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  1. The Norwegian Jewel was also in Belize with us, as was an un-pictured Princess Ship. For CoasterCarl and anyone else looking for a first hand experience for Norwegian, Here is a review from my Christmas 2013 Norwegian Dawn Western Caribbean Cruise. As for a little background, I have been on 7 prior cruises, 3 with Princess, 2 with Royal Caribbean, 1 Costa, and 1 Carnival. Embarkation Day: Arrival to the Port of Tampa was easy and we arrived early enough to beat the lines to enter the terminal. There was some concern over this as previous cruises had reported delayed entry and boarding due to the cruise no longer being closed loop or something along those lines. Once past security, we we quickly checked in and received our room keys and boarding group. At 11:30 or so, boarding group 1 was called after the suite guests had gone on board. Once on board, we took a quick look around the atrium, and a map of the ship to get an orientation, then headed to the buffet for lunch. Good selection and was delicious. After 1, cabins were ready, checked them out, did the muster drill, then sail away. Going under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was a neat experience. Dinner was Lobster and filet, and was amazing. Day 2: First sea day, and there were plenty of activities to do all day long. The cruise staff was always out and about engaging passengers everywhere making sure they all had a great time. Went to a martini tasting event and for $15 we got six half sized, strong martinis. Dinner was at La Cucina, and I was able to try two main entrees, both selected by our server, and they were great. I left so full I thought I would need a wheelbarrow. The rest of the night we just walked off our massive meal, and hit up the casino. Day 3: Isla Roatan. Christmas Eve. Arrived into port and hired a private driver. One of the sketchiest things I have done. Our driver was well dressed and very professional, however his Pontiac Vibe had definitely seen better days and he took us through some shady areas on the island. We made it back safe and sound. Afterwards we relaxed until dinner in the main dinning room. The only truly bad experience on board, and very little had to do with the waitstaff. The pager system had failed to charge the pagers, so there was a massive back up of people waiting to be seated. Lots of rude passengers pushing and shoving, crowding the hostess, etc. We had one elderly woman faint on us, and instead of clearing room, people tried to push past the scene and take her spot. I will give the hostess credit to maintaining her calm and friendly demeanor the entire time. Dinner service was slow, but it all was great, so no complaints ad I'm vacation and have nowhere to go. We had a perfect couples game show, and this isn't a not-so-newly-wed game. If they offer it, see it. Its almost as fun as the Quest. Maybe more. It was that fun. Day 4: Belize City, Christmas Day. Tender port with the longest tender ride ever. But the tenders are really fast so not so bad. Being Christmas day, most local stores were closed so not much to comment on there. Returned to the ship early and enjoyed the nearly empty pool and 85* weather. Dinner was at Moderno Churrascaria, the Brazilian Steakhouse. Everything tasted amazing, especially the grilled pineapple. Only downfall we thought was the slow service from the meat bearers. Later we went to see the Second City show and were not all that impressed by them. The adults only show was marginally better, but only for the more adult material being used. Did find out they closed the hot tubs for cleaning promptly at 12 midnight. Day 5: Costa Maya. Started off with a rainy morning, but we had a private excursion to Maya Chan to go to and rain wasn't going to stop that. Highly recommend this excursion. $60 pp, and includes unlimited food, alcoholic (strong) drinks, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and a palapa to enjoy your day in. And they limit the number of visitors so its not crowded, but it is a very bumpy ride to get there. Busy night activities wise, including the comedian, deal or no deal and more that I cant remember, so it was a quick meal at Blue Lagoon Cafe, which is decent for a quickish snack. Had an enjoyable night. Day 6: Cozumel. I have been here enough times that I normally don't get off except to go to senior frogs, but decided to do atv's last minute and well worth it. However my day was getting cut short as a fever was starting to develop. Did manage to make it Teppanyaki that night. By far the best I have ever had, and wish my fever didn't want to spring into full gear at that exact moment to enjoy more of it. Called an early night and finally broke the fever. Day 