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  1. This wasn't the best dream but really weird... When Stealth at Thorpe Park first opened I was really excited to go on it but when I got there I found out the train was actually a supermarket trolly and me and my sister had to fit in it together then suddenly it shot up in the air and derailed. Then my mum was laughing? When I woke up my legs 'hurt' because of being squished sitting in the trolly. Weirdest dream ever!
  2. Omg that is so weird, I was just about to make myself a bacon sandwich and I come across this topic. I think this calls for an extra rasher of bacon for me.
  3. My all time favorite comedian is Lee Evans! I would have to say another favorite would be Alan Carr.
  4. Prawn cocktail crisps are good! I cant say I have tried the Cajun squirrel though, not my thing. I'm starting to wonder whether I'm getting addicted to adding at least one emotion in each post?
  5. Its cloudy, Dull and looks like its about to rain. No change their! Thats England for you.
  6. Yes, of course! Do you own a toaster?
  7. This is a picture of me and my mum on Brighton pier and this famous seagull named Henry stole my burger I was really embarrassed because it was a busy day and everyone saw. And to top it off that was a really nice burger and I was enjoying it! Goodbye Burger!
  8. Thats me (Left) and my friend at Southend adventure island. Thats me on the left
  9. I haven't broke any bones, which I think is suprising for me, as I am very clumsy! The other day I bent down to pick something up off the floor and totally whacked my head on the sofa because I didn't realise how inaccurate I was on judging the distance between me and the sofa.
  10. The longest que time I have been in was for SAW:The ride. It was 2 and a half which seems a long time to me, but after reading some of posts in this topic, I should consider myself lucky. I think it was worth it though.
  11. I Know how you feel because I used to get scared to go on rides, but now I am okay and I feel like I can go on anything. However if I am scared, when I watch the ride I am hoping to bravely go on, I tend to watch one person and see how fast they move, their reaction and how they feel after coming off. This makes me feel a lot better and I always find that once I have sat down and been strapped in, I feel very safe and ready to ride! Hope this helps
  12. LOL. okay if you say so...but you will definatly like it and you'll want to go on it again straight away!
  13. I'm a 'girl' and i am definatly a coaster enthusiast!!
  14. well, to be honest i thought i was going die, i was waiting in the Que for about five minutes so i didn't have much time to think about what i was doing. i got on it and saw the lights changing and i wanted to get off at that point...but it was too late we were off, it felt great. i closed my eyes on the actual launch but when i got to the top i opened my eyes (good timing) then i put my arms up. i got off the ride and my legs were shaking a bit but i got total adrenaline rush! it was great and i have been on it loads of times since. go on it and you will love it
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