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  1. 1. La Ronde 2. Great Escape 3. Busch Gardnes Europe 4. Hershey Park 5. Six Flags New England 6. Canada's Wonderland 7. Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. Which of these versions of Splash Mountain do you like the most?
  3. I know that there is a question similar to mine already posted. But mine is a poll. This is the first out of a few water ride polls Out of these water rides, which is your favorite?
  4. Wait, Is it possible that the Flying Unicorn will be renamed Flight of the Hippogyph?
  5. It's nothing to exciting. It's probably going to be painful anyway
  6. Hi, Apparently, there will be a so called "High Speed" roller coaster in the new add on to Universal called The Wizarding world of harry potter. It's called Dragons Challenge. They say it's a dueling coaster. I have no idea what kind of coaster it will be. But it would be cool if it was a GCI racing coaster like the Lightning Racer. What kind of coaster do you think it will be?
  7. Do you think that B&M should ever make a Hydraulic launch coaster that can rocket riders from 0- 80mph+ in seconds?
  8. I'm sorry. There are over hundreds of pages in this form. I can't go through the entire form to see if someone posted a similar post. That would take for ever
  9. I'd have to say Tidal Force at Hershey. I got drenched on that thing
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