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  1. Great pic of my favorite wooden coaster! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I am 37, so I can still pretty much ride anything. But where I notice a difference from when I was 25 is the way I feel AFTER a day at the park. I find myself limp and weary. My whole body feels like a dish-rag. 12 years ago, it wouldn't have phased me. Oh well.
  3. Add Holiday World. It's a short drive from Louisville. Also, Kings Island.
  4. Looking good. Love the color. That back part of the park always looked kind of "industrial" to me and I think the color of the track will help to make it look a lot better!
  5. Really impressed with this years Golden Ticket Awards. Seems like they hit the nail on the head for the most part.
  6. I couldn't agree more!!! This park is just screaming for a wooden coaster. It would be the perfect fit.
  7. These rides all look pretty cool...and I would ride them. But honestly, I'd be a little terrified. LOL!
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