Tilt a whirl

a Breakdance

a wave swinger

^ all these would be in the carnival themed area, with the woodie


go kart track

mini golf


World's Tallest Skycoaster - 50 ft taller than the one at Old Town





Setpoint Roller Soaker

near vertical speed slides

huge wave pool

Proslide Tornado x 2

a water play area





4D theater

huge arcade stocked with the best new and classic games

batting cages

bumper boats






Japanese - imagine, PARK SUSHI~! smell the salmonella



Thai - with vegetarian dishes and meat

BBQ - with ribs and all

and your typical pizza, fries, burgers, etc

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I love how quick this thread went from "be realistic" (ala my park on p1) to "dream park" (ala everything here )


Anyways, heres MY dream park...



-Cyclops clone, possibly with a tunnel covering that last insane dive.

-Intamin Accelorator, ala Storm Runner but with a longer layout, including some spots of airtime.

-A set of dueling B&M inverts. Not nesccisarily Dueling Dragons, but it will incorperate those loops.

-King Cobra (if KI won't put it back, I'll use it)

-mirrored Wild Mice, so that they duel during the switchbacks.

-B&M hyper, ala Raging Bull without those trims.

-Themed terrain woodie





-S&S tower complex

-Giant top spin, themed



Water rides:

-Mack Watercoaster. Layout consists of several twisting hill, followed by a downward figure-8 leading to a pop of airtime into the splashdown.

-Splashboat with basic double-down layout.

-Adventure river that interacts with the terrain coaster.


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TPR, if you owned a successful theme park, what would you do with it? What roller coaster companies would you consult? What types of coasters would you include? What kinds of theming? Be specific!


I have always thought it would be really cool to have a 20th century themed park, with a well-themed section for each decade. At some point in the 30s or 40s section, I would get a B&M dueling inverted coaster (like Dueling Dragons) but theme it like a dogfight.


What would you do?

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My park will be called Crystal Heights and Medieval Island waterpark in my hotel casino resort called Golden Eagle in Las Vegas.



Memorial Plaza:


Revolution (S&S Combo Tower)

Battlefield (Eurofighter)

Mouse Trap (MACK Wild Mouse)

Cups O' Tea (Tea Cup Ride)



Industrial Sector:


FutureRider (Intamin AG Accelerator Coaster)

Thunderstruck (Woodie)

Crazy Gears (HUSS Frisbee)

Space Scooters (Flying Scooters)

Rocket Power (Spinning Ride)

Flight X (HUSS Fly Away


Orleans Square:


Cajun' Chaos (B&M Floorless)

Zephyr (Woodie)

Spinning Gators (Gerstlauer Spinner)

Katrina (HUSS Suspended Top Spin)

Orleans Bay Bumpers (Bumper Cars)




Olympic Games (Games Midway)

Zeus's Power Swat (S&S Sky Swatter)

Pegasus (Self-Made family launched coaster)

Meduza (GCI Wooden Coaster)

Ares (B&M Invert)

Hades (Zamperla Hawk)


Old West:


Mine Train (Self-Made Mine Train)

Buffalo (B&M Hyper)

Western Scrambler (Scrambler)

Western Swings (Zierer Wave Swinger)

Texas Twist (HUSS Jump2)


I won't explain the children areas/waterpark.

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Thrill City Theme Park





A Schwarzkopf Triple looper Maybe a West Edmonton clone.

A Schwarzkopf family thrill coaster like Knightmare or Jetline

B&M Inverted custom layout

Vekoma Giant Invertigo

Vekoma Motorcycle? (Launched) A Nice long custom layout

Intamin or GCI Woodie

A brand new 4D custom coaster, or a X2 clone.

