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Favorite Comedian?


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I found myself going through some of my favourite videos from childhood the other day, and I found something surprising: George Carlin was the conductor on Shining Time Station! In hindsight it would have been interesting to hear him do "7 Words" during a Thomas story...

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Yeah, it took some time for me to realize that as well, as I did watch that show as a kid. One of my favorite Carlin quotes is actually in reference to that. He was talking about how kids are not important and we pay way to much attention to them, etc and he throws in "And remember, this is Mr. Conductor talking, I know what I'm talking about."

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In no particular order:

Gerry Dee - Been a fan of his since first seeing him on a Just for Laughs special years ago. Got to see him live last summer, and he was amazing. Also a really nice guy from Toronto and stuck around to sign stuff.


Russell Peters - Been a fan since his Comedy Now! special, but recently have not really heard much of his stuff. I love his jokes about Toronto, because I usually know what he's talking about. I'd love to see him live, but I refuse to see a comedian in an arena, unless it holds less than 5000.


Gabriel Iglesias - Saw his first comedy special back in 03 and have loved him since. His voices and stories are hilarious, especially the hotel one.


Eric Idle, John Cleese, Anyone from Monty Python - Would love to see any of these guys live, but their tickets are just a bit out of my price range.


Russell Brand - Since watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I loved his comedy. His biography was a great read, and his first DVD (Doing Life) was hilarious; yet to see his New York special. His twitter messages are so random, they crack me up every time.



Lewis Black - His whole routine always cracks me up.

Jeff Dunham - All those puppets and routines are classic.

Dane Cook (to an extent) - he's been kinda watered down now with all the exposure. Plus, as stated before, I refuse to see comedians in arenas.

Whose Line...guys - Got to see a night with Collin and Brad; couldn't stop laughing.


There's more that make me laugh and worth mentioning, but these are the guys that stick out.

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I'm surprised that I never replied to this, I love a night of stand-up! Of the more well-known guys, I really like Dimitri Martin, Lewis Black, and Katt Williams the most. On a similar note, I HIGHLY recommend playing the "tater salad drinking game" - where you watch Ron White and take a drink every time Ron does!

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I've already posted here, but that was almost four years ago. So, my updated list of favorites:


Demetri Martin

Maria Bamford

Mitch Hedberg

Brett Butler

Jim Gaffigan

Eugene Mirman

Jen Kirkman


Loni Love

Greg Giraldo

Steven Wright

Dat Phan

Ron McGehee

Brian Regan

Bob Smiley

Jimmy Carr

Daniel Tosh


...and a few others that I can't remember.

Oh, and NOT Dane Cook. Or Joe Koi. They're just bad.

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Billy Connolly is great, but I dont find his more recent stuff quite as funny as the material from earlier in his career. But he is still top of the list for me.


Following, in no particular order...

Peter Kay, though I havent seen his newer stuff.

Dave Spikey.

Kevin Bishop.

Jason Manford.

Kevin Bridges.

Bill Bailey.

Les Dawson

Ken Dodd

Tommy Cooper

Dave Allen

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