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  1. 1. Voyage 2. Lightning Rod 3. Skyrush 4. Coaster at PNE Playland 5. Cannibal 6. Phantom's Revenge 7. Tremors 8. Legend 9. Raven 10. Thunderhead
  2. I305 was down all day yesterday and was down the evening before. Anybody know anything about this?
  3. Positive: The loop on Aftershock Negative: Skyrush's first hill Lateral: Maverick's turns after the drop.
  4. Time to update this. 1. El Toro 2. Maverick 3. Skyrush 4. Millennium Force 5. Iron Rattler 6. Bizarro 7. Twisted Colossus 8. Behemoth 9. Tatsu 10. Wicked Cyclone Honourable mentions: Tremors and Leviathan.
  5. How would you guys rank this coaster compared to the other RMCs you've ridden?
  6. Just saying, Flash/Lightning looks to possibly be in the top 5 coasters in the world.
  7. Okay, for those who hate clones, what about Intamin mega lites?
  8. Had a really nice time at my home park yesterday, I really enjoyed Coaster! Hope to go again sometime soon.
  9. Silver Bullet has so much B&M rattle, I'm surprised it's rarely reported.
  10. Wood: El Toro Steel: Either Millennium Force or Superman: The Ride
  11. I've only ridden 3. For me it's like 1. Iron Rattler 2. Twisted Colossus 3. Wicked Cyclone
  12. This might frustrate a lot of people, but I found X2 to feel forceless.
  13. Millennium Force obviously. It's not super intense, it's just fun.
  14. This ride looks awesome! I hope to get back to Texas some day and ride this!
  15. Well, obviously it's Kumba. From what I've ridden however, I feel Talon's intense Helix was great.
  16. Silverwood is basically my home park, as I go to it most and only live about 6 hours away. I can say that Tremors is amazing and Aftershock brings the thrills up to another level. Silverwood is easily one of my favourite parks, but not by absolute favourite.
  17. Millennium Force: Add more Intimidator 305 style low to the ground sections. El Toro: Add a tunnel on the Rolling Thunder Hill Iron Rattler: Make it longer and have more airtime moments. Tremors: Add another ejector airtime hill after the first one.
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