Mack indoor coaster





Giant Evolution (Xcalibur)


Giant Frisbee

Huss Flipper


Intamin Giant Drop

Swing around


Double swinging floorless inverter


Water rides:


Log flume

New Intamin Giant Flume (Holiday World)

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My park would be located by the ocean somewhere and would include:




Primier manufactured custom layout LIM coaster

GCI woody that rounds the park

Schwakopf Jet Star

A kiddie coaster




Huss Breakdance with lighting, fog, loud music, etc

Funtime Star Flyer

Top Spin 2 with water sprayers

Mondial Top Scan

120+ foot ferris wheel

Log Flume (long custom made flume)

Huss Rainbow

Musik Express with strobes, siren, etc

Dark ride


Bumper Cars

and a bunch of kiddie rides.


The park would also have a waterpark somewhere next to it.

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-A BA GCI Wooden Coaster

-Intamin Giga Coaster

-Vekoma family Inverted Coaster

-Vekoma Jr Coaster

-B&M Raptor Clone

-Vekoma Boomerang w/ the new restraints


Flat Rides

-Huss Land of the Giants

-S&S Combo Tower

-S&S Screamin Swing

-Planet Snoopy-like kids area


Water Rides

-Intamin Mega Splash, Rapids Ride, 3DBA Splash Battle, Log Flume


This park will open with a couple of the rides then build a new one every year or two.

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Lots of trees, gardens, fountains, beautiful landscaping with beautifully designed buildings, friendly employees that have been through hospitality training, a lake somewhere in the park, everything fresh and new and clean every day.



Kiddie Coaster

Another Kiddie Coaster

Indoor Family Coaster

Themed Family Coaster

Classic-Old Wooden Coaster

Large Gravity Group Wooden Twister

Huge Inverted Coaster (Themed)

Launched Intamin Coaster (Themed)



Very affordable and cheap

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It's too challenging to try to be "realistic". I apologize.



At least two world-class wooden coasters

Giant Inverted Boomerang

Spinning Wild Mouse

Heavily themed dark coaster


Invert or floorless with 5+ inversions (for inversion whores!)

Kiddie coaster with airtime! (Miler???)

Ghetto portable coaster (Windstorm???), because they're cute.



Tallest A.R.M./Larson drop tower


KMG Afterburner running a long, intense program

Gravitron (or Starship 2000/3000)


Good pirate ship ("good" as in massive airtime!)

Oscillating Chance Yo-Yo

Heavily themed log flume with intense splashdown

Crazy inverting ride (Inverter maybe? Or something better.)


Dark Rides

Shooting dark ride! Any theme as long as it isn't dumb.

Anything really creepy!


Children's/Family Rides

Ring Carousel (There need to be more of these!)

Cute flying elephants

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This is an easy one:

1. Bonfante Gardens atmosphere.

2. Kickass GCI coaster.

3 Epcotesque food experiences.

4. 1 day of ERT fro TPR members.

5.Free unlimited Coke Products, and Free Beer for those over 21.


C'mon Powerball!

Free beer sounds a bit risky, I'd hate to see what kind of trouble/accidents could result from all the drunk folks....



I'd always imagined park starting out with:

- Out and back woodie along one part of the park's perimeter.

- Used looping Schwarzkopf - imagine Scoprion at BGA scale of ride.

- Ferris Wheel, shoot em up dark ride, antique cars, log flume, an inverting flat like a KMG Freak Out, small drop tower.

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Being as Realistic as possible with the unlikely event of winning a $200+ Million Powerball, I would build a decently sized park in the outskirts of Daytona Beach.



Theme: "Florida" Tropical colors and simple buildings, Palm Trees and a large rectangular fountain.


1.Thrill Shop- Souvenirs and Misc. Merchandise

2.Pit Stop- Racing themed restaurant serving Burgers, Hotdogs, Popcorn and Drinks.

3.Photo Finish- Picture store.



Theme: A Retro and Carnival theme.


1. Merry-Go-Round- Standard Carousel

2.Starliner- Wooden Family coaster from Cypress Gardens



5.Crazy Bus-Kids Pendulum Ride

6.Kid Coaster- An E&F Miler ride


1&2- Johnny Rocket's and a Marble Slab Creamery

3.Fair Food- Featuring popular fair concessions.