7: At Sea. Lazy day. I did get to play some Bingo, didn't come close to winning, and was kinda disappointed by the jackpots available. Final dinner was in the main dinning room again and was as good as every other time. The quest was the night's entertainment and as always a great way to close out a cruise. Day 8: Debarkation: Debarkation and customs was a breeze. We chose to walk off when we were ready, and that was when we were told we absolutely could not stay any longer. We then spent the day at the Tampa Aquarium and then returned to Daytona. Overall the cruise was an absolute blast! I would rank it second overall, just behind my 5 day Liberty of the Seas cruise. Food is subjective, but I found the dinning rooms to be perfectly acceptable, and the specialty restaurants to be worth the surcharge. Now that Norwegian has the Ultimate dining package, I will buy that to try more of them next time I cruise with Norwegian. The Staff was excellent, always a warm smile and "hello, how are you?". Our room steward was on top of every request and made sure to greet us by name every day. As with any vacation, how you spend your time will reflect on your experience. Overlooking minor petty things, like small amounts of rust (Actual complaint I over heard), will greatly enhance your experience. I will cruise Norwegian again and will be glad to answer any questions that I can through my experience. Atrium Downtown Tampa with a Carnival Ship in the safest place it can be, Tied up to the dock. The Dawn docked in Isla Roatan Bow art of the Norwegian Dawn as seen from the Tender.
  2. It is Offically Open! http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20130802/NEWS/130809890/1040?Title=Sand-Blaster-roller-coaster-opens-by-the-ocean The cost per ride is $6 for one ride and $15 for three rides. Here are a few pictures that were sent to me as I am half a world away. First reviews I have heard is that it smooth, quick and fun. Pricing
  3. Project is still going and they're finally getting to that all important construction phase. Article and Picture all from The Daytona Beach News-Journal and can be found here http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20130517/NEWS/305159990/1040?p=all&tc=pgall Hopefully it will help make the area look so much better, as for as long as I can remember, the Boardwalk has always had a worn look to it. Also I found it interesting that they would propose a slingshot ride as they already have one right behind where this picture was taken. Workers prepare the site for a roller coaster along the Boardwalk in Daytona Beach on Monday, May 13, 2013.
  4. ^ and ^^^ The magic temperature for most big rides, i.e. Wildfire, Powder Keg, OR., is 40*F, which so far the forecast seems to be holding up on that so have fun. DAY TWO Day two started out with high hopes and lots of excitement again. Weather was predicted to break into the low 40's around noon so that meant with any luck the major rides would get to operating. Entered the park around 930-10am and noticed it was noticeably busier today already, so it bolstered the hopes of an amazing day. However, with the weather still being overcast and around 30, only the train, Fire in the Hole and the flooded mine were operating at opening. Confident that it would warm up as predicted I headed over to OR, and waited with the gathering crowd in the hopes of it operating. After two hours, I finally decided to leave as I overheard from the Ride Ops that the temperature was holding steady at 35. I then took this time to eat at Jack's Sandwich Board, where I had a hot French Dip that was amazing. They also had a great potato soup, and awesome looking strawberry pie that I would've had to if not for the fact I was so cold. After this, I walked over by Thunderation to see if by chance it was open and it wasn't. At this point, I decided to back track and explore a little where I stumbled upon Grandfather's Mansion. Grandfather's Mansion What a different experience. Really fun, a little disorienting with its sloped paths and mirrored hallway, and tilted room. Easy to get that drunk walk with having to walk perpendicular to the slope of the floor with the visual perspective tricking you into thinking you're in a level room. The best part was the "bedroom". The entire room sloped down to the left, and it was easy to stand at seemingly impossible angles to the floor and they had a bed to try and get out of without the use of hand or feet. Good luck unless you happen to have great abs. This is either a really new attraction or just is not well known, as my girlfriend who has been going here for the last thirteen years had no idea it existed. Look for it on the path that runs between the general store and the ice cream shoppe at the top