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  1. ^ It's cool I've got bahamas down, I've already started. I've built 1 building, and it looks awesome. I think I stole the colors from the Sea World thats going on right now the Shamu Express roof, I'm using those, they inspired me.
  2. Trust me me and DBru aren't going to DOMINATE, were only going to slightly annihilate the rest of the competition.
  3. ^ True, I might have to re-think my strategy. I think in that case, I'll go with Busch Gardens Bahamas. I like the Island theme.
  4. It kind of reminds me of this bobsled from this one map I downloaded, I think it was in Euroscape. It looked awesome.
  5. ^ I hope its not a river battle type ride, in all honesty I find them quite boring.
  6. My guess is possibly a spinning coaster? I think that would do well in that area. Or some sort of water ride if they don't have many already.
  7. Not much too this, its just a picture of arugula, cheese, chicken, and pasta, then all the following on a plate. Where's the kitchen fire, and the smoke alarms beeping, I want to see that. EDIT: On the other side of things, that looks mighty tasty! :yum:
  8. I'm not trying to sound stupid or nothing saying this, but it was probably some stupid teenager who thinks there all cool and tough and smashed it because they saw it in the car and thought, "Hmm, I want to smash something oh look theres something." I hate my generation.
  9. I call Busch Gardens Atlantis! Betcha didn't see that coming now did ya!
  10. I love the southern architecture in this place, it looks so nice, you really do an amazing job with RCT3.
  11. ^ I was going to guess that, I was going to say some form of water coaster.
  12. I can't comment on the ride since I don't have NL, but that scenery looks awesome, and I really like the shape of the station, it kind of reminds me of the Gwazi station, just without the dual loading, and the lion and tiger.
  13. Okay a few questions. 1) Where can I get a good support for coasters? 1b) Can you please provide a link? 2) When making a park is there any way of overcoming the "too many items in set" and just use them all? 2b) If so please tell me how. --------------- And now that I asked my question here's a tip. Bigger isn't always better. --------------- EDIT: Another question, in the tutorial posted above, where can I get those terrain blocks that make a roof without having the ground raise with it? Can you please provide a link. (I'm too lazy to search )
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