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  1. ^ They really don't have to appreciate Vampire anymore... When I was there last summer, the line approached 2 hours. Anyways, I'm just happy the park is getting an addition! -Jon
  2. I honestly am not dissappointed with this announcement at ALL. While I would greatly prefer if they chose either T-bars or U-bars, the restraint system could be worse. The layout of the ride looks to be quite epic with no lack of airtime. I am thoroughly looking forward to trying out to this beast next summer. -Jon
  3. Do you know if the coaster is the coaster going to be open everyday for the next two weeks? -Jon
  4. So what exactly does 'CM' mean. Will I be allowed to ride when I'm at the park in 2 weeks?
  5. ^ I'm still trying to figure out the obvious part... Just because crews are testing the ride, that doesn't mean that the ride is broken. If it were broken, they'd be FIXING it. While they maybe also fixing it and we do not know, to the visible eye, they are only testing it now and appears to be running quite consistently. I have a feeling that the excess testing that this ride is receiving is for the rides additional features such as the on-board audio and lights. The crews are most likely programming all of the systems. I am really thriving for this to ride to open before the end of August as I am going back to Connecticut after a month of staying down here on the 27th. -Jon
  6. ^ No one has ever lost a leg on Scream at Six Flags New England. The accident happened on Superman: Tower of Power at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I am absolutely dieing to get on Giant Drop at Dreamworld. Is it more comparable in terms of intensity to a 2nd generation Intamin tower, or a 'gyro' drop?
  7. Lake Compounce. Boulder Dash is worth every trip I take there. -Jon
  8. ^^ I'd feel quite confident in saying that this is the final lift speed. The ride looks absolutely spectacular and I cannot wait to ride it. I wonder when we're going to see all of the lights running? -Jon
  9. ^ No... From my experience with the ride last season, I thought that Son of Beast was VERY good. Sure it was rough, but not unbearable in any terms [and I rode in the back row] -Jon
  10. I can say the day I was there; mid August, temperatures were in the 70s and the water jets were on full power. I went on twice and was DRENCHED for the rest of the day. It was such a fun ride though, I loved it and highly recommend going on. I can't comment on the lines though because the day that I was at the park, it wasn't very crowded. -Jon
  11. Does anyone keep getting the picture of a teenage boy sticking an arm either in front or in back of the train, and getting it amputated? I think that there needs to be some sort of plexiglass shield blocking the cars from the axes in which they are rotating on, as there is definitely a very, very large 'pinch zone'. -Jon
  12. From what I've heard, it is supposedly supposed to be reopening wednesday of this week, although I do not know how accurate my information is. -Jon
  13. I'd have to go with Medusa/Bizzaro. I can't really comment on the Bizzaro retheme as I haven't ridden it yet, but I will have by 4pm today . The ride just has such a fun layout, including the best zero-g roll i've ever experienced. My 2nd choice is Dominator, followed by Hydra. -Jon
  14. ^ They COULD be. I have been at Six Flags Great Adventure during fright fest and all lines were 3+ hours, besides Nitro. Nitro's crew was dispatching trains the second after the train in front of it cleared the lift hill. The line was no longer than 15-30 minutes. Diamondback definitely has the capability to be run just as Nitro was, but in the end, it all is narrowed down to the crew. I'm sure the dispatches will get quicker as the season goes on because in realization, this was the first time the crew ran the ride with non-stop passengers. -Jon
  15. Looks like you had a much better day than I did! Too bad I couldn't find a ride today. Were there any lines? It doesn't look it. Quite a different setting than what I experienced yesterday. Props to Six Flags for getting everything open and good operations. -Jon
  16. ^ I didnt know what that was. I had to google it! it looks scrumptious! -Jon
  17. At this point, cheese is definitely more important than anything, seeing as Six Flags wrote back to my e-mail and I am incredibly satisfied with their response. I would like to point out that I am still upset with what happened, but that isn't going to stop me from going to my favorite relatively local park. Bleu cheese is where it's at ftw :] -Jon
  18. ^ I already stated that I wrote the park an e-mail explaining what happened... This forum is getting pathetic :] -Jon
  19. You're absolutely right. During our East Coast 2008 visit everyone walking out of the park was handed a comp ticket due to all the rides closed in the rain...even though they kept the park open as scheduled! I simply don't believe they wouldn't have given you some sort of compensation. --Robb I wrote an e-mail to the park once I got home, and am hoping for some sort of response.
  20. Alright. Thanks everyone and I know the park didn't close purposely to aggravate me ;p Anything I said [besides the fryers and cheese ] was entirely out of being upset at the park with their choice today. I know Six Flags isn't the most perfectly well-run company in the world, but I know it certainly is not the least: and I give them thanks for actually beginning to care about their customers. Moral of the story = Don't listen to people on the phone/weather reports and stay away at the slightest threat of rain. [bTW, Nathan's cheese is not nearly as good as Johnny Rockets and I was thoroughly disappointed opening day that they did not have any.] -Jon
  21. ^^ Most probably, since I head off to Florida monday for my spring break and I'm busy during the weekends until after memorial day. Hahaha, this topic is quite successful, in quite an odd manner. -Jon
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