of the stairs. Marvel Cave After Grandfather's Mansion, I decided to do the cave tour in hopes of surfacing with warmer temperatures. I've read previous trip reports and most say if you have time to to take the tour, do it as you won't regret it. I'll echo that and say if you can, you should. Definitely can say that Marvel Cave is by far one of the coolest caves I've seen. Our guide was very easy going, knew his stuff and was happy to answer any questions anyone had. Watch your head though if you are a taller individual as there are a lot of low clearances. Also for the fun of it, I tried to count the number of stairs there were, and I lost count after about 500 or so. Fun times, and next time I plan to do the Lantern Tour. Its $10 per person, and it's an hour and half long, and you get to go places off of the normal tour. Thunderation After the trip through the cave, first it felt a little warmer to me and then I heard that Thunderation was now in operation so I headed over there to check it out, and by golly sure enough, it warmed up enough to get it running. To me, it was a great family friendly ride. It had just enough punch to it to make it enjoyable to the thrill seekers, whilst being tame enough for the those who are just warming up to riding roller coasters. Sadly, we had a group of high schoolers who thought being loud, obnoxious, and plain rude was a great idea. One decided that the floor of the station was the perfect place to spit. One ride op noticed it, and had him clean it up, and then keep the paper towel as free souvenir. Then they disregarded the no loose article policy, by having his cell phone out. Upon returning to the station, the ride ops pulled him and his friend aside and told them not to return. He had the audacity to ask why. Some people. But other then him, it was good ride and I eventually rode it again before leaving the park in the front, which had a nice bit of a little floater air. Following an enjoyable coaster ride, again I headed to the back of the park, where on my way I noticed that the water rides were operating. The craziest part, was at least on Lost River of the Ozarks, there were people actually on it. Talk about brave souls. Upon arrival to Outlaw Run, there was a posted wait time of 37 and no large crowd as there had been earlier, and I got excited. However, it was just a way to signify that the temperatures needed to reach 37 before the ride would operate, and at the time, it was holding at a constant 36. So close yet so far. At the time, the ride ops were predicting that they would not open as it was already 330, and even if they hit the magic number, maintainance would need at least an hour to get the ride operating, and with the park closing at 630, it just wasn't looking hopeful. I then took this time to snap some pictures from the exit ramp. I then went to Fire in the Hole, which is practically identical to Blazing Fury at Dollywood, though to me, Fire in The Hole's sets were better maintained. I'm still not sure exactly what a Baldknobber is, but there sure are quite a few references to them throughout the ride. After this, we took a trip on the train for more backwoods snowy Outlaw Run pics, and had the standard train robbing. Getting tired of the cold, I watched the glassblowers again, they made a two-tone glass plate and an angel. After one last round on Thunderation, I asked what was operating, and was told, Thunderation,Fire in the Hole, Flooded Mine, Frisco Train, Half Dollar Holler and all but the kid coaster in The Grand Exposition. All in all, I had a great time exploring the shops, sights and smells of Silver Dollar City, and while mother nature kept me from riding most rides, all that does is give me another reason to go back later this summer. Starting of with none other, Outlaw Run Inside the bedroom of Grandfather's Mansion You can get an idea of how much you can lean in here The Entrance Close-up The Information Sign, Since we like those kinds of things here Inside the Cathedral Room of Marvel Cave Empty Station Barrel Roll through the station Dag'um snow, melt would you! Definitely a photogenic ride, doubley so with the snow Chugga Chugga.... ....Choo! Choo! I blame the bolts being to close for keeping all the snow and ice on the track Powder Keg gets a little love too Curvy Had enough Outlaw yet? No? Good, Theres only a few more Probably my favorite picture of them all. Last One! And as Bonus, Lambert's! As no trip to Branson is complete without a stop here The XXL Center Cut Ham with fried apples and baked beans, there would be a roll with this if I didn't eat them so fast. And I'll end this report with a picture of my girlfriend's vegetable platter of green beans, mashed taters, fried potatoes and corn. Hope you all enjoyed!
