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  1. Ah... so maybe they're not as behind as it looks. Where are the insider pics from the offsite building location?
  2. Looks like about 2 more pieces are needed to be put in.. http://www.boards.ioacentral.com/index.php?showtopic=11441&pid=235761&st=2660entry235761
  3. Plus all the facades for Hogsmeade and such are being built off-site, and when Universal is ready for them.. they will all be put In place like a giant jigsaw I imagine. I can't say this for the castle exterior for sure.. but i guess it would most likely be the same method.
  4. It's still open as of today. Only when It's turn comes for re-theming will it have to be closed. I imagine it will be sometime during the early months of next year that we will start to see things happening with DD.
  5. Yeah I've seen 'em on T.V aswell, on one of the episodes from the 'Extreme rides' series... I've got them all the episodes on my hard drive so I'll try and get a screen cap.
  6. Sneak peak Into what I've been working on for the mummy! Clicky Clicky Let me know what you think!
  7. Update time - Just a little bit of touch-ups going on around production central... Hmmmm..... Purdy. New light added to the Neutron queue (Groundbreaking, I know) Overview of the area! Wooness....
  8. Yeah, Alpha textures sound good. To make one, you make a texture that you want on the model as you normally would, Then you need to make another texture In black and white.. E.G... This would be the normal texture that I would map the model with And this would be the alpha texture So black turns up transparent and white Is solid. Hope that helps Dan
  9. Cool, Good to see people making waterpark scenery for a change! What modelling program are you using?
  10. The film was released as a spin-off DVD which you can buy off of Amazon or whatever, I just happened to have It so I stuck It In my PC and took a screenshot.
  11. Another Shrek update! My personal favourite shot so far Inside the main theatre Again Originally I was going to theme the pre-show room, But If I want to completely theme the Mummy I'm going to have to leave stuff from other rides out (Espacially If you can't see them), So I'm sorry If that dissapoints anyone... But I'll make It up with the Mummy. Next thing to do on my list Is to do some paths to cover up the bare green patches you can see It the pics and also finish the rest of production central. Hope ya'll liked It!
  12. Shrek 4-D Update! Some minor adjustments have been made (And still need to be) to the queue line... Also work has started In the pre-show room which I'll show when It's complete. Enjoy! And thanks for all the comments so far!
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