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Favorite Comedian?


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I'm surprised I haven't seen this thread before! Unless I have an I am just too drunk to remember!!!


Stand up comedy is like an obsession of mine and there are so many good (and bad) comics out there. I go to see a live show as much as I can (which isn't as often as I would like).


I could rattle a lot off, but I think I need to give some love right now to Bill Burr.

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Louis CK all the way! He is definitely my favorite comedian. My second is definitely Daniel Tosh.


I am also a fan of Dane Cook, Kevin James, Chris Rock, Ray Romano, Patton Oswalt and Tim Allen.

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^ You have the oddest taste I have ever seen. Louis CK is probably my personal favorite, Dane Cook and Kevin James are awful... lol. I used to like Dane Cook though so in a way I have to give him credit, because I started listening to standup after I bought my first Dane Cook CD. Anyway, I am very much into Paul F Thompkins at the moment. I am actually excited for the comedy awards tonight... I also love between two ferns, so that should be a lot of fun. For those who like standup and podcasts I very much recommend comedy bang bang on earwolf.com. It is an amazing show with tons of standups... I have been introduced to so many standups thanks to that site!

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I don't hate Dane Cook. His stuff was funny....the first time. When he comes out with new stuff make sure to let me know cause I'll want to hear it.


I used to not like Patton Oswalt. Then I found some older albums on Spotify and I've fallen in love with him. Maria Bamford is awesome too.

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