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Favorite Coaster Color Scheme

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I like coasters with the orange and green (or orange and teal) color combinations, like Goliath at SFMM.

I also like the current colors of Shockwave at KD (sorry I couldn't find a good pic on RCDB, but basically it is a bright neon green) - looks awesome and draws your eye to that area of the park, even though I think the coaster itself sucks. I also liked the old colors of Mind Eraser at SFA (the aqua and red; classic 50's colors, though of course ME is in the western part of the park and the paint scheme never really fit, but would have fit well in a 50's/retro themed area) but can't stand the new paint job - IMO they've moved from the 50's to the 70's with the burnt orange and harvest gold (if you're my age or older, you will recall that darned near everything - appliances, clothes, furniture, etc, came in these putrid colors back then). IMO a coaster can fit nicely into a western themed area w/o looking like that, however, I guess you could say that the colors now fit the general character of the ride.


In addition, I like just about anything in the greenish/blue, aqua, or teal color spectrum on coasters, especially if it has appropriately complimentary accent colors, like reds, pinks, oranges, or even other shades of blue, etc.

Example:http://rcdb.com/3727.htm?p=21240Speaking of colors in the blue area of the spectrum, Skyrush is a bit of a strange case - to me (this was my first impression once the construction began, and even more so after I rode it) that shade of powder blue on the supports and the lemon yellow track belie the true character of this ride, lulling novice riders into complacency. Hues such as these IMO are quite at home in a nursery room or a young boy's bedroom. I don't dislike them at all, I just think they are so out of step with the ride experience, that and the scenic walkway and pretty fountain below (which is actually a cool psychological trick of sorts, even if totally unintentional). If the colors matched the ride experience (that would be a nice topic for another post, if there already isn't one somewhere on the forum - coasters where the colors/theming do/don't match the ride itself) it would be red and black and have flame effects and smoke on the water and who knows what else - but I'm sure it wouldn't be at HP then!


Another scheme that is unique and one that I like a lot:



The only colors I'm not too thrilled about are browns, tans and neutral colors on coasters (unless of course they are woodies in their natural aged wood colors), the only exceptions being coasters that are meant to fit into natural surroundings, like terrain coasters, and those that have a theme that the color fits into.


As for woodies, I prefer natural wood colors or if they are painted, plain white or white with red or blue accents. Blue is also Ok for woodies. I would imagine more parks would paint woodies if it was financially feasible to do so (more surface to paint that steel coasters and more upkeep).

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I agree with what has already been said about TN Tornado's color scheme fitting it's theme very well. I also think that Millennium Force's blueish-purple track is a great color and seems to imply a befitting status.

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^Great White should be red (Racer shouldn't be the only red woodie left), Great Nor'Easter should be maybe purple track blue supports, and I can't think of anything for their smaller coasters but maybe green and other vabrant colours.


Personally Goliath at SFFT is my favourite coloured coaster, and Nitro at SFGAd is a close second. I also love the teal/yellow thing for Kraken and Anaconda (Gold Reef City)'s old purple green colour.

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Funny, I was just about to revive this thread yesterday but thought, "It's pretty old..."


Anyway, I like coasters and rides that have a gradient to their color scheme, like this one I just found yesterday:



I have a soft spot for Timber Terror's trains too- again, the gradient appeals to my aesthetics




(Not my pictures except the last one, credit goes to the respective owners specified in the watermarks)

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I would like to see a coaster done in black and white, right.


Somehow there's got to be an awesome way to fit the two together

with the track and supports, the trains, etc.


And Smiler doesn't count.

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Xcelerator is pretty unique. Sea foam green supports and coral red track.


Ninja's red and black at SFMM fits the theme perfectly.


Sierra Sidewinder looks it would blend into a forest of trees.


Riddler's Revenge is of course green.


Batman the Ride is of course gray, yellow, and purple.


Superman coasters are blue, red, and yellow.

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