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  1. ...this wants me to learn Sketchup, so bad. Like, take a bunch of courses on it. This makes using AutoCAD look even slower than it already is.
  2. I'd have to see the paths a different color first to see if the green works. Also, change the colors on the launch tower. It kinda sticks out, in a bad way. Change it to green/brown/forest-y.
  3. I'm amazed no one had taken the name "Leviathan" until now...
  4. Millennium Force That drop, dude. THAT DROP. Rode it for the first time at night, which made it several orders of magnitude more intense.
  5. This is good stuff. I'm really digging the PDF's you posted (always a good first impression) and the professional-looking quality of the project. Major props on using MatLab+NoLimits+Excel to make it look great. If only I knew how to use MatLab...
  6. Posted this on the Atari thread: -New graphics engine. Go all out. DirectX 11, scales up/down by 2+ years, whatever. Get good driver support. Make it look as good as possible while still running well on most consumer computers made in the last 2 years. -Official support for custom scenery. Make an official file extension, import/convert from popular 3D modeling programs. Bake custom scenery into the park file, or just have a unified extension for all content. -Social/Multiplayer. Make it easy to share parks/designs/scenery. Make some sort of substantial competitive mode, doesn't have to be in real time. -Compatibility. Break all of it. I mean it. Start fresh, don't worry about working with previous games or files-dedicate everything to making this game work well. -Expansions. I might not be alone when I say that if expansions were basically glorified patches, I'd gladly pay $50-60 for the game up front. -Cloud support. Back up park files to a server. It's not like we're backing up entire movie libraries here. Would make the "hard drive crashed lost park sorry guys" post occur less often.
  7. It's like they thought sound proofing came in the box.
  8. No, I can't say anything about Lego Universe.
  9. Yeah...it's new PC time. What kind of games do you play? Are you willing to jump to Windows 7 or are you happy with XP? Speaking of which, a decent gaming pc can be had from Newegg at $539.99. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883227241 Consider this if fixing your current PC will end up costing more than getting a new one.
  10. Literally 30 seconds of googling "CD/DVD Label Mac" brought up quite a few positive hits: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=CD/DVD+Label+Mac If Win 7 really left a bad taste in your mouth, you might as well go all the way.
  11. Looks really cool so far. The cobra roll exit seems pretty rough, though.
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