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  1. How did they get there? Can I get rid of them? Call a virtual exterminator or something?
  2. Agreed. It's not that I hate the game, nor did I hate those who play it. However, I have grown to hate the game, and those who play it. My place of employment had 4 people outside (before we opened) all on their phones (which I soon came to find out that they were) trying to catch a Pokemon that was in our building. I opened the door (by mistake) when one of them knocked on it. They asked if they could come in to catch a Pokemon. . . When I explained to them I couldn't let them in due to safety reasons, they started trying to push their way past me to get in the building for the game. That's when I officially came to hate the game, and those who play it. #ItsGoneToFar Trust me, you're not alone in the work craziness. I work at a church which, according to the game, acts as a gym and the other building on property acts as a pokestop. There's kids running around from the surrounding neighborhood because there's also tons of Pokemon as well. I've seen parents looking for their kids because they went down to the creek on my church's property that is down a relatively steep hill. It's sad, and I want to say something about getting off the property because who knows who's hiding in the woods, but the parents wouldn't listen because they don't bother to listen and the kids only care about catching Pokemon, so they wouldn't care even if it was for their safety. Why do they keep coming to my duck pond? Is it this gym thingie you guys are talking about? Fortunately I live a little ways out in the country or I'd probably get more of the morons out here scaring my goats,
  3. /\ Darn right BTW how do you make that little arrow thingie?
  4. Not a theme park perse but the Aquarium of the Pacific serves seafood in their cafe and boy after a day of looking at fish I was sure hungry
  5. Increased wait times because the Pokemon are on the ride is an inconvenience. Dagnabit! Your dumb addiction is interfering with my addiction In all seriousness I'm just tired of people trampling my fields and scaring my goats because the damn game says there are Pokemon in my duck pond. My friend the other night woke up to police lights flashing his house at 2am because some kids were looking for Pokemon in people's yards. At least that's what they said. Probably got caught peeping around people's homes and just made it up to keep from getting in trouble, but still.
  6. They built Matterhorn too. He means that one of those 2 coasters was the first Arrow he ever rode. I think you misinterpreted what this thread is about. No I understand. I'm just saying if he rode all three for the first time the same visit then it could be either of the three. Most may people don't know Matterhorn was Arrow. If he didn't do Matterhorn that day then my bad
  7. They built Matterhorn too. And to those listing Giant Dipper, Prior and Church were the designers but Arthur Looff is the builder.
  8. Mack - Sierra Sidewinder Schwarzkopf - Montezooma's Revenge Vekoma - Boomerang CCI - GhostRider Zierer - Jaguar! Zamperela - Pony Express Togo - Windjammer Dinn - Psyclone GCI - Apocalypse Intamin - Flashback Arrow - Matterhorn Bobsleds Gerstlauer - Rewind Racers EF Miler - Scandia Screamer International Amusement Devices - Colossus B&M - Batman S&MC - Ckiffhanger Giovanola - Goliath Arthur Looff - Giant Dipper
  9. You realize you are posting on a theme park message board, right? That's something in itself that would make the majority of people go "wait, what?" People will do stupid things regardless of whether or not the game existed. In fact, you can argue the game is just helping weed them out at a quicker rate. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before, but it is kind of cool. Every single area I've seen where people congregate for Pokemon, it's been nothing but people socializing over something they are enjoying. Kudos to all the theme parks striking while the iron is hot and participating in the phenomenon, since it encourages people to visit new places and get out and walk. I visited USH with a friend and took the studio tour...I'd say 3/4 of the tram was playing the game for the opportunity to go in an area they wouldn't normally be able to in order to catch pokemon. There's even a gym on the backlot that I am sure USH employees are constantly fighting over. I'm not against the game itself or having fun. No one is talking about "acting" stupid. Sure we all do stupid things. Pretty sure I made it clear I'm against it controlling people to the extent that they're breaking the law and inconveniencing those around them.
  10. Waterworld was only technically a flop. As number of tickets sold it was a relative hit and was the 9th highest grossing film of 1995. The reason it flopped was not a lack audience but rather was the cost of production due to it being filmed entirely at sea and not a sound stage and an entire set sinking and having to be rebuilt. As far as your "mediocre" movies go each one was popular and made a butt load of money which is why the attractions are successful as well.
  11. It's stupid. Get a life. People are trespassing to get these stupid things. Grow up and do something worthwhile. I absolutely will rain on your parade when it starts to consume you to the point it affects other people. Some people's idea of fun is stupid. There rant over.
  12. I agree with your point on GhostRider. Although I never rode it in its "golden days," I can see how it would feel tamer now. But like you said, being much smoother and less intense is probably best for KBF's demographic. Having literally been on the second train to ever take a manned circuit of GR, I feel can truly attest to its original best, including how awesome it was before the MCBR was installed. I'll give a report when I visit later this year. By the way, when I was last out there in February, I took a walk around the part built in the parking lot. All the re-profiling that I could see appeared very minor. Mainly increasing or decreasing the dip and hill angles ever so slightly. I'm wondering if the design of MF trains (shorter single row cars) required slight changes to track.
