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While I haven't personally ridden all of these coasters, the top 4 B&M inverts are very clear but also very interchangeable.


So in no particular order:






After that it becomes more subjective with inverts like Black Mamba, Banshee, Afterburn, and Alpengeist. (Alpengeist is a hit or miss, some people really don't like it, some people think it's a top 5 invert. I don't know where I stand yet.)

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^Definitely ride it to find out. I think it's one of the greatest B&M creations ever, I found it to be the most forceful invert (not because of just the amount of g's, but because of how long it sustains them), and I love the brutal snap to the cobra roll, zero-g, corkscrew, and even into the mid-course. It also goes deep into the woods, while also interacting with other rides. And of course it has a good theme. A lot of people don't like the snappiness of it, but I love it and don't have a problem with it.

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I feel like I'd be one to enjoy it. I've ridden Raptor and I love the little head bangs you get in the cobra roll. But a lot of people say it delivers incredibly inconsistent forces, so I'll be sure to acknowledge the very subjective placement of Alpengeist in a list.


100th post yippee

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I'll start by saying B&M inverts are my no.1 favorite type of coaster to date, and all these I list are all amazing rides, but I'm being picky for the sake of this list. Unfortunately I've only been on five so far, but that makes this list easy to make


5. Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge - Ice - when I went to Universal (10 years ago) I rode this one once and Fire four times. For some reason, this one just left no impression on me. I'll be going back this summer again so I'll see whether that changes, but I don't remember the ride FEELING special.


4. Goliath (SFFT) - Great coaster, very forceful and snappy, but it just isn't super memorable to me for some reason


3. Raptor - Every time I've been to CP (about 4 or 5 times - too lazy to count right now), it's the obligatory first ride of the day. Very long and drawn out ride, very forceful, plenty of inversions.


2. Great Bear - Man such a unique ride! Everything from the supports to the layout - I LOVE that beginning helix off the lift, and the long, banked beginning of the first drop is the closest I feel I'll ever get to the sensation of flying, and it's phenomenal. Just wish they could've added a helix or something after the corkscrew, instead of a windy straightaway into the brakes - ONLY downside of the ride.


1. Dueling Dragons/Dragon Challenge - Fire - I rode this 4x more than Ice when I went cause it was just that much better! The most forceful invert from what I can remember, especially that second immelman going into the helix that wraps around - that is probably my favorite element on these 5 I have listed - being smooshed into your seat by gravity whilst whipping around that curve sideways with your arms out and the roar of the track - NOTHING LIKE IT! Plus I got to experience it when they dueled. Sad that this summer when I ride again I won't be able to see the other train flying towards me in the loops.


Anywho I LOVE B&M INVERTS!!! So stoked to see how Montu stacks up against these, and if BTR at SFGrAm will be any better than it's mirrored cousin at SFFT.

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  • 1 month later...

1: Batman the Ride (yes)

2: Great Bear

3: Raptor

4: Talon

5: Dueling Dragons (lumping them as 1 to cheat!)


I have not been on Montu, Afterburn and I don't expect I'll ever try Katun or Nemesis so I know I'm missing some that would probably bump these. Alpengeist, fun ride but meh it seemed a bit forceless, shame because that's something I love about B&M inverts.

BtR just so damn forceful and intense. Great Bear, really interesting ride and nice blend. Raptor great but a bit "rough" for lack of a better word and sometimes it left me uninspired. Talon great ride I rarely hear about. Dueling Dragons as it was at the time, such a cool and unique ride then

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  • 7 months later...

After riding Nemesis, Montu, and Black Mamba, I needed to revise my list.


1) Montu- Very forceful, great theming, tall & long ride

2) Nemesis- Incredible theming & forceful, just short

3) Banshee- Monstrous & great layout

4) Dragon Challenge- Unique layout & forceful, can't believe it's gone

5) Black Mamba- Love the setting & forceful in the back


Montu just barely edges out Nemesis. Nemesis is more intense and has better theming, but Montu isn't too far behind in these areas. And it's a considerably longer ride which is why I give it the advantage.


Banshee is monstrous and pulls more force than expected. I still can't believe Dragon Challenge is gone, but I loved it for the unique layout and forceful elements. Black Mamba was surprisingly forceful in the back seat and has an amazing setting, right up there with Nemesis. I'd rank the rest accordingly:


6) Flight Deck- Short but insanely forceful.

7) Talon- Love the funky finale.

8) Alpengeist- Massive, but slow after brake run.

