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  1. Hmmm. robb said he won't be able to post until tomorrow which makes it sound like terminal five.... I have no idea where they are going and to be honest, even after reading this entire thread I hae no idea where they have been. All I can tell you is that it encouraged me to buy a lion bar for the first time since I left college 4 years ago so thanks for that. It was more than yummy
  2. Merry Xmas Manny and all other Brits on here. You americans will have to wait though so ner
  3. The woman in the Denver Broncos get up makes me disagree with this statement
  4. the train from Waterloo to Staines leaves 3 times an hour and will cost in the region of £9 return I'd imagine. Journey time is 35 minutes. I would suggest getting a groupsave ticket from Waterloo which basically means Buy 2 adult tickets, get 2 free.
  5. Drove past Thorpe on the M3 earlier and it looks like the lift has been 'topped off' Photos from Thorpe Park Mania taken Saturday
  6. my first credit RIP in peace old friend. (Old friend who used to punch me in the head)
  7. I was just trying to find details of that Giant Safety Coaster and came across this website http://members.aol.com/coasting2/postcards.html Lovely stuff
  8. nice video. I'm a bit upset with the lack of high kicking though
  9. What I find weird is that I have lived under 20 minutes away from Windsor my entire life but have never been there but I have been to everywhere on your New York trip... twice. Some great photos btw
  10. The Pier has a "Disk-o", A Scrambler, an "extreme" flat ride and a mega fast Waltzer. I was pushed for time and did not want to photo anything else on the pier apart from the coaster. If you have not been on a hovercraft for years, why can't you arrange a day out Moved away from Portsmouth. Might have to look into it when It finally warms up, how much is it nowadays?
  11. why? The side of your head doesn't touch any restraints. Where would the headbanging come from? Air?
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