  13. There was a similar thread awhile back asking what our favorite theme park food was. Well, this one is different. I'm not asking who has good food or the best food. I want to know who has the best unique food item. Something that you can't find at other parks. It can be something original that the park invented (Mrs. Knott's fried chicken - Knott's Berry Farm) or it can a regional food that only parks in certain areas might have (Rocky Mountain Oysters at traveling carnivals here in Colorado) or it can be a completely unique concept (Blue Bayou - Disneyland)
  14. I agree with higher capacity. And you're right VR would make loading/unloading even longer. But VR would make it a better ride is all I was saying. With or without VR what they need is to build a second station around the end block brakes and make that the unloading area. I also don't know why it can't make another loop around the course, maybe add a helix at the end, because it's still going a pretty decent speed when it hits the brakes.
  15. VR is a gimmick to "make" new rides without spending a bunch of money. Revolution was an awesome coaster. Why mess?
  16. It's like thirty seconds long. It takes longer to unload than the ride lasts. It sucks precisely bacause it's too short. It needs to be longer. VR might actually make it better.
  17. Oh don't get me wrong, Ham is a whako. He isn't a scientist. He doesn't have a doctorate. He has a Bachelors of Applied Science. Not even a qualification for having an opinion on the matter let alone a museum. As for the vapor cloud, that's what firmament is. I was simply addressing the man's question to a piece of literature based on my experience in college with a "Bible as Literature" class for some extra credits. Now to the Ark Museum. If Ham really wanted preach his beliefs to the world then there are much better ways to spend $100 million dollars. I think it's a joke.
  18. Except for the minor detail that Noah was, what, 500 years old when he completed the Ark? He was 600 and it took 150 years to build and he died at 950. But in the context of the Biblical universe people were closer to the perfection of Adam. Only about 1000 years or so removed. They didn't have chemicals in their food and a polluted planet. If they came from a perfect created state then they were smarter and more intelligent. Technology would have been more organic. They would have been healthy. Their immune systems stronger and more pure. It wasn't uncommon for people to live 900 years plus before the Flood. Even the Earth itself is described as being a paradise with a perfect axis and a vapor cloud cover in the atmosphere that protected from the Sun's radiation. No one born after the Flood is recorded as living more than 120-ish. Which makes sense within the story. Imagine the devastation brought on the Earth. Pangaea ripped apart. The vapor cover destroyed. The Earth tilted on its axis creating dramatic weather patterns and seasons of cold and hot. Creating the arctic regions and equatorial deserts. Even many traditional scientists belief the Earth was knocked off its axis, probably by the impact of a massive meteor comet. Think of it the same way you accept the Vulcans of Star Trek and the Asgard of Stargate SG1 living 500 to 1000 years plus. It's a story and in the story it makes sense.
  19. Now this isn't meant to start a theological discussion or argue the accuracy of the Bible. It's simply a defense of account from within it's own context as a literary work, the way one would defend what seem to be plot holes in a movie to a friend. At the time of Noah there was no Antarctica, Middle East, deserts, or even penguins for that metter. The two things Creationists and Evolutionists agree on are the existence an original single continent called Pangaea and common ancestors to each species of animal. They simply disagree on the when and how of the details. Creationists believe Pangaea was broken up during the tectonic stresses of the Flood for which Noah built the Ark. Evolutionists believe it was over millions of years. But both agree that there was no Antarctica nor were there any deserts or tall mountains originally. Also the Biblical account says Noah took "kinds" of each creature, not species. This means he would have taken a pair of canines, a pair felines, a pair of equines, pair of certain birds, etc; and probably small versions of each. No lions or wolves or elephants, which probably didn't exist then anyway. All the various species evolved from those " kinds" afterward. It makes sense within in the context of the story. It may not jive with the science but neither do X-Men. No one rips comics for being unscientific within their universe. So as story self contained in it's own universe it makes sense. I mean even evolutionists believe in micro-evolution - that all birds for example came from a single bird ancestor. They just also happen to believe that original bird evolved from another species like a reptile which itself had evolved from a fish maybe. Creationists simply believe that God created each kind separately. Remember that within the Biblical timeline it had only been a little over a thousand years since the Fall of Adam and Eve. So in that time, according to the story, there wouldn't have been that much evolution of kinds. Noah could have simply gathered up animals from around his neck of the woods since biologically there aren't that may different kinds. Whether you believe story is true or not isn't point. It's whether or not the narrative makes sense within its own universe. Like X-Men. No one believes that mutations are ever beneficial and give people super powers. That's not how evolution works. But within the context of the stories it does and it works.
  20. It really is. Creepy as hell. Especially during haunt after the park shuts down around 3am.
  21. TOP ten in particular order: Xcelerator GhostRider (I assume the refurb made it as good as new) Tatsu Silver Bullet Batman the Ride (SFMM) Ninja (SFMM) Space Mountain (DL) Matterhorn California Screamin Viper (SFMM)
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