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  1. There was testing footage that came out last week. Still no solid date for opening that I could find.
  2. Any recommendations on getting from the Toronto Pearson Airport to CW? I have an 8 hours layover and was probably going to Uber/Lyft but it seems like renting a car a week before is super cheap. Any other ways such as trains or buses? I'm not to familiar with the area so any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is the Frontier deal still going on? It said it was done on the 28th. I just dont want to spend 60 bucks when I really dont have much to spare. Thanks!
  4. Looks like with this year's CoasterMania schedule the legendary afternoon nap must return. On a serious note I am super excited to go back for it but a little sad I'll be missing my late night Millie rides. Steel Vengeance and TTD are good replacements though!
  5. I've been to all 6 but Seaworld and Disney I haven't been since some of their newest additions. 1. Knott's: Love all their coasters, theming, food, and pretty much everything else this park has to offer. 2. Magic Mountain: Pretty great coasters all around but not much else. Was prettier than the average Six flags but it really has little to no theming especially when compared to the other parks. 3. Disneyland and California's Adventure: I'm not really the best audience for this park but still appreciated it for its thrill rides when I went (Tower of Terror, California Screamin, Matterhorn, and MotorSprings). I still prefer pretty much any Disney World park to either of them though and I also like most of the Disneyworld parks more than MM. 4. Legoland: When I went as a kid I loved this park. When I went again I still loved it. Sure it doesn't have many thrills but I always loved the Miniland and Lego-themed attractions. Definitely not for everyone and not a full day park but it is special to me. 5. Seaworld: I haven't been since Electric Eel but I always liked the landscaping and the two thrill coasters they have. 6. Universal: This place is much more geared towards film production and the studio tour than rides. The rides here aren't bad for say but most are clones or are very out-dated compared to the Florida park.
  6. Anyone local know if Boardwalk Bullet will be open within the week? If not I will call the park but I have a spring break trip and would love to get a ride on one of my bucket list coasters.
  7. I haven't had a chance to go since I had trips to Dollywood and SFOG but knowing one of my favorite rides at my homepark is running at around 20 degrees is awesome. Time to add Batman and Raging Bull to the under 40 degree club with Lightning Rod and others.
  8. Wait so is it metal supports like Oscar's Wacky Taxi or is it wooden supports like Wooden Warrior? Still super excited to see this coming to my favorite park outside of Dollywood and CP.
  9. Not sure if anyone saw any other pictures of the GCI model and new train but it looks like GCI is starting inversions! The model has two rolls on the other side of it and the new gen trains look like what would go on it.
  10. Does anyone know how packed it’s going to be on the weekend of Thanksgiving? I’m on our annual family trip to Dollywood and wanted to visit the park for the first time. My priotrities are are the main coasters and haunted mansion. Also if anyone knows any good local food places around that they can recommend, that would be great!
  11. The RMC teasing is awesome but thinking that maybe this might mean RMC's at the rest of the seaworld parks really excites.
  12. Honestly I think this looks really interesting but I kind of think either the coaster will be a big hit or it will end up like another Galeforce and be riddled with problems. For what I was expecting this is pretty cool!
  13. The official live stream is right here: MODERATOR EDIT - This is NOT the official live stream. Please do not post links to other websites' live streams claiming they are the official stream when they are not.
  14. I went last Thanksgiving on both Thanksgiving Thursday and Sunday. Everything was open as long as temperatures were over a certain point. On their app if I do recall they have the temps listed for when each ride closes/opens. I would recommend to download the app and keep a close eye on ride openings/closings as they usually are pretty reliable and helpful. I also would say that on the Friday after Thanksgiving is usually pretty packed so I would watch out for that. Otherwise have fun and good luck with the trip.
  15. Never noticed how cool the Bandit trains looked! Awesome TR and can't wait to here more from the Japan trip.
  16. Quick update: Trains have arrived on site. Source: https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?s=8738a73c3c4ab29ed62bea19cd8aae42&p=149302053&postcount=13856
  17. Just got back from urgent care after some bad headaches and was diagnosed with a mild concussion after the incident. Looks like I have to take it easy until I come back to Cedar Point for Coastermania! Oh well, glad that there's no eternal bleeding, and now I have a story to tell.
  18. I was in the back row of the train that got smashed. Thank god Im ok but waiting 5 hours for it was really demoralizing. Here’s a photo I took from the station before we got questioned.
  19. Just a quick question; What is the locker policy at Cedar Point? I haven't been since 2008 and last year when I went to Kings Island I didn't bring a bag, otherwise, I haven't had any experience with Cedar Fair parks. Thanks for any advice!
  20. Early 2018 after Florida Trip First Steel- Mad Mouse(Little Amerikka) Favorite - Storm Chaser First Wood- Meteor(Little Amerikka) Favorite- Lightning Rod First 100ft Coaster- Raging Bull Favorite- Storm Chaser First 200ft Coaster- Raging Bull Favorite- Lightning Rod First 300ft Coaster- Millenium Force Favorite- Millenium Force First 400ft Coaster- Top Thrill Dragster Favorite- Top Thrill Dragster First Dive Machine- SheiKra Favorite- SheiKra First Eurofighter(infinity?)- Mystery Mine Favorite- Monster First Flying- Superman (SFGam), Favorite- Manta First Floorless- Kraken Favorite- Kraken First Inverting- Batman (SFGam) Favorite- Storm Chaser First Launched- V2 (SFGam) Favorite- Lightning Rod First Wing- X-Flight Favorite- Thunderbird First Arrow- Demon (SFGam) Favorite- Tennesse Tornado First B&M- Raging Bull Favorite- Diamondback First CCI- Raven Favorite- Boss First GCI- Mystic Timbers Favorite- Thunderhead First Gerstlauer- Mystery Mine Favorite- Monster First Gravity Group- Hades 360 Favorite- Voyage First Intamin- V2 (SFGam) Favorite- Maverick First RMC- Goliath Favorite- Lightning Rod
  21. Mini TR of Sunday during Opening Weekend: Great time for spending only 3 hours at the park; Goliath x6 American Eagle x2 Raging Bull x5 Viper x1 Hometown Fun Machine x1 It was really great to get back to the park after so many visits to Dollywood and then a Spring Break Florida Trip during the off-season. Though after riding Mako 19 times just under a month ago, Raging Bull really feels like a lower tier ride for me. Still, Goliath provides some great thrills but still compared to my two favorites, Lightning Rod and Storm Chaser, it falls short quite a bit. Overall though crowds weren't too bad but food stalls were packed. Otherwise great trip and can't wait to make it back before my prom next weekend!
  22. If I have learned correctly, I'm pretty sure the government is actually helping fund the park!
  23. The Funspots usually come to mind but if we are talking about a "bigger" small park then Kentucky Kindom would take the cake for me if you would even consider it a small park.
  24. Awesome news from Gurnee as Key Lime Cove (which closed) is now being replaced by The Great Wolf Lodge! Grand opening is July 1st! Full Webpage: https://www.greatwolf.com/illinois
  25. This image from the Winter Chillout event make Steel Vengeance look soooo good! Also Chick-fil-A is back! Source: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201802240008
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