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  1. Thanks! And it was a bit hard, but I think we hit most of the major things.
  2. Thanks! And it's a Coolpix 5900. It kind of sucks but I try to make the most of it.
  3. I think they will. At least I hope. The theme is pretty universal (no pun intended) so they really shouldn't have to change it much to fit Harry Potter. I'm mainly just sad about the name change.
  4. Nice work! Lots of attention to detail. I really enjoyed looking through these.
  5. http://parkthoughts.com/2009/10/14/deuling-dragons-becomes-dragon-challenge/ JK Rolling needs to leave this ride alone!
  6. Pingu1651: B&M kicks ass on almost all occasions. crazydaveh: I'm sure it is, we just didn't make it over there.
  7. "Please Note: this attraction is closed for refurbishment Feb. 27 - Mar. 16" -From the IOA website. http://www.universalorlando.com/Amusement_Parks/Islands_of_Adventure/Attractions/dueling_dragons_roller_coaster.aspx?ComponentId=1659&SourcePageId=8917 So it WAS under referb but it is currently open
  8. Damn! I was hoping no one would notice! It's just a bit too scary for me. SE is were I draw the line. I would have ridden it, but I don't want to black out. I heard it pulls 5 gs around that one 6 mph turn! But really, we didn't make it over to that side of the park. And besides, I am young. I have all my life to be a credit whore
  9. Sort of. The DD cue is blocked off by a huge tarp that keeps us from seeing too much... Hard to hide something that big though.
  10. Not at all! Its easily seen from the lost continent/Jurassic Park area
  11. A few more out of order shots: Suess landing Trippy! Mythos exterior Even the ATM is themed! Pretty epic... This was the first day, around when it started raining I love coaster waits on rainy days! DD was still going in the rain, and the line was even shorter than the sign said... Unfortunately, soon lightning flashed, and they shut it down... Wild white peacock! Random Epcot shot!
  12. UPDATE: Here are some more Wizarding World of Harry Potter photos that I neglected (they were out of order when I uploaded them).... Sorry if this one is a bit blurry Yay! This is a tad strange to see against the palm trees! Wow, they really went all out.
  13. Thanks! and you should. Post spring break florida is much less crowded, and you should go before it gets too raging hot (though, even when I went there were a few days in the nineties)
  14. Not a bad TR my friend! Not bad at all... And I doubt anyone at six flags gives a flying f**k about the piece of wood. In my experience, the six flags parks don't have the greatest upkeep. Oh well, at least it's not China
  15. Lucky for me I live right next to KD! I'll be riding this very soon...
  16. ^ On the day I went, I skipped believe. During the show, the wait went down to 20 minutes because everyone was watching Shamu... I've seen Shamu do his thing before, so I didn't really need to see it again.
  17. Another thing I would recommend is busch garden's Serengeti Safari: http://www.buschgardens.com/BGT/Explore/UpClose.aspx?id=735#gotodetail
  18. ^Wow, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I had a great time, and only burned a little despite being out in the son all week without even a drop of sunscreen
  19. Nice TR! I really enjoyed some of these pics. Check out my Florida TR: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54749 There's some Seaworld pics in there too..
  20. Thanks! And as for the crowd, yes. Spring Break in Florida is always pretty crowded. The best times to go are on cloudy days or at night...
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