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  1. Great pic of my favorite wooden coaster! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I think the theme fits pretty well, and I think the launch and drop(s) will be more intense than you anticipate. However, why would anyone hate you over opinions about roller coasters? That would just be stupid. I love roller coasters, they are one of my great passions, but there are more important things in life. Keep the opinions coming!
  3. You did not make a fool of yourself. I enjoy your posts.
  4. I am 37, so I can still pretty much ride anything. But where I notice a difference from when I was 25 is the way I feel AFTER a day at the park. I find myself limp and weary. My whole body feels like a dish-rag. 12 years ago, it wouldn't have phased me. Oh well.
  5. Coasterfreaky is right about making sure to spend some time enjoying the sheer splendor and grandeur of the Smoky Mountains. They are the REAL reason people come to that area. Dollywood is just a bonus.....ok, the best bonus ever.
  6. The fact that it looks that way from ANY perspective is evidence of the magnitude of that drop!!!
  7. LOL! I thought the video wouldn't load.....then I realized the joke.
  8. I was there on Sunday and saw the construction site. This thing is huge. And it is really going to help balance the park out with its location. The park is very lopsided right now with all of it's coasters on one side of the property. This will start to even things out and help to control the flow of guests.
  9. I agree....they are holding the pov to build more and more anticipation. Although, I don't see how we could be any more excited than we already are!!!
  10. This looks amazing. As usual at Dollywood, the use of terrain is awesome! This will be a real beauty.
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