  5. Over spring break I got to visit SDC for the first time ever. I was eager to visit her after my trip to Dollywood on the Intimidatour, plus I really couldn't wait to get on Outlaw Run, and having a three day weekend, it just seemed like a perfect time to go. However, Mother Nature didn't cooperate all that well, and decided the start of spring is a great time for a winter storm. Never the less, I made my way there and made the best of it. Due to the 2-4 inches of snow Branson got on Thursday, the park had to delay opening. But once the paths were clear at around 1130, we were let loose in the park, probably all 200 of us crazies there lol. Not much was operating at the time, only the train at first, which was delayed because there were obstructions on the track, (the hoses used to clear the paths in Geyser Gulch), followed by the Flooded Mine and Fire in the Hole shortly after that. I was on the first train out and that was a lot of fun. The cast had to do a bit of Improv as they were caught off guard by a response from a woman on board. Made for a unique ride that's for sure. Immediately following I rode the Flooded Mine, which was a fun ride, and trying to fire two guns at the same time isn't easy with frozen hands. Then I walked over to Outlaw Run, took some pictures, and decided to warm up on Fire in the Hole. Afterwards, I walked around and caught some of the craftsmen doing their things. The glassblowers were quite popular as it was a great way to warm up. Then I walked around and just enjoyed the scenery. I left around 330 or so since the temperatures were clearly not going to break the magic numbers to open other rides. I don't think it ever got warmer then 32 or 33 degrees that day. Now on to the Pictures! I apologize in advance if some aren't the best of quality, I only had my cell phone this day. SDC in the Snow! Tom Sawyer from the train Around Tom Sawyer Coming on Wilsons Farm Look at all the snow and trees. But whats that in the background???? OUTLAW RUN IN THE SNOW!!!!!!! Yea...Snow, Wood, Outside crazy bank thingy, how could it get better? Yeahhhhhh From the TRAIN! Through the TREES! In the SNOW! The Lift to Nowhere Whats that we're looking at again? Oh Yea. Outlaw Run in the SNOW!(Tired of that yet?) Its so White, and Red, and Awesome. Yup. The Ride Ops actually had this sign displaying a 999 min wait time, which is a 16.65 hr wait. Too bad my camera only picked up one 9. Just because you haven't seen enough of this Another of a near identical shot? You got it And to finish off Day 1, A shot of skillet food steaming up the place.
  6. At the park now and its a neat experience with snow all over, the area got about 2-4 inches last night. Most rides aren't open nor will they till the temperature rises above 37. But it makes for great photo ops. I'll attempt to upload some later tonight.
  7. There isn't much in the way of news of it. The last news article on it was dated May 15 and the brief mention of it states opening in Summer 2012. Here is the article Also, according to The Ridewerks Inc, the company renovating the ride, facebook page as of Sept 20 they were awaiting new magnetic brakes, along with an updated picture Old Blue Cyclone Coaster, photo provided by The Ridewerks Inc. Palmetto, Fl As far as it's future location, according to an employee of Daytona Lagoon, the ride will sit in the location where a few flats currently sit between the Ferris Wheel and the Slingshot
  8. A bit outdated, but still thought it would be cool to share none-the-less, but a look over Carowinds taken 01/03/2012. 01/03/2012
  9. 1 down, 21 to go, too bad it wasn't the Fortuna. I've cruised with Costa once, and a mistake I shall never do again. Shame there was a loss of life, though if it were to become a dive site, I would be extremely interested in going to check it out, as it would be incredible to check out a modern cruise liner underwater.
