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  1. Any sign that these could possibly be for sfog????
  2. Mindbender was my first with loops. Also, viper was the first coaster I remember seeing commercials for and getting "enthusiastic" about. It seemed so terrifying back then
  3. Fury also has 3 moments of scary ejector air. Like; thankful for the trim brake type ejector air. I doubt a more perfect coaster will be built in the next 10 years
  4. My main point right here. This too. I don't mind it tbh. Especially because it has absolutely nothing to do with Holiday World at all, just something he's saying to make me sound less credible, and it's true that the ride he mentioned is my least favorite coaster. Anyway, since I'm done talking about the sounds roller coasters make, has anybody else noticed how smoothly The Voyage has been running this season? I've heard things about it being really rough but I honestly found it to be one of the smoother woodies I've been on. Raven is much rougher and Legend wasn't exactly that smooth in the non-retracked areas. I felt the same about voyage but apparently it's infamous for running worse and worse as the season drags on. Still my number 2 woodie of all time though
  5. I really try to not let it bother me, but if I'm paying almost 100 bucks to get in a park, 20 to park, 20 per meal etc; I really can't choose where I wanna sit on a rollercoaster? I usually politely ask and am granted, but just the principal of it irks me to no end.
  6. Edgy stuff in here guys. I just wanted to know why the three coasters at Holiday world made a squealing noise, that was confirmed by several other posters. Then anti Titan boy came in and pulled a Tsunami, and the whole thread went off the rails.
  7. I will never ever ever understand coaster enthusiasts love for flat rides over coasters. Hell; tear down every single non coaster ride, food truck, concert hall whatever and build me 2 gigas thanks
  8. This is the entire reason I haven't bought any Lightning Rod merchandise this year on any of my visits. It would feel weird to buy a shirt for a roller coaster that I haven't been on. I'll by making another attempt in a month to ride Lightning Rod. I'm in the opposite situation. I got to ride it once somehow, and now I see my Lightning Rod mug as a cool collectors item. I will look back in 10 years at it and remember, man remember that insanity that revolved around it in 2016?!
  9. Man, Tennessee Tornado is like THE best arrow and smoother than most other steel coasters
  10. I get your Titan hate but come on man, it's still over 200 feet and intense. You are telling me it's worse than slcs; boomerangs, every mine train and even togos?!
  11. Robb, I'm sure it has been covered but can you give some insight on why Expedition is your all time favorite coaster?
  12. It isn't really nitpicky? In fact another member just confirmed that it is insanely loud
  13. Dude, at 1:35 and onward there's a lot of squealing. It's from the front of the train so it's harder to hear but it's there
  14. I mean, are you hard of hearing? All 3 coasters make that noise. Do I have to pull up more videos?
  15. All 3 of their coasters especially legend squeal like crazy. It hurts your ears as legend screams past the station.
  16. What makes holiday world's woodies produce that God awful squealing?
  17. It was a joke cause this dude trashes Titan in every single thread regardless of topic haha.
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