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  1. I dont post much on this website, but I view it pretty much everyday. After seeing the amazing work that you did on this park I had to tell you what an amazing job you did. Keep up the amazing work with any parks you continue to do in the future. I wish this park was real....
  2. ^^That is a very good point, maybe they had it in the back of their heads to leave it to who ever buys them out. Seeing as though deals like this don't just happen over night maybe that was their mind set. Either way this deal is a big shocker for me.
  3. Wow the construction on this is coming along nicely. I cant wait till I make the trip down to Disney with my family at the end of January because a little stop off at Universal might now be in order
  4. ^true, I agree with you 100% because Disney is definitely a family company, but it is nice to see something that someone my age would enjoy, as well as the whole family.
  5. Wow this ship looks great. I have always thought that the Disney Cruise Line was just lacking that wow factor in their ships, but this ship just looks like it is what the doctor ordered. The water coaster looks amazing, and I am looking forward to seeing what else this ship has to offer.
  6. I know this has been mentioned before in this thread before but I cant seem to find it, and i'm pretty sure that I commented on it. Does anyone know what the height maximum (if any) there is for HRRR. I'm heading down to Orlando in January and I was gonna make a special trip for part of the day to Universal if I can ride HRRR. Thanks
  7. My first coaster was the Polar Coaster at Story Land in New Hampshire when I was 4, but Superman ROS at SFNE got me hooked.
  8. I'm loving the look of the new Vekoma restraints more and more. They look great and wicked comfortable. Great report, it looks like you had a great time.
  9. Great pictures, I am heading down there at the end of January, and cant wait to experience some of the new rides since my last visit. Again, those are some amazing pictures. ^That would be interesting to see them paint it especially since it goes over the water, but it could use a little paint here and there.
  10. Looks great, I have always wanted to ride a half pipe ride. Maybe next summer I will get to a park that has one.
  11. That Grizzly Coaster looks amazing, even if it might be a Vekoma. I have no problem if it is because I found Everest to be a very good quality ride. I find that Disney can keep up with Vekoma's and make sure they are running nice and smooth. Also Radiator Springs looks like it is just what the doctor ordered for DCA. Another great custom, one of a kind attraction ( though similar to Test Track) for the Disney Land Resort. Great TR.
  12. I dont see why not, if not hydraulic, maybe a LIM launch. Also Hulk at Islands of Adventure is a launch coaster. So in a sense they already have built a launched coaster (just not hydraulic), so all they have to do now is create a hydraulic launched version. I could see some great coasters designed by them with a launch if they tried it.
  13. ^ I feel the same way, after riding the Florida version I rode the Hollywood version and was disappointed, especially with the ending. I was left sitting there thinking wow this is it. It was still a fun ride though, don't get me wrong but Florida's version is much better in my opinion.
  14. I love the Punisher Bambi Blasters Also great job on the Haunted Mansion featuring The Hitchhiking Ghost Rider! Great ideas.
  15. Its great to see Disney giving some of there great attractions a face lift. I'm very excited to ride the new version of this ride because I always loved the current version, and as always Disney has another great presentation for the unveiling.
  16. ^ My bet is for Laser Snake Horse on Fire lol, but seriously, I hope that S&S can work out the kinks with their launched coasters because they have not had a very good track record with them.
  17. Bizzaro: Me am #1 again!! I don't agree with all of this but I am glad that Illuminations won. It is by far the best show I have ever seen, I could watch it every night and still love it.
  18. This is probably one of the most disappointing things for me, to happen in the amusement industry this year. If only it could have stayed open for one more year for my trip to BGW next year.
  19. ^Ya I agree that they really don't need to branch out. In my opinion they have mastered the art of building inverted coasters. Still it would be really interesting to see what they could come up with if they tried.
  20. ^^ Ya same here. I was surprised to see it on that show looking like it was in full operation, and now hear of this major incident before it even opens to the public. Hopefully more details of what went wrong will come out in the next few weeks.
  21. I'm just happy that no one got hurt I mean that could have been a serious accident if there were people on it. Same here, but from one of the pictures that they took of what looks to be part of the launch mechanism it looks pretty serious. Only time will tell. Not to mention how long Kingda Ka was down when it had its "major" accident right after it opened. I know they are two different types of accidents and coasters but both still use some serious force to accelerate the train. If this is anything as bad as they seem to be making it, this might be a very long fix I fear.
  22. Thanks for the concept art. That park looks amazing, the concept art has blown my mind. If they can get the park to look like the concept art I just might have to make a trip down to the Lone Star State when it opens. I'd say this will fill the Astroworld void nicely lol.
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