9) Afterburn- Good all around ride.

10) Nemesis Inferno- Solid layout and nice landscaping.

11) Great Bear- Great first half, boring run towards corkscrew.

12) Batman the Ride clones- Cloned but very forceful ride.

13) Raptor- Overrated but still fun.

14) Silver Bullet- Not overly forceful until the finale.

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Ive been on 6 now, 2 of which were B:TR clones so currently





Batman (Great Adv)

Great Bear


I'd agree with this still but Alpengeist and Talon I could have either as my favorite. I like them both for different reasons. Talon is just a really nice flow of elements and I really love the ending. Alpengeist is just massive, is graceful and forceful at the same time, and the placement in and through the woods really does it for me. I feel a tinge of guilt having Great Bear so low on this list as I really love it but that's just a testament to how great B&M inverts generally are.


I'll be riding Montu in a few days so I'll post again next week to see how this list shakes out.


13) Raptor- Overrated but still fun.

Can't wait til Bill sees this.

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13) Raptor- Overrated but still fun.


Every invert is great, so personally I could see someone putting basically any of them just about anywhere on their list and I'd totally get it (though I'll never get the people putting Banshee at #1. To each his own, but wtf? lol). That said...


I'll be riding Montu in a few days


... yeah, you might as well just edit this post now and hit the enter key in front of Alpengeist to move it down a line and make some room at the top .


Ive been on 6 now, 2 of which were B:TR clones so currently





Batman (Great Adv)

Great Bear

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1. Banshee

2. Afterburn

3. Batman clones (the two I've been on are identical in every way (SFMM and SFGAdv))

4. Raptor

5. Great Bear

6. Silver Bullet


But if anyone knows me, I still love Silver Bullet and think people trash on it way too much. Like Coasterbill said, I don't think there is a "bad" B&M Invert.

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13) Raptor- Overrated but still fun.


Every invert is great, so personally I could see someone putting basically any of them just about anywhere on their list and I'd totally get it (though I'll never get the people putting Banshee at #1. To each his own, but wtf? lol). That said...


I agree even the worst is an 8/10 in my book. I liked Raptor, I just can't put it ahead of those other ones.

Edited by Canobie Coaster
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Out if the four I've been on...


1. Alpengeist- This ride is just pure amazingness from start to finish. It interacts with the terrain wonderfully, every inversion is taken at a crazy speed, and the theming is just spectacular. The ride also gets bonus points just for being at BGW.

2. Fire Dragon/Chinese Fireball- I was lucky enough to ride this one while they were still Dueling Dragons, and yeah, while non-dueling wasn't as great, it still kicked all kinds of ass. It also contains my favorite inversion on any coaster that isn't Kumba's zero-g roll- that second immelman was just insane. Still can't believe it's gone.

3. Montu- Okay, before you question my sanity let it be known that I love the sh*t out of Montu, but I just... find it very overhyped. I know, I know, I suck, but that's my opinion. The only part I absolutely love about this ride is the batwing. Everything else is good, but I just don't see why people put this as their #1 invert.

4. Ice Dragon/Hungarian Horntail- Yeah, in every other row except the back, this was meh. Great ride,super unique layout, Top 25 material, absolutely. Just was a very meh ride to me. Fun, but far from being the best. I still miss it.


I'm hopefully making my way to Carowinds and Cedar Point next season, so I can't wait to see how Raptor/Afterburn shakes things up here.

Edited by Dombot
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Update after this year:


1. Fire Dragon (RIP)

2. Alpengeist (better pacing than Montu)

3. Montu (what happened during that second half? slowwwwww)

... Bit of a gap here

4. Banshee

5. Afterburn

6. Patriot (underrated)

7. Ice Dragon

8. Raptor

9. Flight Deck (so good, just wish it was longer)

10. Silver Bullet

11. Batman (I've ridden 7, they're all about the same)

12. Great Bear

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I've been on several more since my last post to this thread, so here's the update.


1. Raptor

2. Silver Bullet

3. Banshee

4. Batman

5. Patriot

Added a couple this year, so I'll go with this now:


1. Batman during HITP

2. Raptor

3. Silver Bullet

4. Banshee

5. Batman not during HITP

6. Talon

7. Great Bear

8. Patriot


Wow, that kind of sounds like I didn't like the new PA ones I rode this year. Not at all. Both of them as soon as I got off I wanted to ride again immediately. I just haven't been on an invert that isn't kickass.

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