  10. Fair Enough, but I must admit I can be spoiled by some of the other fine central florida parks that have much, much speedier dispatch time. Guess that means some day I'll have to go to the mountain and experience one of these awesome 4-6 minute crews.
  11. Just recently got back from a two day trip to Tampa and here, and I have got to say that BGT is still my favorite Florida park. Cheetah Hunt is looking amazing and I cant wait to ride it sometime later this year. Also the whole Cheetah Run area looks good, especially on Friday when there were 7-8 cheetahs in the exhibit. The park itself was looking outstanding as usual, and the non ride-op staff was top notch. Ride ops, with the exception of those on the Serengeti Express, were dull, slow moving, and made no effort at all to make our day more enjoyable, with Gwazi's crew being, well Gwazi's crew. They really do live to there reputation. I started timing them for the heck of it and the fast I clocked them in was 1:07. Averagely they were closer to 2:30+. Oh well, but on the plus side the new millennium fliers were awesome and really did improve the ride tremendously. Also a minor note, there were a lot of school groups there both Thursday and Friday, so any one else going before school's end may want to keep that in mind. Overall the two days I was there were great and as usual I am looking forward to my next visit. Anyhoo onto the pictures Generic coaster through trees/brush over water. Ooh and awh if you please. Needs more cheetah train As does this one Yay for running water. Best pic of a train I have 0 Minute wait? Sweet Musical Construction Workers, they were actually quite entertaining If those guys would stop dancing and drumming, maybe they'd realize they left a piece off and finish so it could soft open. Or not, ehh whats another week of construction, helps build hype. My milkshake brings all the kitty's to the window. Dang right it's better than yours. Okay so that rendition of that song is pretty terrible, but hey, there's cheetahs to make you feel better. One last picture of cheetahs will conclude this TR. Hopefully it was bearable
  12. 1. Zamperla Air Race Part 4 12:40-13:04 2. 13 Times 3. Part 1 7:33, In the background 4. "Dale Earnhardt" Part 2 6:30 and New York Rangers for Luna Park/Coney Island, Zamperla 12:03-12:30* 5. Part 3 13:04-13:37 6. Part 5 13:45- 14:49 7. "Drink Responsibly and only if you're over 21" Part 6 5:46-5:51 8. 4 Times 9. Part 2 5:43-5:48 Formula Rossa 10. Part 4 "KMG XXL" 3:00-3:03
  13. 1. Zamperla Air Race Part 4 12:40-13:04 2. 13 Times 3. Part 1 7:33, In the background 4. "Dale Earnhardt" Part 2 6:30 and Houston Rockets as in KMG Mission Space 00:24 Part 4* 5. Part 3 13:04-13:37 6. Part 5 13:45- 14:49 7. "Drink Responsibly and only if you're over 21" Part 6 5:46-5:51 8. 4 Times 9. Part 2 5:43-5:48 Formula Rossa 10. Part 4 "KMG XXL" 3:00-3:03
  14. 1. Zamperla Air Race Part 4 12:40-13:04 2. 13 Times 3. Part 1 7:33, In the background 4. "Dale Earnhardt"- Intimidator 305 Part 2 6:30 5. Tranan Part 3 13:04-13:37 6. Part 5 13:45- 14:49 7. "Drink Responsibly and only if you're over 21" Part 6 5:46-5:51 8. 4 Times 9. Part 2 5:43-5:48 Formula Rossa 10. Part 4 "KMG XXL" 3:00-3:03
  15. 1. Zamperla Air Race Part 4 12:40-13:04 2. 7 Times 3. Part 1 7:33, In the background 4. "Dale Earnhardt" Part 2 6:30 5. Tranan Part 3 13:04-13:37 6. Part 5 13:45- 14:49 7. "Drink Responsibly and only if you're over 21" Part 6 5:46-5:51 8. 3 Times 9. Part 2 5:43-5:48 Formula Rossa 10. Part 4 "KMG XXL" 3:00-3:03
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