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Favorite Comedian?


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Mitch Hedberg owned, why didn't someone like Carlos Mencia or Dane Cook die instead of him All time i have to say Richard Prior.


Well as Lewis Black said "The good die young, and the pricks live forever!"


any-dang-way heres my list of the ones I found websites for that I like.


Bill Engvall

Colin Mochrie

David Spade

Gilbert Gottfried

Jeff Dunham

Jeff Foxworthy

Jim Gaffigan

Joe Rogan

Jon Reep

Larry the Cable Guy

Lewis Black

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I have to say these are my favourites...


Billy Connolly (lost it a little now, was funnier when he was still telling jokes about early life in Glasgow)

Dave Spikey

Peter Kay

Ricky Gervais (when hes properly prepared )

Ross Noble


A few of the older ones I enjoy watching on tape...

Jasper Carrot

Phil Cool

Ken Dodd

Dave Allen

The Two Ronnies (Fork 'andles!)

And of course the Monthy Python lads.


Im leaving out people like Spike Milligan and Peter Cook, cos I think they go without saying.

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I have pretty recently become a standup comedy nerd, so I'm adding more to my list of Eddie Izzard, Mitch Hedberg, and Zach Galifianakis.


Patton Oswalt

Paul F Tompkins

Kyle Cease (his album was great, I haven't seen anything else from him)

Jimmy Pardo

Demetri Martin

The Sklar Brothers

Slovin and Allen

Sarah Silverman (in Jesus is Magic)

Dave Hill

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Uhh.. This isn't in order.


Bill Bailey

Dylan Moran

Ross Noble

Frankie Boyle

Russell Howard

Eric Morecambe

Ernie Wise

Groucho Marx

Jack Dee

Mark Watson

There are many others but you wouldn't have heard of them.



Dara O'Briain

Rowan Aktinson

Alan Davies.

I forgot to add them to the list.

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^Surely list them so we can go and find out?


I would have to say (in no particular order apart from the first who is just incredible!)


Dara O'Briain

Rowan Atkinson

Bill Bailey

Russell Howard

Andy Parsons

Steven K Amos

Reginald D Hunter

Alan Davis



And one for the Brits: Borris Johnson



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Jeff Dunham and George Carlin are my favorites. I honestly can't see how anyone can like Sarah Silverman. I can't stand her. The first time I tried watching her show, I couldn't even watch 5 minutes of it it was so bad.


I laugh at this every time I see it. 70 million views is always a good sign.




Silence...I kill you

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