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  1. Great pic of my favorite wooden coaster! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I am 37, so I can still pretty much ride anything. But where I notice a difference from when I was 25 is the way I feel AFTER a day at the park. I find myself limp and weary. My whole body feels like a dish-rag. 12 years ago, it wouldn't have phased me. Oh well.
  3. Add Holiday World. It's a short drive from Louisville. Also, Kings Island.
  4. Looking good. Love the color. That back part of the park always looked kind of "industrial" to me and I think the color of the track will help to make it look a lot better!
  5. Really impressed with this years Golden Ticket Awards. Seems like they hit the nail on the head for the most part.
  6. I couldn't agree more!!! This park is just screaming for a wooden coaster. It would be the perfect fit.
  7. These rides all look pretty cool...and I would ride them. But honestly, I'd be a little terrified. LOL!
  8. This looks awesome! I can't wait to see the new CP skyline.
  9. Joker looks great. But Lightning Rod looks better and has what is probably the best setting/landscape for any coaster being built for 2016. The glorious Great Smoky Mountains are just too amazing!!!!
  10. Very pleased to see this coaster getting a restoration. It has such a unique layout. The new trains will restore it to its former glory!
  11. I am very happy about the name change. I hated the name Bizarro and thought it was lost on most people. But EVERYBODY knows Superman!!!
  12. If they had been successful, which is making money, they would still be there. Opryland was successful and always made money. The problem was that stockholders wanted an investment that made money year round and Opryland was seasonal. A few years ago, business analysts from Gaylord Entertainment (owners of Opryland) admitted that the decision to close the park was unwarranted.
  13. Castaway Bay definitely needs some relief. When I was there, the crowds at Castaway looked so dense that I doubt it could have been an enjoyable experience. While I prefer a new coaster, I think waterpark expansion is extremely necessary for this park. A perfect situation would include both a new coaster and an expansion of the waterpark.
  14. Has there been any more action on the corkscrew site? Anybody?
  15. Damn.....I have always liked the charm of this isolated and small park. It is a shame to see this happen.
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