1.Shooting Star

2.Ring Toss

3.Water Gun Race

4.Midway assorted Games

5.Classic Arcade




1. Daytona Beach- Large Wave Pool

2. Halifax- Lazy River that connects with wave pool

3. Ships Ahoy- Kids Water park

4. Wave Runner- A Cable wake board attraction

5. Twisted Twins- Interlocking body slides

6. Free Fall- Steep drop Body slide.

7. Flushed- Crossed Raft Slides with Bowl Endings


1.Rentals- Rent tubes,storage compartments and life vests.

2.Snack Jacks- Food,Drinks and Misc. Goods



Theme: Modern/Semi Futuristic, Connections to Kennedy Space Center


1.Insanity- Intamin Ball Coaster out over a lake

2.Nyctophobia- Indoor Premier Spaghetti Bowl

3.Aries Rocket- Launch Tower themed to an Aries Rocket

4.Revolution- HUSS Frisbee XL

5.Plunge- 180ft Skycoaster (up-charge)


1.Thrill Shop- Souvenirs and Misc. Merchandise

2.Elevate- Food and Drinks


Misc. Game booths



Theme: Pre Civil war, walking in woods feel


1.Rampage- Vekoma Junior Coaster from Cypress Gardens

2.Triple Hurricane- Family Wooden Coaster From Cypress Gardens

3.Panther- Beast Like GCI

Three assorted Kids Rides


1.Southern Belle- A Cracker Barrel Like Restaurant

2.Log Cabin- Souvenirs and Misc. Merchandise


That will pretty much sum it up

I drew a park map as I came up with this, and will post it if I can scan and piece it all together.

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If I owned a theme park I think it would be cool to have it be small but packed with awesome compact rides (GCI, mega-lite, el loco, ball coaster, euro fighter, etc.) I would also make sure the park had a great drop tower, fun flats, dark rides, and some unique water rides. Then there would be an Intamin giga circling the entire park and parking lot.

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I'd tie in local events into admission, to use as a promotion, something like, the day after a Laker game, if the Lakers win and hold their opponet under 100 points, admission for that day would be the player of the game's jersey number (if L Odom is player of the game, admission is 7 dollars, K Bryant, 24 dollars, and so on) Or if the Dodgers win the next day their runs scored would be the times you could revisit with a one day admission.

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If I was to build a small park (not my dream park) it would be just like Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT. To me this park is the definition of a great small park. It has rides for the whole family, and is set nicely into the mountain. The only thing I would probably add is a medium intensity steel coaster. That would be my ideal small park.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Revised" Crystal Heights:


Entrance/Memorial Plaza

Theme: Early American theme.

Roller Coasters:

The Brave (Intamin Wooden Coaster)



Cups O' Tea

Giant Wheel



Wild Wild West:

Theme: Old West

Roller Coasters:

The Rattlesnake (Self-Made Family Launched Coaster)

Haunted Mine Train (Woodie)

Buffalo (B&M Hyper)

Frontier Flumes (Bobsled w/ Splashdowns)


Bull Rush (S&S Combo Tower)

Rodeo (Spinning Ride)

Western Swings (Chairswings)

Ranger (S&S Screamin' Swings)

Texas Twister (Huss Top Spin)


Wilderness Adventures

Theme: Forest known for wildfires

Roller Coasters:

Backfire (Vekoma Boomerang)

Thunder Flyer (Self-Made Suspended Coaster)


Ring of Fire (Zamperla Hawk 48)

Black Bear (Spinning Ride)


The Lake:

Theme: Romantic lakefront resort

Roller Coasters:

The Great Race (racing woodies)

Aviation (B&M Invert)


Swan Lake Boats (Swan Boats)

Stowaway (Zamperla Galleon)


Thrill Highway

Theme: Racing

Roller Coasters:

Route 66 (Intamin AG Accelerator)


Flying Scooters (Flying Scooters)

The Junction (Spinning Ride)


Again, no kids area & waterpark explaining.

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